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Chapter 90: Their Shared World

Lin Miao’s enthusiasm was maintained throughout the ride. The higher she went, the more grandiose the scenery became.

“As if one were a mayfly, small like a grain in an ocean.”

(Note: The raws used an excerpt from the ancient text《赤壁赋》, written by Northern Song dynasty writer, Su Shi.)

She could now feel the sentence. It was too fitting for the scene.

Yu Jingxuan naturally hugged her from behind. This was one of the few times of the year when they could actually get together.

Lin Miao froze, originally wanting to recite a poem but forgetting all its verses. Her wild mind finally returned. She couldn’t feel the heat coming from the person behind her through her thick coats. However, his action made it impossible for her to focus on the vast world around her.

It felt as if the world suddenly shrunk down to her and Yu Jingxuan.

Consisting of only their cable car.

They hugged many times before. They hugged when they were little, and even when they confessed to each other. These hugs brought them both joy and happiness.

However, this was the first time Lin Miao was hugged from behind. She felt her heart pump, her stomach filled with butterflies.

Yu Jingxuan was also blushing a bit, putting his chin on her head, “We’re almost at the top, are you cold?”

Lin Miao might’ve been cold before, but definitely not anymore. Not only that, her face felt like it was burning.

She stuttered, not knowing what to say, her head an empty void.

Yu Jingxuan quietly hugged her. The ski slopes below them kept shrinking and their carriage kept climbing. It was as if the cable car was bringing them away from the noisy world and into a white ambience.

Now, they were finally alone in the world. Yu Jingxuan hugged her with satisfaction, sighing, “Shuishui, I miss you.”

Her life was badminton and studying. He rarely said things like that to her.

Lin Miao paused, then turned around and hugged him back, “I also miss Gege.”

Yu Jingxuan looked at her still big watery eyes, his sight then landing on her full lips for two seconds. Holding himself back, he kissed her forehead, “Let’s come here to play every winter.”

Lin Miao heard nothing he said, just feeling like her forehead was burnt. She couldn’t resist touching her forehead, but then realized how stupid she must’ve looked after she felt her skin.

She looked at Yu Jingxuan. His eyes were so pretty, the most beautiful she had ever seen.

A thought suddenly came up in her mind. She stood on her toes, trying to kiss him on the forehead back.

Then, after a closer estimate… she realized she couldn’t even reach his forehead on her tippy toes… She could only kiss his cheek.

Lin Miao’s best character trait was perhaps her perseverance.

So, she stood on her tippy toes and kissed Yu Jingxuan’s cheek, her own flushed red.

Yu Jingxuan froze, the roots of his ear turning all red. The two were both wrapped in thick jackets, as if they were penguins. Yu Jingxuan lowered his head and kissed her forehead again.

It was so cute that one couldn’t even stand to watch.

Meanwhile, their cable car arrived on top of the mountain.

There was plenty of space for snowmen, and also bonfires during the night. Yu Jingxuan had already made a reservation for a room when they were at the foot of the mountain.

Thinking about this, Yu Jingxuan blushed, “Shuishui, we’re sharing a room, but there are two beds, is that okay?”

He was hesitant when reserving the room. He was worried about letting her sleep in a room alone, there had been many incidents involving single women and hotels.

Lin Miao wasn’t blushing before, but she couldn’t resist anymore, “Mhm.”

The two quickly got to their room. The room was heated, very warm. They didn’t even feel cold after taking off all their winter clothes.

Lin Miao thought that the room was even better than the hotels she stayed in during her competitions. The room had a unique design, using lamps with light yellow light.

It reminded her of her childhood when they didn’t have incandescent light bulbs yet. All their light bulbs were soft yellow.

Very cozy.

While Lin Miao looked around the room, Yu Jingxuan took her clothes to dry them over the radiator. It was a bit damp from the snow that had melted on it.

Lin Miao sat down, “Gege, this room is so nice.”

Suddenly, her mother called.

Lin Miao’s heart thumped, and then she picked up the phone.

They were only a month away from being adults. It wouldn’t be a premature romance anymore. For the past year, Lin Miao had been terrified at the idea of her family and Yu Jingxuan’s family finding out their relationship.

Her mother always trusted her. She didn’t even dare imagine her reaction when she found out that she was dating.

It was like having a boulder tied to her heart. Luckily, they were almost eighteen, so even if they did find out, it wouldn’t be as bad.

Lin Miao only knew that premature romances were taken very seriously. She didn’t know that adults generalized the word for all romances in elementary and secondary school.

For example, some people in their last year of high school would already be eighteen, but people would still classify it as a premature romance if they dated someone.

Despite them being one month away from eighteen, she would still get scolded if her mother found out now.

“Are you sleeping outside tonight?” Her mother asked on the other side of the call.

“The snow’s pretty here, and they have a bonfire party. There’s also lodging.”

“Then are you staying by yourself?” Lin Miao’s mother asked.

Lin Miao looked at Yu Jingxuan, lowering her head, “Mhm.”

“Are there any other girls with you? Go share a room with the girls, it’s dangerous for you to sleep outside alone.”

“Yeah.” Lin Miao said.

Lin Miao’s mother: “…” You can’t even lie well.

Hanging up the call, Yu Jingxuan patted her head, looking at her with his soft gaze, “Don’t worry.”

Even if he had thousands of desires in his mind, he would be able to suppress them all. They’re not what he really wanted.

He just wanted a world for both of them. It had been so long since they’d had time to properly interact with each other.

The last time was when they were little. Back then, because his movement was restricted, his body was weak and his mental health was ailing. However, looking back, it was his happiest time.

Hearing Yu Jingxuan’s soothing voice, she wasn’t as afraid of their relationship being found out anymore. No matter what, he would be there. Her heart felt warm, and she irresistibly hugged him.

The two sat in front of the curtain windows. Lin Miao leaned into Yu Jingxuan’s embrace, chatting with him. After they turned eighteen, they’d tell their mothers about their relationship. They’d pretend that they only got together after they turned eighteen.

Yu Jingxuan stroked her short hair, looking at the snowy scene outside. He would do whatever she said, “Okay.”

Everything outside was covered by a blanket of snow. Yu Jingxuan’s heart was like a snowflake, slowly falling down and finally softly dropping onto the ground, not disturbing their wonderful time together.

Lin Miao soon fell asleep in his arms, likely from her overenthusiasm today. Yu Jingxuan pulled a blanket from aside over her. He wasn’t sleepy, so he took a book and started reading.

However, he couldn’t continue after flipping through a few pages. He dropped his book and looked at the person in his arms.

It felt like he couldn’t ever have enough of her.


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