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Jade's Fall On The Perpetual Bliss



Shi Luoyi and her junior sister Koi were in a fierce rivalry.

She refused to accept defeat for a lifetime, yet ended up defeated by her all her life. In the end, the childhood sweetheart was inevitably inferior to the one sent from heaven, and even her fiance betrothed since childhood fell helplessly in love with the junior sister.

Heartbroken, she lay amidst the ruins of a temple, teetering on the brink of death, with no one to even provide her a proper burial.

She felt so angry, ahhh!!

She suddenly remembered that she had won once a long time ago: She utterly defeated her junior sister Koi, who held her mortal brother in such high regard, almost as if he were the apple of her eyes.

That day, her junior sister's liver and heart were shattered, and her eyes were about to burst with rage; but Shi Luoyi felt refreshed and elated.

The young man simply closed his eyes, telling them both to get lost.


Bian Lingyu had loved someone for years.

In their most intimate moment, he realized he was merely a tool she used to piss off his sister and her sweetheart.

The girl forgot him for sixty years.

He guarded her fairy mountain until he grew old and feeble.

Among the reuniting lotus pads under the beautiful vast sky, he tenderly gathered her lifeless form from the dilapidated temple, taking her back home.

Even though she had never looked at him properly all her life.


Shi Luoyi carried a lifetime of regrets, yearning for a second chance. Her life reset, and she found herself back at the beginning of her story.

At that time, she did not know the cause of the story, nor did she know what lay ahead.

But behind a door, she inexplicably felt sorry for that mortal boy.

She was overwhelmed with guilt and wanted to escape and leave, but in the end, she still found herself by Bian Lingyu's side.

Bian Lingyu was so used to it that he thought it was just another humiliation.

He no longer held any expectations for her.

But this time, in his silent, wintry gaze, the girl held his hand, and then walked through a life of hardships with him.

One sentence synopsis: A beautiful woman heals a loyal dog.

Theme: My fate is determined by me, not by heaven.

Content tag: A match made in heaven



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