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Chapter 12: First Arc [11]

In the real world, the production team was in a state of restlessness. The staff in the studio hall went from being busy and frenzied to becoming quiet and unsure of what to do. They were now watching Song Juyao and Ming Shu's live broadcast room with mournful expressions.

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I can't take it anymore, Song Juyao is so sassy!】

【Ah ah ah ah ah, that bite! That bite let me smell the taste of idol dramas!】

【Jin Yao is a big jerk, go die! How can there be such a disgusting man? He makes me so angry. Little sister, teach him a lesson.】

【Will Jin Yao fall? Is he going to fall? Is he going to fall?】

【The scent of campus idol dramas is so alluring!】

【Song Juyao is a murderer!】

【Even if she is really a murderer, maybe there are other hidden reasons? She hasn't revealed her so-called true face until now.】

【I think that someone with her current family background, she can still live in such a gentle and just way, would it be logical to say that she would suddenly want to rape someone in a moment of acute desperation? With her intelligence, would she do such a thing? She is stunning, what kind of man does she not have a choice of?】

【Knowing someone's face but not their heart, it's not surprising that the victim, who is even more handsome than entertainment stars and looks gentle and cute, could trigger the beastly nature of some women.】

【What's going on? Are these comments from the online trolls? Does the murderer have some unknown background? Otherwise, why would anyone speak up for the murderer?】


Online communication platforms such as live streaming barrage, social media platforms, chat groups, and other online communication venues were buzzing with ongoing discussions. From the moment Song Juyao kicked the tennis basket, the excitement level peaked, and the last thing the production group wanted to see had also appeared - some people started to speak up for Song Juyao.

Even though these voices were still faint, it was concerning because this episode of the broadcast had only just started!

Tang Shan sensed the gravity of the situation. It had been less than two days since the start of the first live broadcast, and it was already stirring the hearts of the audience. This was all because Song Juyao was out of their control.

Human nature tends to idolize the strong, and now Song Juyao was shining like a strong person. However, because of her down-to-earth side, people perceived her as genuine, without that cold and distant feeling that makes people feel unapproachable.

She was just too perfect.

If this continues, it was unimaginable how many fans she would gain by the end of the first episode.

Director-in-chief Tan Wei entered the room with an unpleasant expression. Hearing Tang Shan's comment, his face turned even uglier.

"One or two, I don't know what you are anxious about! You also know that this is the first episode! How many episodes do we have in total? Eight episodes! So what if she's doing well in the first season? Can she escape from our control? There are plenty of opportunities to bring her down! I am the director-in-chief of this show. How many seasons have I directed? Do I need your advice?!"

Tan Wei scolded Tang Shan and vented all his anger on him. Not long ago, Madame Huo had also scolded him on the phone, asking him why Song Juyao was having such a great time in the virtual world. Tan Wei was a prominent director in the industry, and even award-winning actors and actresses had to butter him up to get a chance to appear on his show. But now, he had been scolded from head to toe. If it weren't for the fact that the Huo family was one of the investors, he would have smashed his phone in Madame Huo's face long ago.

Now that he came back, he was pointed out by his assistant director, triggering his rebellious mindset.

"Director Tan, what I'm saying is that a murderer, who should have been condemned and serving time in prison, is now gaining fame and living a free and beloved life in our virtual world. This is unacceptable..." How uncomfortable would the victims' families feel seeing this kind of scene?

"I have everything under control! The buzz, the popularity, the ratings, they're all approaching the peak of the first season. What are you dissatisfied about? Let her be proud, the higher she climbs, the harder she falls, got it? Understood! If you're dissatisfied, get out!"

Tan Wei's explosive temper was infamous, particularly since he became the director of the "Justice Trial" reality show, his temper amplified with his fame. The studio hall fell into an awkward silence.

With an unpleasant expression, Tang Shan returned to his work, choosing not to say anything further.

A colleague came over and whispered to comfort him, "Don't mind him, he's getting old."

"Ok. How's Mr. K doing?" Tang Shan could only hope to find a fatal flaw in Song Juyao's past as soon as possible. He had a feeling that things were not as simple as Tan Wei thought, and if they continued down this path, something more dangerous might happen.

"Not so fast." Despite everything being displayed on the screen, the virtual world was made up of vast amounts of complex data that were difficult to sort through. To backtrack to a specific scene, they would have to navigate through countless lines of code and then piece them together into images or sounds. It was not an easy task.

Thinking about this, he couldn't help but exclaim, "Our king is too powerful."


Tang Kai had expected that Ming Shu would be injured, but he had not expected them to be so severe. It seems that even though this is a virtual world, one must still be cautious and careful. Song Juyao also had injuries on her body, which gave him an opportunity to have close proximity and physical contact with her.

Ming Shu had already figured out Tang Kai's intentions and felt a sense of unease, but was unsure how to act. They were here to subject Song Juyao to tests and hardships, after all.

As Tang Kai tended to Ming Shu's injuries, Song Juyao walked towards the window and drew back the curtain. Her gaze swept over the outside scenery and suddenly paused. Her beautiful eyes once again sparkled with a different kind of brilliance.

The audience's attention quickly shifted to the main camera, revealing a football field and a group of boys playing. Near the field was a small grove where some students were lounging in wooden chairs. Song Juyao's gaze was fixed on a boy who was reading a book.

【What is she looking at?】

【Looks like it's a guy?】

【What the heck, am I blind? I didn't see him just now!】

【Could this be the same guy that Song Juyao was spying on through her dorm room telescope after the school celebration?】

【Why is Song Juyao looking at him?】

【He looks gloomy... and has a very low sense of existence. From Song Juyao's perspective, I had to scan the people around him before noticing him. It's doubtful that she would be interested in him.】

Regardless of how the audience speculates, Song Juyao's gaze remained fixed on the seemingly unremarkable and gloomy boy.

After administering medicine to Ming Shu, Tang Kai turned his attention to Song Juyao.

She was seated by the window, her cheek resting on her hand as she stared outside. She wasn't afraid of the sun and bathed in the afternoon sunlight. Her side profile was outlined with soft, fluffy golden edges. Her long eyelashes, delicate high nose, red and well-defined lips, and light brown pupils shimmered in the light. She was captivated by the view outside.

She was lost looking at the scenery outside, oblivious to the fact that she was also a sight to behold in someone else's eyes.

"What are you looking at?" Tang Kai approached her with the medicine.

Song Juyao tore her gaze away and shook her head.

"I'll apply some medicine on you. Don't worry, it won't leave any scars." Tang Kai walked up to her, lifted her chin and leaned down to apply the medicine.

From Ming Shu's perspective, the sight of this couple was simply too pleasing to the eyes. Both of them were stunningly attractive, with an excellent temperament. The tall man dipped a cotton swab into the medicine and gently applied it to the bruises on the girl's face. As their eyes occasionally met, there seemed to be an ambiguous spark igniting between them in such close proximity.

Li Zhao covered her mouth, her ears turning red.

Tang Kai had already rehearsed this scene several times. He was handsome, charming, and a perfect gentleman. Even Ming Shu blushed when he applied medicine to her face earlier. With his carefully planned moves to flirt with her, their occasional eye contact was bound to make any woman's heart skip a beat.

The female fans in the live stream room were already screaming with excitement. Those who switched to Song Juyao's perspective couldn't help but curl up their toes tightly.

However, the main protagonist of the scene, Song Juyao's skin did not turn red in the slightest. Her gaze was also not evasive, meeting his gaze without evasion. Her clear and innocent eyes were like a vast pool of autumn water that held a hint of curiosity and a bit of natural charm, which unconsciously made her even more seductive.

Being unknowingly seductive is the most deadly.


Tang Kai, on the other hand, couldn't maintain eye contact and was the first to look away. He awkwardly turned his head and used the back of his hand to cover his face as he coughed.

Damn...what a shame.

"Dr. Tang Kai." Suddenly, Song Juyao spoke up.

"Hmm?" Tang Kai immediately switched back into his flirtatious mode, his voice low and magnetic.

"Are you married? Do you have children?"

The fatal question was suddenly thrown out, Tang Kai's expression froze, and Ming Shu also let out a "crap" in her heart.

What should he do now? Should Tang Kai deny it? Although their task was to make Song Juyao suffer, they would also try to avoid playing negative roles themselves, so as not to influence the audience's perception of them. Even though the character may not be as significant as the actor, there are still many people who associate both and dislike the actor due to their dislike of a role.

Would the test still hold if Tang Kai denies it? Currently, Song Juyao does not have any romantic interest in Tang Kai. If she finds out that he is married with children, she may distance herself from him immediately, and will not be tempted at all.

Song Juyao should be a despicable and immoral person. Initially, Ming Shu also  believed that Song Juyao was a despicable and immoral person, and she held this view before entering the virtual world. However, her perception of Song Juyao has changed.

Song Juyao was still looking at Tang Kai, waiting for an answer.

Tang Kai was indeed a film emperor. He had already calmed down in an instant and asked in return, "Why do you suddenly ask such a question?"

In response, Song Juyao chuckled and said, "I just think Dr. Tang Kai is a father figure for me."

Tang Kai's expression froze again, "F-father?!"

"Yes, I have always had an image of a father figure in my mind, and Dr. Tang Kai just fits it perfectly."

"Pfft!" Ming Shu covered her mouth. "Excuse me, I just remembered something funny."



[Tang Kai's expression is so hilarious, who would have thought? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA]

[I want to flirt with you, but you treat me like an old father, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA]

The barrage of comments were crazy with laughter.

Feeling overwhelmed, Tang Kai lost interest in flirting. He forced a gentle smile and gave Song Juyao her medication, and escorted the three of them out of the school clinic.

As they left, Song Juyao deliberately took a detour to a small grove, searching for someone with probing eyes, but the person she was looking for was nowhere to be seen.

Ming Shu turned to look at the small forest. Who was she searching for? She wanted to ask, but their relationship wasn't close enough to discuss such matters.

"Ming Shu, Li Zhao, why don't you come to my place to rest tonight." Song Juyao offered.

The two of them were momentarily stunned but quickly understood that Song Juyao was concerned that something terrible might be awaiting them in their dormitory after today's incident, so she wanted them to stay at her place first.

Ming Shu nodded, feeling touched and thinking to herself that Song Juyao was really gentle and kind... Ahhhhh, Mingshu, you have to stay clear-headed! You can't fall for her! ! She's a murderer and you're an idol who came here to complete a mission! This was a perfect opportunity to investigate if Song Juyao had anything suspicious that could interest the audience.

Song Juyao retracted her lingering gaze and lowered her eyes.

Who am I looking for? Of course I won't let you guys know easily, that's my secret weapon ah.


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