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Chapter 14: First Arc [13]

Song Juyao took the money and went out to the school supermarket. She bought some vegetables as the student canteen was too expensive and she could no longer afford it due to her poverty.

When Ming Shu got up, the sky was ablaze with colorful clouds, and the sun was half-hidden behind the coastline. The smell of food wafted in the air, and the sound of bustling activities from the kitchen caught her attention.

For a moment, Ming Shu was confused and thought she was still in the real world, in a warm home. It seemed like a dream.

As she followed the sound to the kitchen, Ming Shu caught a glimpse of Song Juyao wearing casual clothes, her hair neatly tied up in a bun. The pot on the stove was bubbling and steaming, and with a rhythmic tapping sound, Song Juyao was skillfully chopping the sliced carrots into thin julienne strips. From the side, she looked so beautiful and gentle. Meanwhile, Song Wanwan was lying lazily on her cotton home slippers, scratching the back of her ears.

"Are you awake? Are you feeling better?" Song Juyao turned her head to look at her.

Ming Shu nodded dazedly.

"Go to the living room and watch TV for a while," Song Juyao suggested.

With a hoarse voice, Ming Shu replied, "Okay." Her eyes were slightly red, and Song Juyao's warm and friendly demeanor made her feel like she was with a family member. This feeling made her heart tremble because she had been living and working in the capital alone, away from her family since the age of 14.

Ming Shu was skeptical and wondered, She really wouldn't be the kind of person who would use her power to sexually assault others because of lust, would she?

She suspected that there might be some unknown circumstances, but she knew she couldn't express her opinion on the show. Judging Song Juyao was the job of the audience, and as real-life NPCs, they had no qualifications or permission to influence the audience's opinions.

Ming Shu stood in the living room for a while, stealing a glance at Song Juyao, who was busy in the kitchen before quickly making her way into Song Juyao's bedroom.

The bedroom was sparsely furnished, with a neatly made bed and only a few clothes in the cabinet. Ming Shu searched for any clues that could prove Song Juyao had done something bad behind the scenes.

Just when she thought she wouldn't find anything, she inexplicably picked up Song Juyao's pillow and, to her surprise, a stack of photos appeared in front of her.

As she picked up the stack of photos, Ming Shu realized that they were all pictures of the same boy. He was tall, but always seemed to have his head lowered and his back bowed. The air around him appeared colder than anywhere else, and he had a gloomy temperament that made people unconsciously avoid him. The photos showed him walking on the road, reading in a coffee shop, and eating indoors from various angles…They were obviously taken secretly.

What the hell? Song Juyao... took these pictures secretly? And who is this guy? Ming Shu was confused.

【Ah ah ah ah ah ah, it's the guy from the small forest!】

【Song Juyao is really abnormal, what is she doing?】

【Who is this guy? Is Song Juyao trying to kill him? Is he her chosen target?】

【It's so scary, she looks perfectly normal, why is she secretly taking pictures of people?】

【Please, I really believe that there is a hidden reason for your killing, don't disappoint me [about to cry] [about to cry]】

【I'm willing to bet everything that Song Juyao doesn't want to kill him!】

"Senior sister..."

Li Zhao's voice came from outside, startling Ming Shu. She quickly put the photos back under the pillow and went out.

【Fool! You didn't put the photos back in the right order!】

Song Juyao remained oblivious to Li Zhao's entry into her room as she busied herself in the kitchen, preparing soup and stir-fried vegetables for dinner. The three of them gathered around the table to eat.

"Does it taste okay?" Song Juyao asked.

"It's so delicious!" Li Zhao said loudly, her ears turning red with delight as she never expected that Song Juyao would cook for them. She couldn't believe that not only did she get to sleep in her idol's apartment, but she also had the opportunity to taste the food cooked by her.

Ming Shu's mind was still preoccupied with the discovery of the photos and she was a bit slow to respond. However, Song Juyao was understanding and comforted her, assuming that she was feeling low due to the tennis court incident.

At night, Song Juyao spent her time on the terrace engrossed in her studies, reading books, writing papers, and analyzing experimental data received from her colleagues. She occasionally picked up her binoculars and glanced at the apartment building across the street. Li Zhao would sometimes approach her with questions and Song Juyao patiently explained the concepts, while also providing her with additional exercises. Over time, Li Zhao became comfortable enough to sit with her on the terrace and do homework together.

Although Li Zhao was curious about what Song Juyao was looking at with the binoculars, she didn't ask. This left the audience in the live broadcast speechless. Despite being a fan of Song Juyao, Li Zhao didn't even consider the possibility that Song Juyao might be using the binoculars to peep on others. She was engrossed in doing her homework.

And Song Juyao was actually peeping so openly. Was she fearless, or did she actually have a clear conscience? But she was clearly peeping at the boys' dormitory!

The bewildered audience felt conflicted; they loved Song Juyao but were also apprehensive of her actions.

While the two were busy, Ming Shu didn't dare to approach any closer and had to hide in the bathroom, pretending to analyze what she had seen and heard today for her audience. She was afraid of being exposed as a college slacker in the live stream. Even though many idols in the entertainment industry have average academic qualifications, it was still embarrassing to reveal it in front of the audience.

Finally, the moment that many viewers had been waiting for arrived - Song Juyao went back to her room to sleep.

She got into bed and took out the stack of photos from under the pillow, pausing for a moment.

【She really found out.】

【A little scared… Is Ming Shu in trouble?】

【Is she finally going to reveal her hidden side?】

【Nervous, looking forward to it!】

Song Juyao appeared briefly confused as she glanced in the direction of the door. However, she soon relaxed, leaning against the pillow and flipping through the photos in her hand with a focused and gentle expression. There was a faint smile on her lips.

【Do her eyes look like she wants to kill someone? People who say that must be blind.】

【Hard to say, who knows what a psycho's thought process is like?】

Song Juyao spent some time looking at the photos before turning off the lights and going to sleep. The following day, she treated Ming Shu the same way she did before.

"Thanks for making such a delicious breakfast, Li Zhao," Song Juyao said with a smile as she put down her chopsticks.

"Thank you." Ming Shu blushed a bit as she said that. She felt so embarrassed that while Song Juyao cooked dinner for them last night, and Li Zhao got up early to prepare breakfast, she had slept soundly like a pig. She felt so impolite in comparison.

Song Juyao said, "You two stay in the dorm, I'll go find the headmaster."

But Li Zhao shook her head and declined, "We have a monthly exam today, I can't miss it." Without good grades, she won't be able to receive the full scholarship.

As for Ming Shu, who had developed a fear of attending classes at this school, she had to hold back her fear and follow Li Zhao back to class.


Song Juyao became famous in the Jinke Duola  Academy and the whole school was talking about her.

Song Juyao had clearly provoked Jin Yao. Initially, she was only a guest staying at the school upon invitation from the headmaster and was not a student. People were free to like or dislike her as they pleased. However, offending the school's emperor was a different story altogether. After all, Song Juyao could leave anytime, but the rest of them had to continue to survive and study at the school.

So as Song Juyao made her way from the dormitory to the headmaster's office, she noticed that every student she encountered was looking at her differently than before.

Song Juyao didn't think much of it. The headmaster obviously knew why she was here and looked a bit embarrassed. Especially since there was a student union's plan for the second half of the year on his desk at the moment.

"You promised to reform the school and treat special admission students well," she said.

"Well... the special admission students in our school already receive better treatment than all the noble schools. They receive entrance bonuses, waived tuition and miscellaneous fees, and scholarships…." the headmaster tried to defend the school's treatment of special admission students.

"Except for a little less money, most special admission students can get this kind of treatment even in public schools," she continued. "They can even make equally good friends in public schools, get the preference of teachers in various subjects, and be admired by classmates, instead of being looked down upon and bullied like here. As the headmaster, how can you turn a blind eye to this? They have raised the school's rankings and are heroes of the school, aren't they?"

The headmaster became increasingly nervous as he was criticized. If it weren't for Jin Yu being the student council president, he would have dared to interfere with the affairs of the student council. However, who made Jin Yu the president? He knew that he didn't dare to do anything as Jin Yu held that position.

"This has nothing to do with you, so don't get involved..." he replied, trying to calm Song Juyao down.

"If I hadn't witnessed the situation, that would be one thing, but I did see it. How could I pretend that I haven't?" Furthermore, she had already intervened and helped Li Zhao. If she were to stop now and do nothing, what kind of retaliation would the girl face? To pull someone out of the abyss and then push them back in with your own hands is undoubtedly the cruelest thing in the world.

He simply quit and played dumb, saying, "Those students only listen to the student council. If you really want to help the special admission group, you should go to the student council and find them!"

The headmaster regretted inviting Song Juyao to live on campus. He didn't expect her to be so nosy and now he was in a difficult position.

【What kind of trash educator is this, this type of person is still worthy of being a headmaster!】

【It's this kind of irresponsible educator that has ruined countless young seedlings!】

【I'm so angry, so angry, so angry, so angry!】

【Am I the only one who cares that Song Juyao hasn't canceled her bank card yet? What if more money comes in and then gets taken away? I'm so worried.】


Ming Shu instinctively shrank behind Li Zhao. It was evident that they had become famous on campus after the tennis court incident yesterday. As they walked, students looked over with malicious eyes, but surprisingly, no one approached them to cause trouble; they merely watched them pass by with cold gazes.

"What's happening now? The Special Admissions Student Alliance?"

"It depends on what Jin Yao and Jin Yu say later."

"Are they stupid? Do they not realize the situation? Song Juyao isn't even a student. What if she leaves after provoking Jin Yao? What will they do then?"

"Who knows......"

The annoying murmurs kept coming, Li Zhao lowered her head and Ming Shu followed suit.

Suddenly, someone walked past them, and Ming Shu caught sight of two legs clad in black school pants. She looked up instinctively and saw a pale side profile darting past.

...It’s the boy in the photo!!!

Ming Shu's eyes widened as she watched the boy walk into Class 11, her heart beating violently. Suddenly, she remembered that Song Juyao had appeared on this floor of the teaching building yesterday and saved Li Zhao. She had forgotten about it at the time, but now she realized that Song Juyao might have appeared here because of this boy!

"Ming Shu?" Li Zhao called out when she noticed that Ming Shu had suddenly stopped walking.

"Do you know who that guy is who just walked by?" Ming Shu asked, her voice filled with excitement.

"Which one?" Li Zhao looked over.

"The one who just went into the Class 11 through the back door!" Ming Shu said.

Li Zhao scratched her cheek and responded calmly, "Oh, him? Yeah, I know who he is."

The entire live-stream chat room became excited, curious about the boy who Song Juyao was watching and the mystery was finally going to be revealed!


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