Kneel to Me Chapters List

Chapter 17: First Arc [16]

What did Song Juyao do in her past? How did she escape the hell and shackles that the program team prepared for her and become the stunning Dr. Song Juyao that amazed everyone at the beginning of the live broadcast?

Everyone was curious because, from the first season of "Justice Trial" to the current 20th season, spanning ten years with over fifty defendants, no one was like Song Juyao.

While some may have exceeded the life path designed for them by the program team, like Song Juyao, most were unlikely to develop positively. Some couldn't even bear the primary level of hell and became villains hated by the audience early on.

During the live broadcast, except for nudity and sex scenes that the system automatically mosaicked, every move and expression of the defendants would be seen by billions of viewers, and any disguise couldn't be maintained for long.

But Song Juyao was different. She was flawless and could attract crazy fans. She was beautiful and cool, sweet and salty, and righteous and kind. The only criticism people had was the incident of peeping at Jiang Baiqi. But even so, some people were still crazy about her.

Therefore, people were very curious about her past.

Regardless of whether they liked or disliked her, people were full of curiosity about Song Juyao.

The program team could now show past clips, and the audience was extremely excited.

【Please, hurry up, I'm suffering. I am on the verge of being conquered by Song Juyao.】

【Hurry up and reveal the hidden true face of the murderer, and slap the faces of those who have no three views!】

【Are Song's fans afraid? I don't believe that her goodness is not just an act. I bet all my money that she must have climbed up by stepping on the bones of others!】

【Who's afraid? I bet everything on Song Juyao being a good person! There must be a valid reason why she peeked at Jiang Baiqi! In judicial history, there have been cases where criminals have been wronged or wrongly judged, and there are many of them!  For those who say they have bet everything, show us the electronic receipt of the lottery ticket. Don't just talk big!" [Screenshot][Screenshot]】


A small window soon appeared in the upper right corner of the live broadcast room in front of the audience. In the normal timeline of the virtual world, it was already late at night, and Song Juyao had gone to bed, so there was nothing interesting to see. Therefore, most people zoomed in on the playback window to watch Song Juyao's past.

The first segment that was reviewed was the one where Song Juyao and Liu Yan participated in the program "Unmatched Mother".

【Great, see, Song Juyao must have convinced Liu Yan to join the program with her.】

【Song Juyao wants to use this program to expose Liu Yan's true colors, gain the sympathy of the public, and take revenge on Liu Yan by dumping her.】

【How could someone like Liu Yan suggest participating in this program herself? She's not that stupid.】

In the hotel room, Liu Yan was filled with excitement as she held her phone. When Song Juyao stepped out of the bathroom, she immediately approached her.

"Yao Yao, 'Unmatched Mother' just called me and invited us to participate in the program. They're even paying us a lot of money!" she exclaimed.

Ten-year-old Song Juyao, still skinny and dark-skinned, appeared like a child from a slum. However, her maturity and sensibility made people feel sorry for her. She was taken aback for a moment upon hearing this news and asked, "Is that the program that your favorite Fairy Yanbo is participating in?"

"Yes!" Liu Yan became even more excited at the mention of her idol. "Shall we participate, Yao Yao? Shall we?"

"But in that show, you'll have to do tasks and farm work. It's very hard..." Song Juyao frowned like a little adult.

"Isn't that why we have you? With Yaoyao here, we won't have any problems with the tasks. Let's go and participate. Mom really wants to see Fairy Yanbo, okay?" Liu Yan didn't even consider the consequences of the show and coquettishly asked her daughter like a teenage girl.

"That's true. Okay then. As long as Mom is happy." Song Juyao smiled, looking a bit naive and adorable, and completely trusting her mother. She had always been serving Liu Yan like this since she was little. How could she know how unreasonable it was in the eyes of others? How could she know that Liu Yan would be criticized by the entire nation because of this?

【I'm getting goosebumps watching this. I can't stand how this character, Liu Yan is portrayed in this show】

【She looks so glamorous and beautiful compared to Song Juyao, it's like comparing a rich girl and a beggar. Song Juyao is so pitiful.】

【Are you kidding me? Saying that Song Juyao deliberately invited Liu Yan to participate? It's absurd! Does your face hurt after making such a ridiculous claim???】

【The fact proves that Liu Yan can really be so stupid, this character portrayal by the program group is truly amazing!】

Liu Yan faced severe criticism after the airing of "Unmatched Mother", leaving her feeling wronged and crying alone in her hotel room.

"Why are they criticizing me? Who says a mother and child have to fit into certain roles? My daughter is outstanding and can take care of me. What's the harm in that? Wuwuwu..."

Meanwhile, outside the hotel room, Song Juyao and Ren Yulin were in the hallway. Song Juyao looked confused and asked, "Why are they criticizing my mom? It was my decision. My mom is very fragile and my dad asked me to take care of her..."

Ren Yulin was annoyed and pinched Song Juyao's face, "You've been brainwashed, you fool! What kind of mother treats her child like that? You're her daughter, not her slave! You're only ten years old! It's unbelievable that you were so strong and confident on 'I'm the Big Winner', but now you're so confused? Are you a nerd or something?"

Song Juyao's face was pinched, listening to the crying of her mother inside, and looking at the angry Ren Yulin, she was bewildered and unsure, her hands clasped nervously in front of her. She looked pitiful and helpless, as if her small world had been turned upside down.

At that moment, Ren Yulin felt a pang of pity for the child. With red eyes, she thought that Song Juyao was being treated like a child laborer by her parents. In her world, she had never realized the importance of being protected and cherished.

Ren Yulin released her grip on her face and exclaimed, "What a fool!"

"Is there any way to stop Mom from being scolded again?" Song Juyao asked cautiously.

"How is it possible to have a way? Liu Yan will never be able to clear her name in this lifetime," the more Song Juyao would explain, the more people would scold Liu Yan. Living with such a mother, Song Juyao would be dragged down for the rest of her life.

At this moment, Liu Yan received a phone call in the room.

"Big Brother." Upon seeing the caller ID, Liu Yan found someone to confide in. She immediately answered the phone, crying.

Liu Guoqing said, "What's the use of crying? Didn't I tell you before? That brat has such a wild heart. Sooner or later, she will fly out. Can she be relied upon?"

Liu Yan: "Woo woo woo......"

Liu Guoqing took the opportunity to say, "Come back, everyone in the family is here. When you were here before, who scolded you? Who dared to scold you? Why do you have to suffer outside?"

Liu Yan was a little tempted but also somewhat hesitant. Since they had taken the train to this city, Song Juyao had confiscated her phone and hadn't allowed her to contact Liu Guoqing. It was only in the past few days that she had returned her phone, but also warned her not to contact Liu Guoqing. Now she not only answered his call but also wanted to return to her hometown…..

Liu Yan said, "I don't want to marry Chen Lao'er. He is a domestic violence person, and Yaoyao forbade me from marrying him."

"If you don't want to marry him, then don't. I wanted to find you a good family before, and you and Juyao are widows and orphans. As your brother, shouldn't I help you find a way out? Since Juyao can earn money to support you now, then don't marry him. Just come back home, and with Juyao's money, I will help you build a big villa. You can hire a housekeeper and live a comfortable life at home, playing mahjong with your girlfriends in your free time, and having relatives and friends come over to chat with you. Wouldn't it be very comfortable? What kind of scoldings are you getting from those people outside?"

Liu Guoqing was very persuasive, and Liu Yan was a person who wanted to retreat when faced with setbacks. She used to think that living in the city was much better than in the countryside, but now that she was being criticized, she thought of the good things about living in the countryside and she also felt that Song Juyao had gradually changed since participating in "I am the Big Winner".

Even though Juyao's recent behavior towards her had improved and was somewhat similar to before, she still felt like she couldn't grasp Song Juyao. This made her feel insecure, and if she couldn't feel safe with Song Juyao, she wanted to go back to her mother's home to find a sense of security.

In the countryside, Liu Guoqing's wife whispered to him, "Let Liu Yan come back secretly without telling that brat. That brat is very clever now. If she finds out, she will stop her and ruin our plan like she did before."

Liu Guoqing spoke so, and Liu Yan also replied in agreement.

The flashback was different from the live broadcast since the live camera only followed the real people. The flashback was more like watching a TV show because there was no live camera. Therefore, after Liu Yan and Liu Guoqing finished their conversation, the audience saw Liu Guoqing talking to a group of relatives who had gathered together.

Liu Guoqing gritted his teeth and said, "That little brat, didn't she ignore my calls and block me before, and even forbid Liu Yan from contacting me? When I catch Liu Yan, wouldn't she still have to obediently come back?"

"Yes, she's only ten years old. If she doesn't come back, we'll call the police and have them send her back!"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"Big brother, what about Chen Lao Er's side? Are we still going to marry Liu Yan over there? His mother found me last time, and she liked that little brat's brain and wanted to improve the Chen family's genes. She's willing to pay this amount and buy that little brat to be her grandson's concubine. If we marry Liu Yan over there, that little brat will definitely have to go along too..." Liu Yan's second brother stretched out ten fingers, greed written all over his face.

Liu Guoqing didn't speak, and the whole family expectantly waited for his decision.

The live broadcast room exploded.

【F**K, the background set up for Song Juyao by the production team is so damn disgusting!】

【I'm crying, Song Juyao is so pitiful, what kind of disgusting stuff is this?】

【Liu Yan, just disappear already! Please die quickly!】

【I strongly feel the malice of the production team. Who are these people? Song Juyao must have worked very hard to become what she is today in this environment, right? I really want to cry just thinking about it.】

【I'm so angry that I want to kill someone. What the hell is this? They even want to sell Song Juyao? Who are you guys? What right do you have to do this?】

Actually, these are all old tricks of the program team. The audience has seen such disgusting and extreme people before, but they weren't as angry at that time.

In the end, it's all because of the reverse narrative technique. The viewers were first presented with Song Juyao's charming and likable appearance, learned about her achievements, and developed a favorable impression of her. When the story took a dark turn, the viewers found it particularly unbearable. They were moved by the fact that Song Juyao could still be a good person in such an unbearable environment, and at the same time, they also felt indignant on her behalf. Even Song Juyao's black fans couldn't help but frown and feel uncomfortable.

In other words, they should have focused on the reactions of the defendant facing the trial, but now people's attention has been shifted to how despicable and disgusting these NPCs are.

Tang Shan looked at this and had a bad premonition in his heart. But now that things have come to this, he could only tell himself that it doesn't matter. Who knew if there would be any reversal until the last moment?

The plot continues. Liu Yan, the mindless idiot, sneaked out of the hotel and took a cab to break free and return to her hometown early in the morning when Song Juyao was still sleeping.

Shortly after, Song Juyao woke up, couldn't find Liu Yan, called but no one answered, and searched around worriedly, with eyes like a helpless abandoned child.

It was only after Liu Yan had landed and was picked up by Liu Guoqing that Song Juyao received her call.


The voice from the other end made her blood freeze.

Liu Guoqing: "Your mother just got off the plane and is tired. She doesn't want to talk to you. I am your uncle."

Immediately, Song Juyao shouted vigilantly, "Don't you dare marry my mother to Chen Lao'er! He is a domestic violence man and will hurt my mother!"

"We will discuss this when we meet. Pack your things and come back soon. Otherwise, I will report that you have run away from home to the police and have them bring you back."

Whether it was for Liu Yan or not, Song Juyao had no choice but to agree since she was a child and couldn't be separated from her guardian. She could only go back.

【Don't go back!!】

【My heart is half cold, I dare not look back.】

【Could it be that they really sold Song Juyao? How did she escape again?】

【I understand now. After Song Juyao returns this time, Liu Guoqing will use Liu Yan to coerce her to give them all the money before she becomes an adult. That's why Song Juyao canceled her bank card and moved her household registration after she turned 18!】

However, the reality was far more dangerous than they had anticipated. Liu Guoqing did not initially plan to do this, instead as soon as Song Juyao returned, she was imprisoned. Liu Yan didn't even have the chance to speak a word for her before Liu Guoqing interrupted and shut her up with a retort. No matter how much Song Juyao screamed for her mother from inside, it was useless.

The audience was repeatedly provoked, and their anger grew so intense that anyone who defended Liu Yan was targeted and attacked. Is this really what a mother does? Children with such mothers are truly unfortunate. Some even went as far as to say that if they were in Song Juyao's shoes, they would have taken a knife and stabbed Liu Yan. They began to feel disappointed in Song Juyao for iron to not become steel. Why is Song Juyao so obedient and can't see Liu Yan's selfishness? How can she still expect her to be clear-headed? It's really infuriating!

When Song Juyao was detained, her phone was confiscated, and her bank card was found by Liu Guoqing. However, Liu Yan didn't know the password, and Song Juyao didn't have an ID card since she was still young. Therefore, the bank card was issued under Liu Yan's ID card. Liu Guoqing took Liu Yan to the bank on the pretext of checking how much money Song Juyao had made, to see how big a villa he could build for Liu Yan. He also changed the password using Liu Yan's ID card.

When Liu Guoqing saw the numbers in the bank account, his eyes widened with greed and covetousness. "This little brat, I didn't expect her to be so smart! She must have inherited it from her uncle, my niece looks like me." Fortunately, they managed to lure Liu Yan back. Otherwise, with Song Juyao's shrewdness, they wouldn't have gotten a dime.

After sending Liu Yan away, the siblings gathered together again at night to drink and celebrate. However, they soon began to argue about how to split the money they could get from Song Juyao.

"Big brother is the biggest hero for bringing Liu Yan back. He deserves the biggest share. But why should you, Third Brother, split it with me?"

"Second brother, I, at least, drove to the airport to pick her up. What did you do? Didn't you just come here two days earlier than me and move your mouth a few more times?" the Third Brother retorted.

"Big brother, my house hasn't been renovated yet, and I even have to sleep with air leaks at night..."

"Big brother, my wife has just become pregnant..."

Liu Guoqing basked in the praise of his younger siblings, smoking and holding the money from Song Juyao. He felt confident and assured as if the money were his own. Therefore, he did not make an immediate decision but suddenly changed the topic: "I've thought about it carefully. The Chen family's 100,000 yuan is too little. Nowadays, the brain is everything. The Chen family thinks they can improve their genes with just 100,000 yuan. That's impossible. At least they have to double it."

The others all thought it made sense.

As the audience seethed with anger at the family's shamelessness, Song Juyao stopped calling out to Liu Yan and wiped her tears. Her eyes changed, as if she had realized something.

" Cousin, go call your father over," Song Juyao said. "I have a business deal to discuss with him."

That cousin who was guarding the door had been playing with his mobile phone while Song Juyao was crying. However, upon hearing her tone now, he felt a little restless. After thinking about it, he decided to call Liu Guoqing.

【Is she really going to sell Liu Yan?】

【Please, please sell Liu Yan already!】

【Someone like Liu Yan should really just die. Sell her to Chen Er and let her be tortured to death!】

The netizens were furious, but in fact, if Song Juyao really did it, they would once again think of her as cold-blooded and ruthless.

But how could Song Juyao not know that? She had been aware of it all along. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve, but in her heart, she was laughing happily. She had to exert so much effort to get rid of Liu Yan, that disgusting thing. Liu Yan was deserving of the shackles arranged by the program crew.

And now, she wanted to break free from these shackles, just like crushing this evil world.

Liu Guoqing arrived, followed by the rest of the Liu family. They wanted to see what else she could say.

The thin girl stood in front of a group of filthy and ugly adults. She looked frail, yet held her head up high, her eyes still red. Her stubbornness and maturity made people feel distressed for her.

"There is only 400,000 yuan in the bank card, and you think that's enough?" the little girl said.

"Before I came here, I signed a contract for the next season of 'I Am the Big Winner.' The appearance fee after tax for one episode is 1.5 million yuan. I can guarantee that I will stay until the last episode. You can calculate how much money I will have in the end."

When Song Juyao mentioned 1.5 million yuan, everyone's eyes almost popped out. As ordinary rural people, they had no idea that Song Juyao could actually make so much money from the last program she participated in.

"Also, there are programs such as 'Super Brain' and 'Empire Idioms', which are in contact with me. There is even a prestigious school called Jinke Duola that has promised me a 500,000 enrollment bonus if I attend."

The group of people led by Liu Guoqing had their eyes rolling with greed and covetousness, as if it was about to materialize in saliva and flow out. They had never imagined such a large sum of money appearing in their lives, and it seemed effortless, just within reach! Sell her? A mere 200,000? After hearing the numbers just mentioned by Song Juyao, 200,000 was too little for them to even look at.

Liu Guoqing stopped his excited brothers and sisters and looked at Song Juyao, "Can you really give us all that money?"

"I will give it all to you, but I have one request."

"What is it?"

"I want to bring my mom with me. With this much money, you'll make more than what you'd get for selling her, right? Is that enough?" Song Juyao was still a child after all, and anger was shown in her eyes.

【Silly child, they don't just want to sell Liu Yan, they want to sell you too!】

【It's so frustrating, I can't take it anymore. How can this child not abandon a mother like that and still want to take her along?】

【She's only 10 years old, you know? A child's attachment and feelings towards their mother can't be severed so easily.】

【All I can hope for now is that Liu Yan becomes a better person and stops following Song Juyao. It makes me so angry I could cry.】

Liu Guoqing and his siblings went outside to discuss. Everyone was ecstatic. With so much money, they could each get millions if they split it equally! The Chen family couldn't provide that kind of money, and Liu Yan couldn't be sold for that much either!

Liu Guoqing flicked his cigarette and his eyes gleamed. "You guys are shortsighted, only looking at that meager amount of money instead of the hen that lays the golden eggs."

"Big brother, what do you mean?"

"Let Liu Yan and that brat go. Can she give us all the money? Even if she did, how much would it be? As long as Liu Yan stays here, that brat will be like a kite tied to a string, unable to escape."

"Big brother, that's brilliant!"

They called Liu Yan over and a group of people surrounded her, making her fantasize about her future. Liu Yan was a little princess who wanted to be held in the palm of someone's hand, a piece of candy could coax her away. She was quickly coaxed into dizziness and decided to stay in her hometown.

"I'm not going with you. I want to stay at home," Liu Yan refused to go back with Song Juyao. "You go ahead, work hard, and send the money back on time."

Song Juyao glared angrily at Liu Guoqing and the group of people, gripping Liu Yan's hand tightly. "Mom, come with me. I'll protect you. Come with me! I'll buy you a big villa and take you to eat delicious food. Come with me!"

Liu Yan now believed that Song Juyao only wanted to take her away because her guardian needed to sign all the contracts for her, not because she genuinely cared for her. If it weren't for this, why would she take her to participate in that kind of program and let her be criticized by the entire country without explaining for her? She only saw Liu Yan as useless and would abandon her after becoming an adult, once she was no longer of use.

The more Liu Yan thought about it, the angrier she became and pulled her hand away. "I'm not going! Just send me the contracts you need me to sign, and I'll sign them for you. Since I'm so useless, I won't hold you back!"

【You'd better do it. Thank you!】

"No, you can't stay here! They're all bad people!" Song Juyao became frantic and tears streamed down her face as she tried to pull Liu Yan outside, but Liu Yan shook her hand off.

"They're my brothers, how could they harm me?" Liu Yan's eyes turned red as she pointed at her with accusation.

At this moment, a car outside rushed over.

Ren Yulin and Ren Jiaqi got out of the car. Song Juyao had previously contacted Ren Yulin while boarding her flight, informing her that her mother had been abducted by her own relatives. Although Ren Yulin had not known Song Juyao for a long time, she was a loyal person and immediately dragged her brother to the plane and rushed over.

After a heated argument, Ren Yulin and Ren Jiaqi finally understood what was going on. Ren Yulin was very angry, but this matter couldn't be handled by the law. At the same time, she had long looked down on Liu Yan and thought that this was a great opportunity.

Ren Yulin pulled Song Juyao behind her and said, "We know what you're planning! Liu Yan, is it true that you don't want this daughter anymore?"

Liu Yan turned her head away.

"Liu Yan, do you really not care that after Song Juyao  comes of age, she will change her household registration and sever ties with you?" Ren Yulin continued.

Liu Guoqing chuckled and replied, "Ha, you sure like to joke around. A mother-daughter relationship cannot be severed just by changing household registration. Now the daughter is going to study and work part-time in a big city, while her old mother will be waiting for her in her hometown. It's all for Song Juyao's future. After all, it's for her own good."

Liu Yan was hesitant at first, but upon hearing Liu Guoqing's words, she became firm. Yes, even if Song Juyao became an adult, she would still be her daughter. Could their relationship really be severed?

However, the 10-year-old child believed it. She broke down in tears and pleaded, "Mom, please don't abandon me..."

Ren Yulin then seized the sobbing girl and pulled her out of the Liu family's home, forcing her into the car and driving off. In the car, the little girl cried uncontrollably, reminiscent of a pitiful child abandoned by her mother.

【Grass, I'm crying my eyes out.】

【What kind of human tragedy is this, Ren Yulin good job!】

【Little Juyao is so pitiful, the only redeeming thing about Liu Yan in this life is that she didn't leave with Song Juyao.】

【She's so pitiful, my heart aches for her. Fortunately, it's all over now.】

【I swear if anyone says 'Liu Yan is her mother after all,' I'll lose it!!】

The shackles named Liu Yan were completely shattered at this moment.

The little girl was hugged by Ren Yulin, and her mouth curled up slightly, as if she knew the victory she had just achieved.

The program group fell into silence.

Tang Shan wiped his face and turned his head, only to find that many of the staff had red eyes, and several tables still had several clusters of tissues. A female staff member whispered, "I don't think Song Juyao is a bad person..."

She never abandoned Liu Yan; it was Liu Yan who abandoned her.


Tang Shan felt conflicted. He had always believed that the judiciary was correct and that Song Juyao was a murderer. Even if Master Huo was rich and Song Juyao was an ordinary person, the fact remained that the boy had died.  It was not necessarily that poor people were good and rich people were bad. This was a stereotype and he refused to fall into it.

So he always believed that Song Juyao had a hidden evil side, but watching this scene unfold before his eyes, he felt heartbroken and began to doubt his judgment.

...No, no, no! Tang Shan suddenly slapped himself in the face. As the director of the program group, how could he be swayed so easily? What if Song Juyao had done something bad in these eight years? What if there really was something bad in her character?

"Continue!" Tang Shan said.

Liu Yan was a fool, and her family thought so too. They didn't take her seriously at all.

After Song Juyao left, Liu Guoqing did keep his promise and used the money earned by Song Juyao to build a big villa for Liu Yan, with a garden and hired a maid. However, Liu Guoqing and his family moved in with her.

At first, Liu Yan was happy, but she was later constantly dissed and belittled by her sister-in-law. She could not sleep at night due to the noise made by Liu Guoqing and his brothers playing mahjong and eating supper in the living room. To make matters worse, her nephew would start crying in the early morning. Although it was her daughter's money, they held onto it and treated her like a homeless person sheltering in someone else's home.

Feeling aggrieved and missing Song Juyao, Liu Yan wanted to leave, but Liu Guoqing forbade her from calling Song Juyao and even hid her ID card. Eventually, Liu Yan realized that she had been deceived, but she did not know what to do and could only cry.

Liu Guoqing was tired of her crying and wanted to marry her off, but he did not dare to marry her to Chen Lao Er for fear of Song Juyao finding out and not sending money anymore. So, he patiently found a family with a decent reputation for her to marry into.

However, that family did not treat Liu Yan like a princess. She had to work like an ordinary rural woman and gave birth to a son. She could not afford expensive skincare products and had to work hard. Gradually, she became less attractive and occasionally hugged her son and cried, reminiscing about the days when she had a husband and a daughter to spoil her….

【Serves her right!】

【This is just karma!】

【It's really the fate of being a maid instead of a lady. She could have been a princess, but she just didn't have the luck.】

【Ha ha ha, Liu Guoqing's son has developed a gambling addiction and is bound to go bankrupt and fall into debt. Just wait until Song Juyao becomes and adult, you'll be waiting to die!】

On the other side, Song Juyao led a busy and arduous life, appearing on programs, studying, and writing papers. Every day, every second of her time was fully, and sometimes excessively utilized. Liu Guoqing was afraid she might forget to send money, so he called her every month to remind her that Liu Yin might marry Chen Lao Er at any time. Sometimes Song Juyao couldn't even scrape together a dime to afford the cheapest porridge and side dishes in the cafeteria.

She just kept working hard and despite the challenges, she became an outstanding individual, surpassing most people.

In the final scene, Song Juyao stood out from many outstanding students with her excellent grades and received recognition from her mentor, Professor Alberg. Amidst thunderous applause, she rose from her seat and walked towards the podium, officially becoming a member of the Olympiad team.

【Wow! I'm overwhelmed, I can't stop crying.】

【She's amazing! 😭😭

【This is truly inspiring. How can someone be so wonderful? 😢

【But what about Song Juyao secretly filming Jiang Baiqi?】

【If Song Juyao did this, there must be a reason. I believe it's a positive one!】

【I never thought I would vote for a criminal to plead for justice on this show, but now I want to say that I'm willing to vote for Song Juyao. At the very least she deserves a chance for a reduced sentence and to start anew!】


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