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Chapter 58: Second Arc [21]


【I can't believe my ship is real, wuwuwu!!】

【I'm screaming so loud the roosters in a ten-mile radius are crowing!!】

【Ahhhhhhh kswlkswl!!!】

[KSWL (kēsǐwǒle) - The word is like a big “awwww” which is used to talk about a couple who are being so cute and sweet that it’s killing you. It’s mostly used for CP粉 by viewers while they are watching their favorite couple in a Chinese drama etc. ]

【They're too cute, squeee!!】

【Get married, go to bed and have babies right here, ahhhhh】

CP fans in the real world screamed uncontrollably, and the screen was filled with floating "Ah"s. The happiness of CP fans was unimaginable to others!

"Ellie, let's study it tomorrow," Evans walked over, wanting Song Juyao to take a break.

They all thought Song Juyao was crouching here out of a scholar's persistence in studying this virus. Evans also thought so.

Song Juyao curled her fingers and tucked them into her arms. When she looked at Evans, her eyes were clear and bright. Her eyes had always been bright, but this time they were very different—gentle, smiling, with a hint of shyness and excitement.

Evans was stunned for a moment. "Sister?"

"Brother, he's so cute," Song Juyao said with a smile.

Evans: ???

However, Song Juyao got up and left, her steps were light and bouncy despite her injured ankle and her departing figure looked very happy. Evans was dazed, not understanding what had just happened.

Jiang Baiqi, coming back to his senses, looked at Song Juyao's figure and realized what he had just done. He felt embarrassed to the point of almost exploding. What was he doing? How did he act like a dog licking her fingers nonstop?!

Cute? She said he was cute?? And just now she compared him to a golden retriever, so was she treating him like a dog?

Damn it!


Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan, not far away, also noticed Song Juyao's little actions.

"That really seems to be Jiang Baiqi," Wen Zhulian said to Wei Yan, "I can't remember what Jiang Baiqi looked like now." Wasn't that exactly Jiang Baiqi's characteristic? A thin sense of existence, making it hard for people to remember what he looked like.

They were of course deeply impressed by Jiang Baiqi, how could they forget the impact of the helmet he made last season. The second season was heavily influenced by the first as many people didn't dare to sign up for the temporary real-player NPCs again, fearing they'd end up like the NPCs from the first season, suffering a complete social death.

"I've never heard of an NPC appearing for the second time."

"But although the probability is low, it's still possible," Wei Yan said.

"Song Juyao has strange tastes, and seems to have taken a liking to him again at first sight." Wen Zhulian narrowed her eyes slightly, the corners of her mouth curling up. "This is a god-sent opportunity. If I get close to Jiang Baiqi - will Song Juyao get jealous?"


"Great." So, with this cheerful decision, Wen Zhulian thought about how Song Juyao pursued Jiang Baiqi in the first episode. Wasn't it all because Jiang Baiqi had no one paying attention to him, while Song Juyao could see him at a glance?

However, Jiang Baiqi has now become a patient without thinking ability, so he shouldn't care about whether anyone pays attention to him anymore. As long as there is blood, it can attract him. Even if it's blood, women have such strong possessiveness that the ones they like can only drink their own.

[Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan are speaking incomprehensibly again...]

[Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan seem to have known Jiang Baiqi for a long time. Who is Jiang Baiqi in the real world? He seems quite powerful.]

[NPC? Ah? I don't understand, am I dumb??]

[What does it mean that Song Juyao has fallen for Jiang Baiqi again? Is there some past connection? Playing games?? Were they a couple in a game, broke up, and then Song Juyao lost her memory? As a result, they met again on Survival Island Paradise and fell for each other again at first sight? Okay, this is so melodramatic that I can't even make it up myself.]

[I don't understand the rest, but I understand Wen Zhulian's shamelessness. Knowing that Song Juyao likes Jiang Baiqi, she deliberately plans to approach him. She's f***ing so cheap.]

The live-stream audience was utterly confused.

The staff of the Survival Island Paradise project team was even more confused. Forget it, it's recorded anyway. Let the boss see it himself when he comes out. It's not okay for employees to gossip about the boss's private affairs…

Thinking like this, they immediately turned to gossip wildly with other employees in the employee group chat, spreading the word that their normally zero presence boss seems to have some private relationship with the dazzling Song Juyao! Could it be that the boss hates couples dating in the company because of some emotional trauma involving Song Juyao?

Thinking of a way to annoy Song Juyao, Wen Zhulian was in high spirits and also had the mood to care about others. Seeing Li Dada, she walked over to her

Li Dada was lying about five meters away from her father, Li Siqing, separated by Li Wenling's family of three in between.

"Dada, haven't you talked to your father yet?" Wen Zhulian asked worriedly.

Li Dada's facial muscles stiffened as she forced a smile, "You don't need to worry about it, Zhuzhu."

"How can I not worry?" Wen Zhulian said anxiously: "If it wasn't because of my wishful thinking to help you resolve your issues and reconcile with your father, you wouldn't have signed the contract with Fanxing Group and come here to encounter these ghostly things. But the mistake has already been made. Apart from apologizing, there's nothing I can do. So, at least you and your uncle should reconcile."

Li Dada subconsciously looked towards Li Siqing, and Li Siqing happened to look over. The refined middle-aged man was stunned for a moment, then smiled lovingly at her.

Li Dada's whole body stiffened and she abruptly turned away, "Thank you, but you don't need to worry about me. The most important thing now is to leave this island. There's no time to talk about other matters."

Li Dada turned over, facing away from Wen Zhulian, refusing to talk to her anymore.

"Dada, as children, do we really have to wait for our father to lower his head first? Haven't you seen Uncle's paintings?" Wen Zhulian frowned and said with a touch of seriousness.

Li Dada's shoulders trembled but she still said nothing.

Wen Zhulian, somewhat disappointed, got up and left to talk to Li Siqing.

[Dada, please reconcile with your father]

[Even though Wen Zhulian's character isn't that great, as a Dada fan I'm still very grateful to her. She put in a lot of effort for our Dada.]

[Li Siqing's love for Li Dada is all expressed in his paintings. Anyone with discerning eyes can see it. Li Dada's constant tantrums are really boring.]

[Isn't it just because he didn't support her being a model? Although he didn't support it, Li Siqing still used his connections to help her pave the way. Otherwise, how could she become a top model right after debuting?]

[I always feel like Wen Zhulian's words are subtly targeting Song Juyao.]

[White-eyed wolf ah. He carefully raised her for so long, just because of some harsh words, she ran away from home for years, and didn't say a word to her father. Thinking of the father's feelings, it's heartbreaking.]

Li Siqing was a famous painter known for his elegant temperament and handsome appearance. He often does charity work and published a book containing a collection of diary entries and short essays he had been writing since his daughter was born. The content was warm, simple and lovely, conveying a doting father's affection, earning him great online popularity.

After Li Dada ran away from home to become a model, their strained relationship was exposed online. It was rumored on the Internet that the reason for the quarrel between the father and daughter was because Li Siqing did not allow Li Dada to enter the modeling industry, and Li Dada felt her father didn't understand her, so she left home.

Many people thought Li Dada was ignorant, a spoiled little princess who didn't know any better. Just because of her father's verbal lack of support, she acted so willfully and made her old father so sad. This time, when they heard both of them were on a show together, many were looking forward to them reconciling. However, the two haven't reconciled until now.

Every time Li Siqing tries to say a few words to Li Dada, she would immediately turn away coldly, causing great dissatisfaction among people.

With her back facing the bonfire, tears streamed down Li Dada's face in the darkness. She balled one hand into a fist as her eyes were filled with hatred.


Meanwhile, in the real world, three temporary NPCs were thrown into the virtual world.

The program selected bloodthirsty patients for them from the island. Anyway, no matter what illness the NPC had, once real people entered, they would return to normal. So, it didn't matter.

"This time, we'll surely give Song Juyao the most profound soul torture."

Qin Wei looked at the resumes of the temporary real NPCs with satisfaction.

Meanwhile, in the virtual world.

Survival Island Paradise project team.

Suddenly an alarm sounded, and everyone's nerves tensed up, but the alarm disappeared the next second.

"What happened?" The team leader quickly ran over.

The monitor was very puzzled, "...just now, it seemed like there was an intruder in Survival Island Paradise, but the system quickly determined there wasn't."

Another monitor stared at the big screen, locking onto the few extras: "The anomaly seems to be with these people."

The team leader went to see the extras in the hall. In the hall, all the extras of Survival Island Paradise were lying on their individual beds, wearing wristbands. Just like the guests still in the world of Survival Island Paradise, they were all immersed in a deep sleep state.

The person in charge of extras in the hall also detected a slight abnormality. He went to check the few people who were locked on the screen. Their vital signs and mental state were normal. So what was that abnormal fluctuation just now?

Before they could get an answer, the monitor found something wrong again.

Those few extras in the Survival Island Paradise were not following the script and suddenly added scenes for themselves.


What the hell?? Have they gone crazy? Did they forget about the high liquidated damages for breach of contract??

The team leader furrowed his brow tightly and squinted his eyes. People who could hold important positions in projects on a giant ship like the Fanxing Group naturally had extraordinary vision and courage. After some contemplation, he said, "Continue as usual, no need to contact those few people specially. Keep monitoring their vital signs here to ensure that there are no accidents to their bodies."

It was too strange and had to be closely observed to see if it was a system malfunction or something else.


The sky showed a hint of dawn, brightening the surroundings and Survival Island Paradise welcomed a new day.

Song Juyao opened her eyes, and the others were still asleep due to staying up late.

She got up, her gaze immediately found Jiang Baiqi. Quietly, she walked over and crouched down by the pit.

In the pit, most of Jiang Baiqi's body was still buried in the soil, and the safety helmet covered his face. Song Juyao reached out and pushed the windshield up, revealing his face.

As she approached, Jiang Baiqi knew it was her, couldn't help but tense his muscles, inexplicably closing his eyes, pretending not to know. He wondered what she was going to do.

Then, he felt his exposed hand being gently held. She began to caress it little by little, as if savoring every inch of skin of his hand, making him tremble all over. He had to exert a lot of effort not to let his fingers curl up.

"Your hands are so beautiful," Jiang Baiqi's hands were very beautiful, with exquisite bone structure, well-defined knuckles and long fingers. Song Juyao compared her palm to his; his hand was twice the size, and could completely wrap hers.

Jiang Baiqi began to feel hot all over, if this wasn't Survival Island Paradise but the real world, he might have started sweating in his palms.

Finally, Song Juyao finally took her hand away, but before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he felt the back of his hand being kissed gently by cold and soft lips.

This time, he couldn't control himself and his fingers trembled.

Inside the holographic pod, his whole body turned red like a boiled shrimp, his heartbeat was pounding like thunder. His nerves were so tense that his whole body was damp with sweat.

What is Song Juyao doing? Why is she acting this way? Is she a pervert??

Ah, so cute!!! Song Juyao held her chin in her hand, looking at his trembling fingertips with a smile in her eyes. If he kept pretending to sleep, she would do something even more outrageous.

Jiang Baitao's expression stiffened, her voice drifting over from behind: "Um...Song jie, what are you doing to my brother?"

Actually, this wasn't what Jiang Baitao wanted to ask. After waking up, she saw a row of characters on the ground, and from the handwriting, she could sense a strong gossiping mood—Staff couldn't speak in the virtual world as it would be heard by the audience so they chose to send messages through codes.

Song Juyao's cheeks turned red, seeming a bit embarrassed, but she still didn't let go of his hand. Looking at Jiang Baitao, she said: "I don't know why, but I always feel like I've met your brother before. When I see him, I feel very happy and want to keep looking at him forever. I think this must be love at first sight. Baitao, can I marry your brother?"

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