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Chapter 41: Second Arc [4]

Jiang Mi's sudden exit stunned the program team and the audience, there was a lot of talk and the program team immediately rushed to the bio-pod area.

Jiang Mi's face was extremely unpleasant as she came out of the bio-pod.

"Jiang Mi, what's going on?" Director Qin Wei asked her with suppressed anger. What the hell! You took the initiative to say you wanted to go in, and you quit before the live broadcast even started?

"I'm sorry, Director. It's all my fault. Song Juyao is just too terrifying! You have no idea, she..." Jiang Mi was furious, feeling that she was forced to exit before the live broadcast even started, and then angrily smeared Song Juyao.

As soon as Director Qin heard her explanation, his anger dissipated. It seemed that the script for this season had truly transformed Song Juyao into a completely different person from the first season. She had become a cunning child in the dark orphanage, and she had even outsmarted Jiang Mi, who had the soul of an adult. This indicated just how formidable Song Juyao had become.

It seems that this time the program can wash away the shame of the last episode and make a comeback!

"Director, can you give me another chance? I promise that next time I will..."

Qin Wei smiled and patted her shoulder. "You've worked hard this time. However, the rules of the production team are well-known to the audience. Since you've already exited, letting you back in would create complications. What will the previous guests who quit think? Isn't that a predicament for us too?"


"All right, all right, don't be impatient. You still have plenty of good times ahead of you, and we're not worried about not finding opportunities to collaborate again."

In the end she wasn't able to enter the virtual world for the second time. The "Justice Trial" program has been popular for 20 years, and has never had a guest return for a second time.  Again cooperation? It was simply impossible!

Jiang Mi, her agent, and her assistant all exited the Dream Factory with gloomy expressions. The sound of camera shutters clicking repeatedly echoed, and Jiang Mi instinctively looked in that direction. Her unpleasant expression was perfectly captured in several shots.

#Entertainment Genius Jiang Mi Loses to Song Juyao, Exits Before Live Broadcast - Persona Collapsed?#

Various marketing accounts and gossip news outlets immediately used headlines like this as clickbait, and it indeed garnered countless clicks and attention.

【No way, wasn't Jiang Mi famous for her high IQ and EQ? She can't even compete with a little kid?】

【Hilarious! She even taught Ming Shu how to deal with Song Juyao, but now she can't even handle a ten-year-old Song Juyao.】

【The high IQ woman setting collapsed? 】

【Hahaha! Laughing so hard. Ming Shu managed to survive until two-thirds of the live broadcast, but Jiang Mi didn't even start and it's over. Hahaha!】

Ming Shu's fans had been unhappy with Jiang Mi for a while. However, Jiang Mi had a way with words that could twist right and wrong, making it impossible to argue with her. No matter how they refuted, it seemed like they were making trouble unreasonably and bringing trouble to Ming Shu, so they could only hold their frustrations to themselves. Now, the opportunity for retaliation had come knocking, and they weren't going to let it pass.

At that moment, along with Jiang Mi's black fans, they scoffed fiercely and brought a good wave of Jiang Mi's persona collapsing rhythm to fight back fiercely.


In the green room, Ming Shu's triumphant laughter filled the air. She laughed so hard that she had no energy left and flopped onto the couch. Glancing at her phone, she burst into laughter again, pounding the couch.

"I knew it, hahaha, my senior sister would definitely put her in her place, hahaha..."

"Cough, cough, I know you're happy, but calm down." A female artist is making pig-like squeals while laughing.

"Hahaha... I can't help it, I can't contain myself. I'm going to give it a like."

The manager was so scared that she hurriedly went to grab her phone. Ming Shu finally finished laughing, wiping away the tears of laughter. "This Jiang Mi, did she really think I didn't know? She is jealous of me, isn't she? Jealous that my boss is rich with only me as an artist in the company? She's so petty, and now, look at her, it's all overturned. Isn't it quite amusing!"

"Okay, okay, stop laughing. Don't strain your throat. We still have a recording session later. Our boss spent a lot of money to hire a team for you. He explicitly said that you must top all the music charts of our Federation Empire!"

"Can we not bring that up? It's so embarrassing that I could dig a hole with my foot!" Ming Shu's laughter subsided instantly. Her boss was truly naive, a nouveau riche who knew nothing about the entertainment industry. He jumped into it without the slightest understanding, and now, he was even talking about getting her on the Federation music charts!

If her peers heard about this, she would wish she could bury herself.

"It's too embarrassing. Please be quiet; don't talk anymore. I want to take a look at Jiang Mi's joke again." Ming Shu said, scrolling through her phone and noticed that Jiang Mi had posted something.


Jiang Mee was sitting in the nanny car, her expression was so gloomy that her eyes seemed to be dripping blood. She knew opportunities like this were rare and couldn't afford to be missed. So, even though she had been taken away by that disgusting couple, she wanted to muster the courage, grit her teeth, and wait for the opportunity.

However, she didn't expect that the couple would be so cautious and immediately imprison her in the basement as soon as they arrived home. The basement had no windows, let alone a phone. The male host tried assaulting her that night, but the pain was excruciating, something no normal person could endure. She struggled to fight back, picked up a wooden sculpture and hit the man on the head, drawing blood and triggering his cruel side, resulting in a brutal beating.

The female host stood at the doorway, watching coldly, a hint of a sinister smile on her lips.

In the end, as she looked at the basement, she realized it would be extremely difficult to find an opportunity to escape. Her mind suddenly recalled the second-tier hell that the program had arranged for Song Juyao, and she realized that this fate had fallen upon her. Overwhelming fear and despair engulfed her, and she ultimately chose to exit.

She took a deep breath, looked at the comments and her fingers swiftly began to type on the keyboard.

Soon, Jiang Mi posted a long blog post.

[Jiang Mi v: I'm sorry; it took me some time to calm down. what I went through during the three years I spent in the virtual world equivalent to less than an hour of the real world. I'd rather not reminisce because the mere thought sends shivers down my spine.

Song Juyao, the girl who captured so many hearts in the previous season and held the record for the highest number of grievance votes in history, finally revealed her terrifying true face in this episode. I have the soul of an adult, yet I couldn't even compete with a child. Yes, I'm sorry, my bees, I'm useless, I couldn't even fight up against a little girl!

Can you imagine a child being so scheming, with seamless acting skills? She sensed something was wrong with the adoptive parents and actually she pushed me out as a human shield, letting me be adopted while watching me endure cruelty, which forced me to exit the program…

Finally, I will donate one million to the Child Protection Association, to help all the children who have suffered unwarranted mistreatment. Damn pedophiles, they deserve to die. I urge society to pay attention to the physical and mental well-being of children and protect the flowers of our empire!]

With this blog post from Jiang Mi, the focus of public attention shifted instantly. The topic transitioned from "Jiang Mi is useless" to "Song Juyao is too scheming." People immediately found her words convincing thinking, how terrifying must a child be to outsmart an adult.

When a child manipulates, it's even more unsettling and repulsive for adults than adults playing those tricks.

Moreover, the post ended with a donation to a child protection organization, placing her on a moral high ground. Consequently, the direction of the comments swiftly changed.

【Hugs for Jiang Mi, she's so pitiable. Are they saying someone with a high IQ, talent, and innocence can't coexist?】

【It's really scary, a child can plot an adult to death, it's just like a thriller.】

【I knew it! Song Juyao shone brightly in the first season only because she had incredible luck, always in favorable circumstances. How many people become twisted when everything is going well? How many reveal their ugly side? That's why Song Juyao didn't have a chance to reveal her true nature!】

【Finally, things are getting exciting. I wonder how long Wen Zhulian and Wei Yan can hold on against such a formidable opponent!】

【Sister, keep going! I'm always supporting you!】

【Ah, I really want to see it. Can they release the recording immediately?】

【I'm itching to see it.】

【Words are just words. I won't believe it until the program team releases the recording.】

【Song fans, can you just leave?】


Jiang Mi watched as the tide turned and her fan base grew rapidly. Her complexion finally relaxed, a hint of satisfaction and relief showing in her expression. Even if she couldn't participate in the live broadcast, she was determined to milk Song Juyao's use value for all it was worth, riding on every bit of attention she could get. In a way, this was helping Song Juyao accumulate good karma. Sacrificing herself for the happiness of millions of families.

"Hurry back to the company."

She needed to rush to her boss and have him communicate with the program team. She was well aware of how she had been twisting the truth, and she knew exactly the kind of person Song Juyao was inside. She understood her own predicament and how her cleverness had backfired. Still, she couldn't bring herself to admit it, nor could she accept it.

So, some scenes needed editing, which would cost some money. Thankfully, her boss wouldn't refuse, and the production team wouldn't either. After all, they didn't want Song Juyao to become more popular. They had to edit her into a pure, innocent, and lovely little angel while portraying Song Juyao as a mysterious and terrifying girl with ulterior motives.


The "Dawn will light" forum.

[Jiang Mi must be talking nonsense!]

[I have a lot of Jiang Mi's black information on hand, and I'm ready to spill it! Fu*k, she's been lying through her teeth. Our goddess is not like this at all.]

[Wait a minute, let's not release it now. She's riding high in popularity at the moment. If we release the negative information, the public will think it's a deliberate suppression of her opponents, and it won't have much effect.]

[So what do we do now? The shady production team will definitely edit the footage. Even if Song Juyao appears differently once the live broadcast starts, because of Jiang Mi, the audience will look at her with malicious intent, thinking she has ulterior motives in everything she does, with hidden threats in every word!]


[I'm so frustrated!]

[Poor Song Juyao, I feel so sorry for her.]

[Let's calm down; there might be a way out.]

At this moment, the forum creator suddenly mentioned everyone: [Everyone, go and comment on various topics, saying that you want to see how scheming Song Juyao can be when she is a child, how far her flawless acting skills could go.]

The forum creator was a mysterious figure, seldom speaking and generally silent. He would only silently look for Song Juyao's die-hard fans, give them invitation codes and quietly draw them in. So, when they did speak, it was usually a decisive statement. So, the members immediately seem to have found a backbone and responded one after another.





Qin Wei received a call from Jiang Mi's boss, and both parties reached an agreement. They would receive payment, and in return, Qin Wei would polish Jiang Mi's image a bit. This money was additional income for him. They would have edited anyway, but in the previous season, due to the backtracking format, editing wasn't possible. That's why Song Juyao's and Liu Yan's secrets were exposed to the audience. This season was different.

Why not make some money from what he was supposed to do in the first place?

Just then, his phone rang. The moment he answered it, his expression and tone turned flattering, without the slightest hint of the chief director's demeanor anymore.


"During this period of time before the live broadcast starts, you put out the previous recorded screen, the viewers are eager to know what happened inside." A certain noble's young voice came from inside, with some hidden curiosity in his tone. It was clear that this aristocrat had watched the live broadcast and, like the audience, was quite curious about what had happened.

The curiosity must be about, has Song Juyao really turned into a thriller heroine?

Qin Wei was momentarily stunned. Release them now? If he did that, how would he edit them? He immediately replied, "Boss, I think it's better to hang on to the audience's appetite now, and wait until the live broadcast is over..."

"After the live broadcast, who would be curious about what happened in the past? Unless Jiang Mi told a big lie, Song Ju Miao is actually not what she said at all. Did Jiang Mi lie?"

Qin Wei had also been deceived by Jiang Mi and promptly responded, "I don't think she did."

"Since she didn't lie, it's even more important to release them now. Having seen Song Juyao's deeper evil on the live broadcast, who will care about the evil she did when she was a child?"

Qin Wei believed that Jiang Mi didn't have the audacity to lie to him, but since they said to edit, she must have made some actions that would make the audience uncomfortable. If he released them now, the money...

"However, boss, this is different from our plan, and there might be many unforeseen events. It might not achieve the best effect, giving Song Juyao soul torture...... His Majesty the King......"

"That's your problem. If you can't do the job, I can find someone else to help you," the nobleman on the other end said coldly.

Qin Wei's face immediately turned pale. This meant he would be replaced. That's right, for these aristocrats, making money was the top priority. They didn't care how much the production team was scolded; they only cared about the results. If the results didn't make them happy, they would replace the program team. After all, the trial show was a sure thing, but the program team was expendable.

Qin Wei dared not utter another word. He resigned himself to the loss of that money; it was better than losing his job. After ending the call, Qin Wei's demeanor swiftly shifted from being a mild-mannered grandson to a tyrant. He bellowed at the staff, "Can't you hear me? Get to work now!"

The chief director gave the order, and everyone immediately sprang into action.

Because time was tight, there was no time for editing; so the original version could only be played in front of the audience.

Meanwhile, Jiang Mi, learning that her boss had already spoken to Qin Wei, relaxed and returned to the dressing room. She watched her growing number of fans with a smirk on her face.

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