Kneel to Me Chapters List

Chapter 43: Second Arc [6]

【? ! ! !】

【Wow! These eyes are so beautiful! Like an emerald!】

【This man exudes handsomeness at first glance!】

【Is he the fourth brother? Are there one, two, and three ahead?】

As the man pulled down his mask, revealing a tragically handsome face, the live chat went wild.

【Ah, I'd give up my entire fortune to become Song Juyao's sister-in-law!】

【I can, I can!!!】

【Wait, is the point that he's handsome? The real point is, isn't this Evans, the king of the music industry that Wen Zhulian showed us?】

【What the heck??】

【The handsome guy is confused.】

【The beauty is dumbfounded.】

【Ahhh! My curiosity has been piqued again. What exactly is Song Juyao's real identity now?】

The program team, which had just thought that Song Juyao was doomed, had frozen smiles on their faces. What? The book that Wen Yingting loves is written by Song Juyao, and the world-class superstar that Wen Zhulian admired is Song Juyao's brother?

"What's going on again?!" Tan Wei was furious. They had agreed that Song Juyao's appearance in this episode would be less exciting than the first episode. Yet, here she was, creating these perplexing and mysterious situations again!

But who could give him the answer? Everyone was baffled. After all, who asked them to jump to the time after Song Juyao turned 18? There was an interval of eight years, and anything could happen.

At that moment, another person entered the café, panting as he hurriedly sat down next to Evans. "You're running too fast, aren't you? Having long legs is quite impressive, huh?

After complaining, he turned to look at Song Juyao, smiling flatteringly. "Sister, are you working on the second part of 'Nightingale'? Can you show me the draft?"

"Not your sister," Evans' eyes shot toward Zhou Yefang like arrows.

"You miser."

"Your relationship with Brother Yefang is still so good, Brother." Song Juyao's smile was gentle, and she always looked at people with a sense of indulgence and tolerance, making people easily misunderstand as being doted on by her and their hearts couldn't help but race uncontrollably.

Zhou Yefang unconsciously covered his heart with one hand, silently telling himself that this girl looked at anyone she didn't dislike this way, so don't overthink it.

"I don't have a good relationship with promiscuous people." Evans said.

"Hey, I'm serious about my girlfriend, don't slander me in front of my sister!" Zhou Yefang hurriedly defended himself.

Zhou Yefang was a famous rich kid, netizens jokingly called him the nation's boyfriend. He was a playboy who changed girlfriends as easily as one changes clothes.

Evans: "Not your sister."

"Sister, are you really going to accompany Evans to the Survival Island Paradise? Isn't that exposing yourself to the public? Is that okay?" Zhou Yefang became serious.

Survival Island Paradise was a major project of the Fanxing Group. Zhou Yefang's family had also invested in it. It was an island amusement park built at a cost of over 20 billion Gold Coins on an island. Its main purpose was to make people cherish and love life, and promote their family relationships through this paradise.

Before the official opening, they decided to launch a variety show, inviting several top celebrities from the domestic and international entertainment circles along with their families to participate in the program and advertise the park.

Rumors had it that the Fanxing Group possessed half the world's wealth, so the rumors might not be far from the truth.

Evans was also among those invited, but due to the uniqueness of his family, none of his family members or brothers could accompany him. So, it was only Song Juyao who could attend.

Isn't this just perfect? What an unexpectedly ideal stage.

The smile on Song Juyao's lips deepened.

When her phone rang, she saw it was her mother and excused herself to the restroom to answer the call. Her mother was probably calling to check if everything had been sorted out with the Wen family, and her father and other brothers might be nearby. Evans was unaware of this because he was currently occupied with work.

The family unanimously agreed that the matter had been resolved, so there was no need to inform Evans and risk affecting his work.

After some chatting in the café, the three of them got up and headed to the restaurant. Zhou Yefang eagerly offered to carry Song Juyao's pink backpack, but Evans promptly snatched it away. The look in his eyes seemed to say, you are also worthy of carrying bags for my sister.

Zhou Yefang: ... A sis-con is quite terrible! But he really wanted to carry the bag for the idol ah qaq

The three of them got into the car, unaware that a paparazzo hiding behind a van had snapped several photos.

#Zhou Yefang New Girlfriend# This tag was trending on that very evening. Evans was so well-covered that the paparazzi couldn't identify him, so they chose to focus on the emotional gossip of the wealthy Zhou Yefang, who was sure to attract attention. They even edited him out to prevent people from being distracted.

Zhou Yefang used to change girlfriends every two months at most, but this one lasted for three months. Many netizens were wondering if it was true love and eagerly awaited their breakup. Now, news of a new girlfriend had finally arrived.

Several photos were posted, including ones where Zhou Yefang and Song Juyao looking at each other in the cafe, Zhou Yefang helping Song Juyao with her bag, and the two of them getting into the same car. Song Juyao's front and profile views were both exposed.

[It doesn’t seem to be an Internet celebrity this time!]

[The young lady is so pretty too! ! I feel like a juicy Chinese cabbage is being nibbled on by a pig.]

[She's so beautiful, she should debut in the entertainment industry instead of being played by a playboy!]

[This is definitely the prettiest among all of Zhou Yefang's ex-girlfriends.]

[What are you saying? This young lady is on a completely different level from those internet celebrities. Her looks are top-tier in the entertainment industry.]

[She looks quite young, but since Zhou Yefang dared to make a move, she must be of legal age.]

Netizens were captivated by Song Juyao's beauty, and since they were used to it, there were very few who spoke annoying words. Saying anything negative only came across as being sour, and they would be ridiculed.

The Wen family.

The Wen family was having dinner, and Wen Yingting had just checked in at the "Princess Slayer" community. Upon seeing this trending topic, he immediately sneered.

"No wonder she's so confident. Dating a rich boyfriend at such a young age and thinking she owns the world."

Upon hearing this, the whole family quickly took out their phones to check the news. Wen Guohua and Li Xin both frowned, feeling quite embarrassed.

Zhou Yefang's reputation wasn't something that any good girl would want to associate with. Song Juyao was just 18 years old. She got involved with Zhou Yefang just after she came of age. Even if others didn't know that Song Juyao was their biological daughter, they still felt extremely embarrassed. It just went to show that girls needed proper upbringing. Growing up in a poor family, they would easily be deceived with a little money. That's something Wen Zhulian wouldn't have done.

Wen Zhulian was also somewhat unhappy. Many of the comments praised Song Juyao's beauty, and there were those specially designed to provoke and drive traffic to the commenter's account. They even said things like, "Am I the only one who thinks this young lady is prettier than Wen Zhulian?" Although hundreds of comments from her fans scolded the troll, none were directed at Song Juyao.

She knew this troll was intentionally saying such things, but she couldn't deny that Song Juyao was indeed more beautiful than her. She also harbored genuine animosity toward Song Juyao, wanting to completely overshadow her. Thus, she was easily affected by such comments and felt like she was losing to Song Juyao.

Unable to hold back, she commented with her secondary account: "So many people are saying that, but look, isn't she just like this?"

Soon, someone replied: [Going blind at a young age?]

[How many lemons have you eaten? It’s so sour.]

Wen Zhulian was so annoyed that she couldn't eat anymore. Then, an idea flashed through her mind. She looked at her parents, who also felt unable to eat and said, "So, why don't we bring my sister back, or at least teach her some manners and principles? Isn't it the responsibility of parents and family members? Let's prevent her from being deceived outside."

Wen Yingting frowned: "Why do you care so much about her? Will she listen to you?"

"Considering her previous attitude, she probably won't listen to us. Besides, we didn't raise her, so it's not good to teach her rules." Li Xin spoke up. Seeing this news, she really wanted to bring Song Juyao back. After all, she was her own daughter. She couldn't help but feel uncomfortable when she thought of her being played for several months and then abandoned by a playboy.

"Is it just because of this that we should stand by and do nothing? Zhou Yefang is very generous to his girlfriend, and she hasn't seen much money. It's easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to frugality. What if Zhou Yefang breaks up with her in the future? What will she do then? What if she takes the wrong path..."

Now, even Wen Yingting fell silent. Indeed, they had seen many girls who, because of their good looks, had been supported by the rich second generation for a while, only to be discarded later. They were blinded by money and couldn't seem to return to a normal life, eventually mingling with rich men using their bodies, and spiraling into a life of debauchery.

"She's mainly doing this because of me now. Mom and Dad, let me handle it."

【I feel embarrassed for Wen Zhulian.】

【Song Juyao hasn't seen much money? She has such an amazing brother, can she still lack money?】

【I can't believe it. They've never raised her, yet they want to lecture her and teach her how to behave? On what grounds? Just because they have a big face?】

【Don’t elevate the role to an actor, our Zhuzhu is not such a person in reality. She just got too immersed in her role. This is the professional quality of an actor.】

【Suddenly, I want to see a scene where Song Juyao puts this whole family in their place. Looking forward to it!】

【People looking forward to her putting them in their place must be crazy, right? This is a judgment show!】

【I'm looking forward to the soul-crushing torture of Song Juyao given by Zhuzhu!】


Fanxing Group Headquarters.

The president and some high-level executives were conducting interviews for a batch of new employees.

As the world's top-ranked company, those who made it from written tests to interviews were undoubtedly highly talented individuals.

One of the male applicants had a confident demeanor, and he spoke eloquently. He believed the interviewers were quite pleased with him. However, out of the blue, the president asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Uh... yes."

Several interviewers exchanged glances, and one of them said, "If this job requires you to remain single, then..."

The applicant was stunned. It was evident from his expression that he didn't have a clear understanding of some of the company's peculiarities.

"Thank you, we're done here. Please wait for our notification."

The applicant left the interview room with a head full of question marks. A friend waiting outside immediately pulled him aside and asked, "How did it go?"

"I... I don't know."

"You don't know? Aren't you the best at reading people's expressions?"

"I initially thought they were quite pleased with me, but then they suddenly asked if I had a girlfriend..."

His friend instantly tensed up. "And you said you have one?"

"It's not something to be ashamed of."

"Ah, this is definitely something to be ashamed of!... I mean..." His friend quickly pulled him aside and whispered, "You're such an idiot. Didn't I tell you that apart from scrutinizing every aspect of this company, you can't forget the gossip section! Did you not read it?"

It was obvious that he hadn't, otherwise, he would have given a different answer to that question earlier.

As for the most incredible and seemingly unreal piece of gossip about the Fanxing Group, it was about the mysterious behind-the-scenes owner of the company: He hated Couples! Absolutely no office romances were allowed, and if the boss caught anyone dating in front of him, that employee was in big trouble!

So, when facing this question during the interview, if anyone truly wanted the job and has a girlfriend/boyfriend, they were better off saying no.

As for why it was this way? Public opinion varied, but the widely accepted reason was that the boss had once been deeply hurt by a lover, which was why he couldn't stand seeing other couples happy.

"Such a big company, how can they reject talent for such a reason?" The applicant was indignant.

His friend's expression was hard to decipher. "Who made their products at the forefront of the world, and talents from all over the world are scrambling to get in?"

The applicant wore a disgruntled expression and fell silent. He was torn between whether to go back and tell them he'd break up with his girlfriend.

As they chatted, they suddenly felt a breeze pass by them. After a two-second delay, they turned around abruptly, wondering if someone just walked past them?

Upon a closer look, they spotted a tall, slender figure in a white lab coat, as if they had just come out from a laboratory. The figure walked very lightly, and the people who had passed by didn't seem to have noticed him at all, or they realized it belatedly.

Suddenly, a chill ran down their spines.

"But... could that person be the boss?" The legend went that the owner of Fanxing Group was incredibly elusive and had a low sense of presence, often startling the employees.

Whispers and murmurs abounded behind them, but Jiang Baiqi's ash-gray eyes remained unfazed. He had grown accustomed to being ignored and startling people. Yet, for some reason, he had a strong feeling deep within that he had been waiting for someone, someone who could instantly see him, the unassuming figure as inconspicuous as dust.

He entered the office of the Survival Island project team. The employees were extremely busy, and they didn't even notice Jiang Baiqi's arrival. This project was one of the company's biggest projects in the past ten years. They even launched a variety show for promotional purposes, featuring top celebrities from various countries. Therefore, there was absolutely no room for error.

"Give me the latest trial run data for Survival Island Paradise," Jiang Baiqi walked directly to the team leader.

The team leader was so frightened that he jumped out of his chair and almost cried. "Boss, can you ask your secretary to pick it up?" Being frightened by the boss into a heart attack must be a work-related injury, right?

"I want to walk around." He stared at the team leader with his gray eyes, and the team leader hastened to provide the requested data. After Jiang Baiqi left, the team leader heaved a sigh of relief.

Yes, geniuses were special, especially someone like their boss, a genius among geniuses.


While Zhou Yefang was enjoying his meal, he received a flurry of frantic calls from his girlfriend and only then realized that he and Song Juyao had become a hot topic. He was so frightened that his heart trembled and he quickly called someone to remove the hot search. Oh dear, if Evans or any of his other siblings saw this, he would probably die!

Then he made a statement on social media to clarify.

Zhou Yefang V: Stop spreading nonsense! That's my sister! Which paparazzo is trying to harm me?

After posting, he scrolled through the comments and saw that the sentiment had shifted, so he went outside.

Seeing that Evans was still diligently peeling shrimp for his sister and wasn't using his phone, and Song Juyao still maintained her habit of not using her phone while eating, he put his heart back into his stomach.

"Come come come, eat more, eat more, sister is too thin ......"

"Not your sister."

"Yes yes yes."


Through an investigation into Zhou Yefang's whereabouts, Wen Zhulian quickly located Song Juyao's residence, which happened to be one of the properties under Zhou Yefang's name.

She visited Song Juyao several times, but Song Juyao either avoided her or cut their conversations short, usually saying something along the lines of "I want to be with my family" or "Let's each go our own way" and so on, oil and salt would not enter.

Wen Zhulian didn't believe that Song Juyao was really calm and composed. If she was, then she was ready to wipe that indifferent expression off her face and take the initiative.

The next day, the survival variety show launched by Fanxing Group in Survival Island Paradise was about to begin, and the invited guests were about to record the pilot film.

The pilot film was about filming the invited guests going to invite their family members to go with them to participate in the Survival reality show on Survival Island Paradise. The recording was scheduled for the same day, and it would be released the following day since this reality show was a live broadcast, not prerecorded, and the pilot film was just a warm-up.

Wen Zhulian boarded the program team's vehicle.

"Who is the family member Zhuzhu wants to invite?"

Wen Zhulian said, "This family member of mine is very special. One of the main themes of Survival Island Paradise is to promote family relationships. I hope that through this show, she can understand our feelings, reconcile with us, and come back home."

"Is this a relative who has run away from home?" The program team preferred this scenario. If the person Wen Zhulian invited wasn't willing, the program team would send someone to persuade the reluctant family member. This way, they could create an obvious dramatic effect once they entered Survival Island Paradise.

Faced with this question, Wen Zhulian fell silent for a moment, her eyes slowly welling up with tears. "Actually, there was an incident that hit me particularly hard recently. I'm actually not my parents' biological daughter, but was carried by mistake."

The audience in the live broadcast room was in an uproar.

【What is Wen Zhulian up to?】

【Wow, Wen Zhulian is flipping the script!】

【I have a feeling Song Juyao is up against a strong opponent. Even though she's a writer, what's the influence of a writer compared to a celebrity?】

【This is getting exciting!】

"I am not my parents' biological daughter. They have found their real daughter, but she was adopted into a family environment that isn't as fortunate as mine. As a result, she holds resentment towards me and is unwilling to come back. I feel deeply sorry and terribly ashamed, as if I've stolen her life..." Wen Zhulian said while holding back tears, but it looked even more heartbreaking.

"Despite the circumstances, I can understand her feelings. No matter what, when she was suffering, I was enjoying the love of her parents and brother. I was the one who benefited. But breaking ties with my family and not seeing them again would be incredibly difficult. I hope that our whole family can go to Survival Island Paradise and mend our relationships, understand each other, and become a family."

Wow, this was a bombshell. The director and cameraman responsible for Wen Zhulian's segment exchanged a look and thought that their team was very stable with this strong story. It might even outshine the other groups!

There was a competitive relationship between the groups as the prize money was at stake. The director immediately decided to cut out this section and put it online as a trailer for the pilot film.

They wasted no time. On the way to find Song Juyao, they had already uploaded this segment online, and as expected, it immediately detonated on the Internet.

A megastar and a real and fake heiress—these two elements combined were incredibly dramatic. Watching Wen Zhulian in the video with red eyes, fans felt extremely distressed.

[Zhuzhu is so pitiful, this incident has hit her so hard, yet she's still thinking about bringing that girl back home.]

[What's this got to do with Zhuzhu? She was just a baby; it's not her fault she was switched.]

[Isn’t that real heiress too aggressive? She actually wants Zhuzhu to sever ties with her adoptive parents? Does she think everyone's heart is as hard as hers?]

[Not to be rude, but I think this "real heiress" probably saw how famous and talented our Zhuzhu is and assumed it was all because she came from a well-off family. She might think if she hadn't been adopted by mistake, she might be a superstar by now.]

[Hilarious! Our Zhuzhu is a genius, okay? This kind of talent can't be nurtured by family; it's innate. I wouldn't be surprised if Zhuzhu's biological parents are pretty remarkable individuals. Otherwise, how could they have produced someone with such great genes as Zhuzhu?]

[To be blunt, I'd trade my own daughter for Wen Zhulian, the fake heiress.]

[I can't wait; let's get to tomorrow already. I want to see how jealous that "real heiress" is.]

People were passionately discussing, and the comments quickly surpassed 200,000. Most of them were either supporting Wen Zhulian or, at the very least, empathizing with her.

Wen Zhulian knew this, which is why she had taken the initiative to expose it. Her popularity and reputation were on her side. People were very forgiving when it came to geniuses, especially one as humble as her. The one who would be pitied wasn't Song Juyao, the true heiress, but the imposter.

But how will Song Juyao feel when she sees these comments? Wen Zhulian didn't believe that her heart would remain unaffected.

The car arrived at the villa where Song Juyao lived.

Wen Zhulian nervously took two deep breaths and rang the doorbell.

The doorbell rang, and the cameraman immediately aimed the camera at the entrance, eager to see how this real heiress would carry herself. If she looked ugly, the internet trolls would have a field day. In hindsight, it would be quite pitiful.

As the door swung open, it unveiled a face that was naturally beautiful without the need for makeup. Bathed in sunlight, her skin radiated a translucent glow. Her eyes sparkled with clarity, her lips were painted with a rosy hue, and her nose was perfectly sculpted. A delicate fragrance wafted through the air, refreshing the senses.

She was stunning, and her beauty was distinctive, yet not intimidating—a memorable sight at first glance.

The cameraman, looking through the lens, was momentarily entranced.

Song Juyao, seeing Wen Zhulian and the camera, froze for a moment.

"Juyao," Wen Zhulian said nervously. "These people are from the Survival Island Paradise program team. Do you know about it? It's a reality show launched by Fanxing Group. I'd like to invite you to join us in Survival Island Paradise. Dad, mom, and my brother will be there too. I believe we can understand each other and strengthen our bond in paradise. Is it…okay?"

Song Juyao's expression was a little subtle: "You didn't tell me in advance that you wanted to invite me to participate in this show."

Wen Zhulian: "I'm sorry. I was afraid you'll refuse, and I'm not good with words so I thought I won't be able to convince you. So, will you join us?"

"It's scorching outside. Come in first," Song Juyao said, turning around and leading them inside.

They followed her, and the director looked around the environment and wondered that Song Juyao could afford to live in this villa. It didn't seem like the environment of a poor adoptive family.

Wen Zhulian pressed on, "Juyao, will you join us in Survival Island Paradise? Dad, mom, they..."

"I mean, you didn't tell me in advance, otherwise I would have told you that I already had an appointment."


"I'm going to Survival Island Paradise with others."

Wen Zhulian immediately inquired, "Could it be that it's Zhou Yefang—" Then, as if realizing she had let something slip, she covered her mouth abruptly. "Juyao, this show is meant for family members…."

"That's my family," Song Juyao replied.

Wen Zhulian became agitated, stomping her foot. "Juyao, you, don't be so naive..."

At this moment, a business car exactly like the one Wen Zhulian and her group were in, stopped nearby.

The director was taken aback when she saw their company's car. She couldn't fathom why one of their company cars would be here.

However, as soon as Evans stepped out of the car, the director's curiosity faded away. She was filled with excitement. Evans' family background had always been shrouded in mystery, but there was a widely known fact—his affectionate relationship with his younger sister. He was known for being rather quiet on shows, but whenever his sister was mentioned, he would fervently talk about her, his eyes and demeanor radiating a profound love and indulgence.

Now, the mysterious sister was finally going to make an appearance! After she posted the part where he said the family member he wanted to invite to the show was his younger sister, it immediately went viral on major social media platforms both domestically and internationally, even overshadowing the tag for the real or fake heiress Wen Zhulian.

"My sister has been working on a manuscript recently, so she might be sleeping." Evans said, opening the door with a key.

At this moment, Wen Zhulian said, "Juyao, if you are hating me, and you still hate me after participating in this program, I swear I'll leave and I'll never see Mom and Dad again, okay?"

Song Juyao furrowed her brow, growing impatient with Wen Zhulian's incessant talking and entanglement. She shook off her hand.

"I will participate with my family. Please leave."

"What kind of family can you have here? Don't—"

At that moment, the door opened.

Everyone inside turned to look, and they saw a tall man standing at the entrance. He had a mixed-race appearance, with jet-black curly hair, deep green eyes, and an air of nobility and aloofness and was very recognizable. He was unmistakable—this was the king of the music industry!

The cameraman inside the room nearly lost his grip on the camera. The director inside was dumbfounded, Wen Zhulian was in shock, Evans! How could he be here?

Evans glanced and faintly swept past these people to step in, his charming voice resounding, "Sister."

The director and cameraman who followed Evans in were confused when they saw the two coworkers and Wen Zhulian here. Huh? Does Wen Zhulian have family members reside here?

When Song Juyao saw Evans, her cold expression instantly warmed, like ice melting in an instant. "Fourth Brother."

Wen Zhulian suddenly turned around, staring at Song Juyao in disbelief.

Evans stood next to Song Juyao, coolly scrutinizing Wen Zhulian. "Who is she?"

【Hahaha, finally, it's here!】

【So satisfying! Wen Zhulian is really infuriating. She keeps talking and talking; it makes you want to give her a good slap.】

【Hahaha, so satisfying!】

【Surprised or not?】

Wen Zhulian was utterly confused. It's not like they hadn't investigated Song Juyao's adoptive family. They were just an ordinary foreign couple, weren't they? The old couple didn't have any other children, that's why they adopted Song Juyao, so what's going on now?

Song Juyao looked at Wen Zhulian and said, "My family takes strict measures to protect me. If someone tries to investigate my background, they will only find false information."

Wen Zhulian's head was buzzing.

Evans was still asking, "Who is she?"

"I'll tell you later."

Compared to Evans, Wen Zhulian couldn't be considered a big celebrity. After all, the entertainment industry in this country was relatively underdeveloped. Wen Zhulian's plagiarism of classics had made her famous in this country but had not gained much recognition internationally. She was an international superstar with a bit of a catch. Evans, on the other hand, was the real deal.

Feeling embarrassed and panicked, Wen Zhulian could only turn and leave, her mind racing about what to do next.

However, her director was thrilled. This was a dramatic turn of events. This twist was amazing, and once his pilot film was posted online the next day, it would surely shock countless viewers. Especially now, with so many people still siding with Wen Zhulian and speculating maliciously about how vicious and jealous this real heiress is.

It’s exciting just thinking about it!


Wen Zhulian immediately asked the company to remove the hot search,  but it was futile.

The news of the real or fake heiress was still brewing online. Wen Zhulian had many close friends in the entertainment industry, at least it seemed that all the people in the entertainment circle were her friends. She was the kind of genius who could effortlessly craft a hit song for anyone, and it would surely be a smash hit. Many people were eager to curry favor with her.

So, when the video appeared, many stars in the entertainment industry spoke out.

Kuang Xin v: Hugs for Zhuzhu. Your excellence is a treasure yourself. Somebody like you didn't need this twist of fate in the first place. It's not your fault.

Liu Xinjie v: The Wen Zhulian I know is a smart, resilient, amiable, and hardworking girl... Short-lived suffering is just a test. Don't listen to the words of jealousy. You are the best.

Wu Feifei V: What real heiress, fake heiress? People's worth is not determined by their birth. Zhuzhu is more real than anything else!



Half of the showbiz stars came to comfort Wen Zhulian.

#Wen Zhulian People's Favorite# started trending again, although it still lagged behind #Evans' Sister#.

The melon eaters enjoyed it all. They first flocked to #Evans' Sister#, screaming excitedly like crazy to finally see their husband and his legendary little sister.

Then they returned to Wen Zhulian's side, where they pointed fingers at the real heiress, whose appearance they knew nothing about. Since Wen Zhulian claimed that her adoptive family had a poor background and the real heiress still harbored so much resentment, it must mean that she wasn't doing well and probably didn't look very good either.

"People with little experience often magnify the flaws of others; it's no wonder they are narrow-minded."

Wen Zhulian's temples throbbed, and she had no goodwill toward those who spoke in her favor. Weren't they just trying to ride her popularity wave? How infuriating! She still hadn't figured out what was going on. Song Juyao turned out to be Evans' sister, and the information they found was fake. She had been adopted by such a powerful family? How did Jiang Mi do her job?

As he observed the online comments, Wen Yingting felt slightly uncomfortable. These netizens had no idea what they were talking about, even going so far as to recount Song Juyao's life story as if they knew her inside out. It was as if they were worms in her stomach, making bold claims.

But then, Wen Yingting thought, Song Juyao had brought this upon herself. Wen Zhulian had gone to see her so many times, if she hadn't been so stubborn, Wen Zhulian wouldn't have had to resort to this method to force her to face the truth.

"Son, come help us see if the things we've brought are enough," Li Xin's voice came from outside.

Wen Yingting put Song Juyao out of his mind, stood up, and walked out. He saw two large suitcases and said, "Mom and Dad, based on my experience, only about a third of what you've brought can be brought onto the island."


"Survival Island Paradise is a paradise, but don't forget the 'survival' part in front. Just bring some lightweight warm clothing and compressed instant food." Wen Yingting said.

The couple had never participated in a variety show before. They had agreed to come because of their love for Wen Zhulian. When they heard that the other guests were also going to take their families, they agreed with the idea of the whole family traveling to the island together, and they were very excited.

Now, they also had the opportunity to teach Song Juyao some life lessons on the island. If she could integrate into this family during the trip, they could live together in the future. If not, they would have fulfilled their responsibilities as parents, and the path she chose thereafter would be her own. It was none of their business.


Evans usually didn't go online, and Song Juyao was afraid he would see the comments. So she confiscated his phone, watched him take his medicine, and go to bed.

When she saw the online comments, she shook her head. She was as calm as if she was watching a farce that had nothing to do with her, and quickly plunged back into her writing work.

Approaching the early hours of the morning, her publishing house's boss phoned her from the country where it was already noon.

"Dear, we had an agreement before that you could hold book signings when you become an adult!" The publishing house owner had always believed that Song Juyao not hosting book signing events was a tremendous loss. Now, their tone of speaking seemed as if Song Juyao's book signing event could sell an additional million copies.

Song Juyao was helpless: "In case not many people come, I will......"

Before she could finish, the boss exclaimed dramatically, "How can you underestimate yourself so much? My goodness, I can't forgive you for belittling yourself like this! You are our treasure, bringing impact and hope to our fantasy world! Don't forget how high the box office for the movie adapted from your novel was, with film and television companies worldwide competing for your rights! Even Fānxīng Group bid a fortune for your rights! I heard that the Survival Island Paradise was inspired by some of the fantasy and designs from your book..."

"Please don't praise me so much." Hearing this, Song Juyao lowered her eyes and smiled. In the soft light, she looked delicate, and her smile was shy and sweet, like an oil painting.

No one saw the meaningful smile in her eyes.

The audience in the live broadcast room solely focused on how awesome Song Juyao was and curious about what books she had written.


The next day.

After a long wait, the netizens in the virtual world finally got to see the pilot film released by the Survival Island Paradise production team.

With a total of seven invited guests and their families, the three-hour episode highlighted that nearly half of the invited guests had some sort of family issues. The program was masterfully edited, building anticipation for how their relationships would evolve on Survival Island Paradise.

However, what drew the most attention was, of course, Evans and his sister, Wen Zhulian, and the "real heiress."

Many temporarily forgot about the other guests, concentrating solely on these two groups, resulting in the highest barrage of comments in these two segments.

[Isn't that "real heiress" supposed to have a poor family background? Why is she living in this upscale villa area? This place is prime real estate!]

[Zhuzhu’s family must have given money, that's why she can afford to live here.]

[Is this a revenge spending spree? It's really beyond words.]

[She's here! Let me see this legendary "real heiress"... Damn! She's stunning, right?!]

[...Honestly, the "real heiress" is much more prettier than Wen Zhulian.]

[Wait a minute, she looks kind of familiar... Isn't she the girl rumored to be Zhou Yefang's new girlfriend two days ago?]

[Zhou Yefang clarified that she's his younger sister.] (Meimei - younger sister)

[Must be the sister of love, right? Otherwise, how could he say that paparazzi are trying to harm him? Her adoptive parents' family background isn't great.]

Just as they finished typing, Evans suddenly appeared with the word "sister," which caused the melon-eaters to drop their snacks and keyboards in shock.

[What the heck!!! Has the world gone mad??]

[??? What happened to... Wen Zhulian, who claimed that The "real heiress" had a tough life due to her adoptive family's poor conditions, leading to jealousy and anger?]

Those who were slapped in the face weren't just the netizens; even the people in the entertainment industry who supported Wen Zhulian received a barrage of furious phone calls from their respective managers. When they saw it, their faces turned pale, and one by one, they hurriedly deleted their previous statements in support of Wen Zhulian.

It was incredibly embarrassing. They had criticized Song Juyao as a person who can't be on the stage and narrow-minded, insinuating that she had a shallow perspective. But it turned out that she was Evans' legendary sister!

However, they deleted their posts too slowly, and the netizens were faster at taking screenshots, and the tide quickly turned to their mockery.

[This wave of slapping the face is painful enough.]

[Damn, what a plot twist! Even TV dramas wouldn't dare to script this!]

[The fact is that Wen Zhulian is the beneficiary here. She owed the "real heiress" in the first place. She made it sound like she was so wronged and even pushed the "real heiress" out in front of everyone. Wasn’t it just to let people bully her online?]

[Laughing to death! You think she is a piece of grass and no one loves her, but it turns out she's the beloved little sister of the superstar.]

[No wonder Zhou Yefang said the paparazzi wanted him to die, rumor of a romantic scandal with the sister of a sister-con brother, he must be afraid of getting beaten up by the brother.]

[Who? Who said bad things about my little sister?!]

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