Kneel to Me Chapters List

Chapter 73: Third Arc [1]

Liang Qiao is a standout among the new generation of directors. Starting from his debut film, every movie he has made has been well-received, whether it's family-oriented, ethical, or even sci-fi and mystery. Each one was exceptionally brilliant, earning him the title of a genius director, amassing a large fan base.

At the same time, the celebrity judge of this episode, actress Bei Jiayuan, was a rare highly educated celebrity in the entertainment industry. She didn't come from an art school, but rather from one of the top ten prestigious universities in the empire, exuding an aura of wisdom. The male celebrity judge, Zeng Can, was not only a talented actor who could sing and dance, but also a painter who had held exhibitions, showcasing his versatility.

Both of them were A-listers with a large number of diehard fans with a high purchasing power. Some of the people who voted or were going to vote for Song Juyao were even fans of these two. And they were also well-liked by the passersby.

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