The following day, a day they were given off before military training.

None of the cats within the dormitory were awake as they still slept even when the sun was up. The day before, they had moved their things and eaten hot pot.

Qi Xiaohan lay on her bed and felt her phone vibrating underneath her paw. Her hind paws scratched her ears then groped around for her phone. It was pushed aside and she continued to sleep.

After a while, the phone vibrated again. The little white cat’s paws firmly pressed on the phone and fumbled with it for a while. She opened her eyes with a meow.

On WeChat, Zhou Mingyu sent:

- Catalpa wood puppet: “Is Xiaohan awake? Wake up, wake up!”

- Catalpa wood puppet: “Are you not going to go out to play today? I made plans to have fun with a couple of classmates. I’ll take you with us!”

- Catalpa wood puppet: “Military training’s tomorrow and the school’s freshmen have a right to go out and have fun.”

- Catalpa wood puppet: “Hey, I just saw someone selling cat scratching boards at the second-hand market, they’re quite cheap. Do you want to buy them?”

The last one finally woke up the little cat.

The little white cat slept messily. She looked at her phone grumpily and then clicked on the link Zhou Mingyu had sent her.

After clicking on the link, second-hand cat scratching boards were shown, posted by a third-year student.

Qi Xiaohan took a look at one. The scratching board was priced at two hundred yuan. The kitten immediately leaned down and flipped over.

Two hundred yuan was considered a cheap scratching board? The cat scratching board she used at home was merely more than forty yuan!

Forty yuan scratching boards were already very useful.

Qi Xiaohan swiped down and saw the photo posted by the third-year student. It was a very large scratching board with a luxurious cat climbing frame.

Zhou Mingyu was still sending her messages: “How is it? Have you seen it? I think it’s a bargain. If the original price was that high then isn’t it still expensive?”

It was quite good indeed. Qi Xiaohan’s cat paws propped up her body and lowered her head as she carefully scrutinized the scratching board. The kitten’s entire face was serious, and the more she looked at it, the more satisfied she was.


 It was just a bit expensive.

She, a little cat, was to buy such a large cat scratching board. Wasn’t that a bit extravagant?

Qi Xiaohan expressed that she originally planned to buy one for 20 to 30 yuan. When school starts, she mustn’t spend too much money.

The little cat used her paw to hesitantly click on the link and get in touch with the third-year student on it.

“Hello, brother, I want to ask if this cat scratcher can be cheaper?”

The other party replied almost immediately: “This is already very cheap, junior sister! Come and look, see it with your own eyes. My cat scratching board is as big as a bed, isn’t it worth its price? That cat tree climbing frame was my roommate’s, consider it a freebie. How about it, do you want it?”

After speaking, he posted another video.

The scratching board within the video was indeed really big, and she didn’t know if it was an illusion but it was larger than the one in the picture. She felt that the senior brother’s dormitory seemed to be much larger than theirs.

“Junior sister, it really can’t be cheaper. How about this, what’s junior sister’s field? Senior brother will give you a set of textbooks! Those are all senior brother’s property!”

The little white cat lifted her paws and quickly typed on the phone: “Thank you, senior brother. I’m actually a small-sized cat. This cat scratching board is too big.”

“Everyone in your dormitory can use it together. You won’t lose or be deceived if you buy here. You can visit here to try it and decide if you want to use it. Free trial!

“You’re from the Cat Clan, right? I can see that you’re a junior sister from the Cat Clan. I’ll give you another discount of 10 yuan, I can’t make it cheaper than that. If I give you another discount, senior brother won’t have any money to recharge the meal card this week! Bursting into tears.jpg”

On the contrary, Qi Xiaohan was a little embarrassed regarding this bonus. The little cat gazed at her phone with a grave expression.

Not good, I got trapped.

 “Junior sister, do you want to try? It’s okay to try it. What’s your major? I’ll look for books for you. By the way, what do you lack in your dormitory? Do you want cat grass? I have a sack of cat grass seeds.”

How difficult was this senior brother?

Qi Xiaohan: “No cat grasses, just…the scratching board. I’m a Spiritual Control major in the Fire Spirit Academy.”

Junior brother: “That’s great.”

Qi Xiaohan intended to try it first and if it was suitable, she would buy it and use it with her roommates. Anyway, their dormitory had four cats, it was reasonable to use a scratching board and a cat climbing frame.

The little white cat raised her head and looked around her. Seeing that everyone was awake and playing with their phones on the bed, she meowed and mentioned the situation.

“There’s a senior brother who’s selling a cat scratching board with a cat climbing frame. It’s estimated to be quite large. The whole dormitory can use it together. Can we put it in the dorm room then?”


“How big is the scratching board? How much is it? Let’s pay for it together.”

Lu Ling was enthusiastic. She straightened up her body first then, with the use of her paws, jumped directly from her bed onto Qi Xiaohan’s. She looked at Qi Xiaohan’s phone and said, “Let me see how large it is.”

After watching the video, Lu Ling was silent for a while. Both her feline eyes widened in disbelief as she yelled angrily: “Why...why is it that the boys’ dormitory is a two-person room!”

“And it’s spacious!!”

Also jumping onto Qi Xiaohan’s bed was Little Snow Leopard with her tail slapping against the bed railing and her hackles raised up. She looked at their little dormitory then looked at the other person’s dormitory and living room and instantly felt the inequality.

The golden cat Xiao Mengmeng was a big gentle cat. She too jumped from the other side of the bed to Qi Xiaohan’s side. When she saw the video on the phone, the cat was silent. She lay next to Qi Xiaohan and sighed faintly.


The little white cat’s ears constantly twitched. She said a bit helplessly: “So are we buying or not?”


“I’ll transfer the money back to you when it arrives.”

“Just buy it. By the way, ask if he still has Dan Department textbooks, then I won’t need to buy them.”

Seeing that her roommates were all in favor of buying, the little white cat replied through the phone: “Senior brother, my roommates and I will go over to pick it up. Also, my roommate is asking if you have any Dan Department textbooks?”

Junior brother: “I do! Whatever you need, I have it!”

Anyway, they didn’t need freshman books anymore so he just went to ask the dormitory rooms and was given some.

In the dormitory bathroom, Lang Chen changed the dressings and threw aside the blood-stained bandage.

The bathroom was filled with steam. A tall and well-proportioned body, full of power, loomed in front of the mirror. The hideous wound on his back looked particularly terrifying.

Lang Chen picked up the medicine prescribed by the school hospital and poured it onto his back.

The moment the powder touched the wound, the pain made Lang Chen’s vision go black. He took a big breath and gritted his teeth for a while before gradually relaxing.

Although the medicine given by the school hospital was strong, it was quite effective. The wound would heal within a few days.

After reapplying the medicine, Lang Chen silently tied the new gauze and placed his clothes back on.

Outside the bathroom door, Duo-en was busy with something. He constantly created noise then after a while, knocked on the door.

“Lang Chen, do you still need your freshman textbooks? A junior sister wanted to buy our dorm room’s scratching board. I’m going to give her the books by the way but if you want, I’ll go to another dormitory to ask too.”

“…In the box under my bed.” The voice that came from the bathroom was slightly hoarse.

“Hey, are you okay? Do you want me to help you?”

Lang Chen changed his clothes, opened the door, and said quietly, “No.”

Duo-en nodded, took out Lang Chen’s box from under the bed, found the Spiritual Control Department of Fire Spirit Academy freshmen textbook inside, and placed it above the scratching board at the side.

Lang Chen had passed his freshman courses with high marks, and those books had always stayed in there.

All of the competitions and exams of this tiger were graded A and he was ranked first at everything. Duo-en and his roommates had been in the same dormitory for so many years and deeply suspected that Lang Chen was a top-tier cancer.

(T/N: In Chinese Astrology water represents intelligence. Cancer is a water sign which is a cardinal water sign. So Duo-en is suspecting he’s a cancer in terms of Zodiac signs because he’s smart. Cancers are known to be one of the most intelligent Zodiac signs. (Source:

Lang Chen glanced at the huge scratching board.

The cat scratching board still had leftover claw marks from when he and Duo-en were freshmen.

Duo-en went to pack up everything and drag them out. When he walked out the door, he looked back at Lang Chen and said, “I won’t be back later. I’m going to set up a stall at the second-hand market. Lu Sha went out to have fun today, let me see if I’d encounter her. If you’re going out, you don’t have to leave the door unlocked for me.”

Lang Chen leaned against the bed and closed his eyes. His face was pale and he looked a little tired: “I know. I have a meeting later and I’ll be taking on a new military training tomorrow.”

Lang Chen kneaded his forehead and happened to see four big and small felines at the bottom floor of the dormitory through the window. One of them was a snow-white kitten.

A small and adorable fluffy kitten was buried in between the other three bigger cats.

If they would really buy the huge scratching board from Duo-en, the little white cat would probably occupy the smallest nook.

A faint smile appeared in Lang Chen’s eyes. He immediately raised his gaze to the big lion moving the items.

“Give them the fire spirit stones that I didn’t use.”

That kitten grew so little because of her insufficient aura from her childhood. Otherwise, she would’ve grown into an adult cat after more than ten years.

She was so dainty that at first glance, she looked easy to bully.

Duo-en grinned: “Yes, let’s just treat it as nourishment for the freshman. We don’t need it anyway.”

After speaking, he rummaged for those fire spirit stones.

There was a clamor outside the dormitory. Some juniors and seniors were transferring things out, ready to earn money from the second-hand market when freshmen would enter the school. Some even gave them directly to the freshmen. After all, the dormitory was big and some unused items took up too much space. It would be a pity to throw them out so it would be better to give them to the other younger students.

For instance, Duo-en intended to go out and set up a stall when it became sunny.

On the dormitory’s ground floor, four big and small cats were sitting, chatting, and waiting. After a while, a man with blond hair came down from upstairs.

The man was sturdy, and he was dragging a cart with goods in it. It had a huge cat scratching board, various books, and a rather spectacular cat climbing frame.

“It’s senior brother Duo-en!” Xiao Mengmeng, the golden cat, shouted happily, stood up, and looked in the direction of their senior brother.

Unexpectedly, it was Duo-en who had sold the scratching board to them at the second-hand market.

Duo-en dragged the cart to the four big and small cats. He smiled heartily: “You must have waited a long time. Look at this scratching board, it’s completely genuine!”

After that, he unloaded the cat scratcher and let his four juniors try it out.

The little white cat raised her paw and gave a try at scratching it.


The kitten’s eyes lit up then her two paws went up together, scratching and grabbing.

The other three roommates’ eyes met and they also leaned forward to try.

The big lion smiled: “I told you it was easy to use. I bought it when my roommate and I were freshmen. Its quality is quite good! The cat climbing frame isn’t bad at all, you see.”

Dormitory 412’s cats looked at the magnificent cat climbing frame. They were silent for a moment as they stared up.

“I’m afraid that the ceiling’s not high enough, right?”

“It should be enough, but it occupies too much space. Do we have another area to put it in?”

“It should be alright on the balcony…”

Little white cat: “Senior brother, why did your dormitory buy a cat climbing frame?”

Also, wasn’t Lang Chen senior brother Duo-en’s roommate? Honestly speaking, senior brother Lang Chen didn’t seem like a tiger that owned a cat climbing frame. Besides, a cat climbing frame couldn’t hold a tiger’s weight!

Dou-en smiled and said, “My roommate’s father insisted on sending it. He said that he had used it ever since he was a child and that it would feel like home.”

At that time when Lang Chen’s father asked him to bring the cat climbing frame, Lang Chen’s face was almost as black as the bottom of the pot. For a week, his face was icy in its anger and Duo-en wanted to laugh once he remembered it.

It wasn’t until his junior year that Lang Chen couldn’t tolerate the cat climbing frame anymore, so he took the opportunity to send it away.

In his opinion, this cat climbing frame was indeed out of place in their dormitory.

Particularly the others who would hold back their laughter when they would visit their dormitory and see the cat climbing frame. As a lion, it was a rare embarrassment.

“Anyways, I’m giving this to you, and these fire spirit stones will also be given to you. Remember to practice hard and study hard.”

Duo-en rubbed the heads of his younger sisters, helped them transport the items to their dormitory, then dragged the other scraps in the cart to the second-hand market.

Qi Xiaohan transferred money to Duo-en through the school’s second-hand market network then looked at the numerous objects within the dormitory. The four cats sighed in unison.

“It’s too big…”

Xiao Mengmeng sighed.

“By the way, Xiaohan, I transferred the money to you.” Snow Leopard set the scratching board down and said to Qi Xiaohan.

“I transferred mine too.”

“Transferred it.”

Qi Xiaohan shook her cat tail to indicate that she had received it. Then, the four cats began to stare at the cat climbing frame and the cat scratching board.

“Or put it on the balcony. The cat climbing frame would be in the corner, and the scratching board would be placed on the ground. We can lie on it and bask in the sun on weekdays.” Little Snow Leopard suggested.

Golden cat: “Mingming, you think too much. When it’s this angle, we can’t get the sun when lying on the ground.”

Little lynx: “Oh, I want to take a picture and post it on Moments. This is the first time I’ve had such a big scratching board and cat climbing frame!”

With that, the lynx energetically jumped onto the scratching board. The little snow leopard helplessly held her phone and took a photo of the lynx.

“Wow!” The little lynx lay on the scratching board, took great effort to strike a pose, and adopted an aggressive stance.

The little white cat also jumped on it and stood with two front paws spread out in a classic anime pose. The golden cat closely followed and the three cats squeezed together. Little Snow Leopard thought about it, simply adjusted the phone to automatically shoot, and gave a cry from above her roommates.


The four cats purred happily.


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