After shopping at the second-hand market, the little white cat went to the courier point to send the bracelet to Qi Ning.

It was the beginning of the school year, and there were a lot of people at the courier point so the little white cat also queued for a while.

Xunhai Union University was a separate world closed by a boundary, but both the network and the logistics could be connected to the outside. The world had been separated to protect the safety of the students who hadn’t yet grown up, as well as to ensure the concealment of the military base.

When the courier would arrive at the school, the courier who lived near the school would take it to the internal courier point.

There wasn’t much national infrastructure around the school, but the people living here were not like the ordinary people outside.

Qi Xiaohan came back with a lot of things she had bought from the seniors including some that had been gifted to her. Her entire self was happy.

The little snow leopard also brought a lot of things back with her head topped with a lovely woolen hat. For a big cat like the little snow leopard, a hat wasn’t of much use but she still posed in front of the mirror and took several pictures.

Qi Xiaohan sat on the soft cushion, cat paws beginning to rummage through the things they had bought in the second-hand market.

She also found the books that senior brother Duo-en had given her before, together with the other things she had bought.

The textbooks were all neatly packed, and although they were somewhat old, they could still be used. Some notes had also come with them.

The little white cat flipped open the book, and on the first page, the words Lang Chen had been written sharply.

Surprisingly, it was senior brother Lang Chen’s textbook.

The little white cat turned over and sat up. Her whole body sat upright, and her paw continued to flip the pages. Lang Chen’s handwriting was very good-looking, like his personality, and as such was pleasing to the eye.

Compared to the words written by Qi Xiaohan, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Qi Xiaohan was a kitty cat who couldn’t write.

She knew Chinese characters. After all, she had lived with Qi Ning for more than ten years, watched TV, took the bus together, and sometimes even secretly gone to school to find Qi Ning. As long as it wasn’t an uncommon character, Qi Xiaohan would be absolutely fine.

But she had never written a single word before.

The little white cat cocked her head, changed direction to look at the textbook, and meowed.

A few days before the start of the school year, the little white cat had been caught by Qi Ning. The results of that period of intensive training weren’t bad.

At least she was able to write out their names squarely.

The little white cat meowed, looking at the textbook that had a stern and upright writing font, which was quite pleasing to look at. The little white cat lifted her paws and started to imitate the writing using her spiritual powers.

“Meow ……”

The little snow leopard saw the little white cat practicing writing at the side. She came over curiously, and when she saw the words written by the little white cat, she became silent for a moment before speaking.

“Xiaohan, I think you need to try tracing red first?”

(T/N: To easily learn how to write Chinese characters, miaohong 描红 is used. It is tracing characters using black ink over characters printed in red. It is the basic and taught in primary schools.)

After saying that, the little snow leopard found a very thin piece of white paper for Qi Xiaohan and put it on Lang Chen’s notes so that Qi Xiaohan could trace over them.

When the golden cat and the little bobcat heard the commotion, they both leaned over to watched Qi Xiaohan write. After a while, the little bobcat couldn’t help but call out.

“Xiaohan, your handwriting is too ugly!”

What the little bobcat had said was clearly not an exaggeration at all. Qi Xiaohan wrote the letters flamboyantly and ostentatiously. The characters were crooked big and small and each stroke had been written in unexpected places, simply at will.

The little white cat used spiritual power to confidently control the pen with her cat ears pointing upwards. Each stroke had been very seriously practiced.

The three big cats didn’t know how to interrupt her.

Qi Xiaohan heard the little bobcat’s words. She stopped her paws from writing and once again examined the words she wrote. She then looked at Lang Chen’s writing.

“Well ……”

The kitty cat’s ears gradually flattened back.

Just, very realistic.

The little snow leopard couldn’t help but sigh. “Xiaohan, I have a copybook, do you want it?”

The kind that corrects the strokes of small children.

Xiaohan: “…… Thanks.”

The little white cat, whose confidence had been shattered by reality, took the copybook.


After practicing all afternoon, Qi Xiaohan climbed onto her bed, licked her fur, stretched her front and hind paws, and then took out her cell phone and called Qi Ning: “Meow!”

“Meow!” The little kitten cat meowed loudly with glee.

Qi Ning’s happy voice came from the other end of the phone. “Xiaohan! Why are you calling me at this time, didn’t you say you were going to have military training?”

Qi Xiaohan: “Military training is tomorrow, I went out today to buy some things.”

Qi Ning: “By the way, what is the address of your school? You should be able to receive express delivery. Wait until the food is finished, then I will send some over, didn’t you say the food in the canteen wasn’t good?”

The little white cat turned over, phone on the bed: “The food isn’t bad, but not as good as the food at home. Ningning, I bought a bracelet for you. It’s especially nice and I‘ve sent it to you. I think it’ll arrive soon.”

A bracelet?

Qi Ning hurriedly said, “No need to buy me something, save the money to buy food for yourself, alright?”

Hearing this, the little white cat suddenly rolled over and her cat ears stood up, divinely saying to the phone: “I did not use the family money, I’m going to do five days of work for a senior so he gave me the bracelet!”

Qi Ning listened to the prideful tone of her kitten which begged for praise. Her face unconsciously brought forth a smile. “Xiaohan is really great.”

This was the first time the little white cat had relied on work to get something!

She kind of wanted to rub the little white cat’s fur.

“By the way, turn on your camera. I want to see what your dormitory looks like.”

Qi Xiaohan listened and clicked to open her camera. An entire cat face appeared on the screen, her eyes round.


Qi Ning only felt that the cat’s face was so big in front of the camera that she couldn’t help but back away from her phone. She said to Qi Xiaohan: “Xiaohan, move back a little, your face is filling up the entire screen.”

The little white cat obediently moved back, meowed, and raised its paw aggrievedly to show to the human on the screen.

“Ningning, I practiced writing characters all afternoon today and now my paws are tired.”

Qi Ning was looking at the little cat’s dormitory. Hearing that the kitten had actually practiced writing, she had a moment of joy.

“What? You practiced words, ah, quick quick quick let me look!”

At home she had pressed the cat’s head to let the cat write but the little cat still refused to write. She did not expect that after going to school she would practice writing. It was worthy of the school, the learning atmosphere was definitely different.

The little cat grunted twice. Her tail waved, refusing to take out the ugly words she had written.

After all, her human was a particularly straightforward person and wouldn’t consider the little white cat’s self-esteem at all.

She would definitely laugh at her.

The little white cat stomped her paws while thinking this.

Qi Ning could also imagine the ugliness of the characters Qi Xiaohan would’ve written, as she looked at the little white cat’s expression as she refused to take out what she had practiced, definitely not good.

Qi Ning: “Then you practice well, your admissions teacher said you have formal midterms and final exams every year. If you fail more than four then you must repeat again. Remember to study well, ah, Xiaohan.”

Little Maomao: “…… Understood.”

(T/N: I will just use Maomao here because it’s just too cute, meaning affectionately calling Xiaohan a pet name as a cat. Mao = cat, Maomao.)

The little white cat raised her paws gloomily while hanging up the phone and didn’t want to talk again.

The other three big cats in the dorm were still gossiping about something when Qi Xiaohan hung up the phone, jumped off the bed, and ran to them.

Seeing Qi Xiaohan coming down, the little snow leopard looked at her and asked curiously, “Hey, Xiaohan, did you know that there’s a cat from the Mind Control Department in your institution? I saw him in the group before, when we were reporting as freshmen. He pulled his luggage around the school six times, but still couldn’t find his way.”

“Wow, isn’t that quite powerful? That day, the school situation was so serious, the senior brothers and sisters didn’t allow us to move around. But he wandered around the school six times?”

“I heard that most of the Mind Control Department talents are highly gifted. But that isn’t the point. The point was, that cat had always been hanging around in front of the Bird Clan’s dormitory. You know that our clan and the Bird Clan’s relationship isn’t very good, and seem to have been fighting for a very long time. That cat had been walking around in front of someone else’s door so a sophomore sparrow thought that the cat was trying to provoke him and fought with the cat.”

“Just fight, then? The head student of the Bird dormitory is too hot-tempered, right?”

“No, no, but when asked what he was doing, the cat glanced at him and walked past the Bird dormitory again. He asked him again what was wrong but the cat looked at him again without speaking. He went back and forth five times in front the Bird dormitory and didn’t say anything. So the sparrow senior became really suspicious of him, and came up and held the cat. His attitude might not have been good when he had asked, then the two started fighting.”

“This I also know, there was a wood spirit courtyard brother passing by, saw and went up to the fight. The most important thing is that Ah Tan won the fight, you know! That cat was super fierce and pressed back the sparrow to beat him into pulp. The two were taken away on the spot by the college patrol enforcement team.”

“If it wasn’t for being taken away, Ah Tan wouldn’t have been found so quickly. Speaking of which, this Ah Tan character is also quite strange. If he’s lost and cannot find his way he should ask people for direction, ah.”

“At that time, senior brother Lang Chen went directly to the law enforcement team and took Ah Tan away, otherwise we wouldn’t have known how long the fight would have gone on.”

The little white cat listened on the sidelines and couldn’t help but twitch her ears, thinking of the Siamese cat she had met at the second-hand market earlier.

She thought that Ah Tan had already been polite when he had come over earlier and petted her head to say hello. She didn’t expect him to be so powerful.

What a tough cat.


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