My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 34: Chapter 27.1

After the day’s training, the students walked out of the training hall exhausted.

Other students in the same training building also came out of their respective training halls one after another, each little face looked tired and haggard, seemingly very pitiful.

Little Maomao dragged her furry tail out of the training hall and saw several temporary promotion booths set up in front of the training hall afterward. Seeing the new students come out, the seniors greeted them with smiles and handed them flyers. “Junior sister, join our anime club.”

“Senior sister, animation club?”

“Do you want to join our drama club?”

“Do you want to join the computer technology club, you can earn credits!”

The seniors stationed there gave their club flyers to these new students, and when a couple of students would arrive around them, they would start to introduce their club.

Qi Xiaohan took a look at the anime club’s flyer placed within her paws and meowed. She didn’t even have the strength to lift her paws, so she used her spiritual power to lift the flyer and take a look.

The flyer’s design was quite beautiful, however, Qi Xiaohan hadn’t yet transformed. It was a pity that she couldn’t use her human form to act in the drama.

Thinking about this, the little cat looked at the computer technology club to the side again. With the mentality of learning a craft, the little cat opened her paws and went to receive a flyer.

The senior there in charge of promoting said with a smile: “Enroll in our club. Our club will also conduct training courses every week to ensure the learning of god-level technology. Does junior sister want to sign up?”

Qi Xiaohan thought about it and filled in her name.

She thought it was almost over. She didn’t expect that just as she walked out of the training hall, she would see a lot more clubs promoting themselves. She hadn’t even started at the official recruitment of the clubs and didn’t expect that these clubs would already begin to exert their strength.

Qi Xiaohan received a lot of leaflets along the way and intended to go back and look at them one by one.

There were credits for participating in clubs, and many students were already deciding what clubs to attend right now.

When the little cat returned to the dormitory, her other roommates had also taken a lot of flyers back and they laid them on the table to study each one.

The four big and small cats placed their own flyers together with the others and started to think about which club to go to.

“Why don’t we ask our senior brothers and sisters?”

The little snow leopard suggested.

412’s other cats pondered about it and thought that it was feasible. They then started sending messages to their brothers and sisters.

Yan Chong was the first to reply to the little cat: “To a club? It’s still early, that was just a warm-up. If you really want to attend one, why don’t you come to our student union, our department will also start recruiting later hehehe.”

With that, Yan Chong sent a registration form from their department.

It looks like that was also a part of the club warm-up.

Maomao opened the registration form and took a look. The student union and other clubs were different in nature, and the requirements were quite strict, so it wouldn’t be easy to get in.

And there were more credits than other clubs. There was a duty fee for duty, so it could be said that it was one of the many clubs with a high cost performance.

The benefits were comparable to the difficulty of entering the club, and there were many students who wanted to get in, so the competition was quite fierce.

Maomao was watching as sister Lu Sha also sent a message.

- The scum lion died away: “Right now, the clubs are only there to give you an impression of them. Recruitment of new club members will be after the military training. At that time, large-scale recruitment will happen. The most important thing will be the score of your minor, if the score of your minor isn’t enough then it’ll be a problem. Your military training time won’t be short, so seize this time to consider.”

Qi Xiaohan saw this article and meowed. Her cat paws moved a little and lay on the table.

Originally, a major was already very difficult. The school would also be forced to choose another major, which was simply difficult.

- The scum lion died away: “If you do not want to choose a minor, you can still sign up to enter the military, but the conditions to enter the military are too harsh and also require a very high degree of talent and comprehension. I think it would be better to choose a reliable minor.”

- The scum lion died away: “By the way, Lang Chen is in the military department. If you have any questions, you can ask him.”

- The scum lion died away: “Also, Xiaohan, if you want to come to the student council, come to sister to sign up. I’m the secretariat.”

The little cat looked at the message sent by sister Lu Sha. Thinking of the uniformed instructor she had seen earlier, her ears twitched.


She just sent a message to Lang Chen, and it took a while for him to reply.

- Lang Chen: “I didn’t join a club, I don’t know which one is better. My roommate went to the machine building club, and it seems to be quite good.”

Machine building club?

What’s that?

The little cat cocked her head.

Not long after, Lang Chen sent over a photo of a rather large flying machine that was very finely made.

- Lang Chen: “This was their recent work.”

Qi Xiaohan: ……

Not so good, she thought.

The little cat looked at the photo of the huge flying machine and scrutinized it carefully as her feline paws stepped on the table. Her dorm mates next to her saw the little cat studying it, and also looked in her direction.

“Wow, that is so cool.”

The little snow leopard stared at the flying machine, eyes shining brightly.

Maomao: “This is the work of the machine building club, it seems to be very powerful.”

The little snow leopard nodded repeatedly, stared for a while, and let the little cat get the contact information of this club.

After the little snow leopard went away, the little cat looked at her phone. Lang Chen had sent another message at this time.

- Lang Chen: “You have an opening exam this Saturday, have you prepared?”

Qi Xiaohan: ????


Lang Chen stopped his battle mode, leaned against the equipment, and sent a message to the little cat.

- Lang Chen: “You didn’t know?”

The little cat sent a cartoon cat face full of question marks.

Lang Chen gazed at the phone, laughed out loud, and replied using one hand.

- Lang Chen: “Maybe your assistant director hasn’t informed you yet and will probably let you know soon. On Saturday morning, the test will be held and spiritual root talent will be measured in the afternoon.”

This time, the little cat was completely shocked.

She froze on the table, her paws moved slightly, thinking that all she’d done all this time was to practice her writing words and hadn’t learned any cultural lessons. She felt her whole being grow cold.

She hadn’t even gone through the entrance examination to enter the university ……

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “Brother, is the exam difficult?”

The little cat asked tentatively.

- Lang Chen: “It’s not hard, it’s about the same level as the entrance exam.”

The little cat took a breath at once and meowed out.

She still remembered that when she had just started school, her classmates on the plane had been talking about the difficulty of the entrance exam, and from the extent of each person’s complaints, she didn’t feel that the difficulty of the exam would be such an understatement like what Shifu had said.

(T/N: Shifu = master. I will just leave it as it is because it was cute to read heehee)

Was the difficulty in the eyes of the senior brother not quite the same as the ordinary students’?

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “……”

When Lang Chen saw the little cat’s reaction, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

- Lang Chen: “Forgot all the knowledge?”

- Xiaohan is a white cat: “Not really…… I’m a special student, I didn’t go through the examination.”

Lang Chen thought about it and vaguely remembered that this year, Lu Sha had said that the school had found several special students. He had been training at that time, so he hadn’t kept it in mind. He hadn’t expected that this little cat would’ve also been one of them.

The little cat sent over a few more large-sized crying emojis, seemingly really sad.

- Lang Chen: “If you forgot, go through your notes more or look for a review video.”

Lang Chen thought that it should be okay to go over it a little during this period.

Maomao thought about it, sighed, and replied with an okay. Then she resignedly started to look for study materials.

Maomao conveniently told the roommates who were still excited to choose a club about this news.

Roommates: !

All at once, the whole dormitory went crazy.


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