My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 43: Chapter 29.2

“This year’s class of students is not bad. There’s a student who triggered the Bronze Bell even better than the one before, a natural fire spirit body.”

Beside him, the Golden Spirit Academy’s dean glanced at him, and couldn’t bear to see that smug look on his face so he reached out and brought it over to himself.

It was just that this Fire Spirit Academy student had struck the bronze bell a few more times than the students from his academy.

The picture of the student on the report was a snow-white little cat. The little cat looked at the camera with bright eyes and a flame-like pattern on the top of its head, which was indeed a good spiritual body qualification.

Only that this student’s spiritual power state was really poor, even the ice spiritual root student who had previously caused a commotion couldn’t compare.

The dean of the Golden Spirit Academy: “Her natural fire body is good, but isn’t there something wrong with her spiritual power? If her talents were that good, then why is her spiritual power so weak? This child is a bit too lazy.”

The dean of Fire Spirit Academy: “You mustn’t say that. This little cat was one of the students admitted this year because she is unordinary. It was because the teacher visiting outside found this little cat, and at the same time, she grew up in a place with insufficient spiritual energy. That was why, even after all these years, she still looks like a little cat because of her lack of spiritual energy.”

The more the dean of the Fire Spirit Academy looked at that report, the more satisfied he became: “There are plenty of schools with things such as auras, they could always make that up, but talent is hard to find. The last person who was able to ignite the entire spirit measuring pillar with a fire spirit alone was still Lang Chen, right? How many people could come out of the entire school with such good qualifications?”

The young tiger who had stood in front of the spirit measuring pillar had raised his paws, then his fire spirit had hovered up. The spirit measuring pillar had barely been able to bear it. The entirety of the central tower had been lit up like day, his Tiger Flowing Heart Fire burning, and that time, the bronze bell had rung nine times.

Those nine bronze bell rings, no one had been able to do it before he had, nor after.

The dean of the Golden Spirit Academy rolled his eyes internally. After the Fire Spirit Academy had produced Lang Chen, the old unicorn of the Fire Spirit Academy became unsuccessful for two years. The student Lang Chen was indeed outstanding and eye-catching. Not only did he possess excellent talent, but also top grades in all disciplines.

The minister and president of the Student Union in Xunhai Union University were paid official titles and belonged to an important organization in Xunhai Union University.

The dean of the Fire Spirit Academy pondered, and with some regret, said: “If this little cat does have sufficient spiritual power and stimulated the spiritual measuring pillar, her results should be more outstanding right now, even knocking down the spiritual measuring pillar. In the end, she still suffered from her lack of spiritual energy.”

The man from the military department knocked on the table. “That’s fine, put this little cat’s information down and discuss the next one.”


Qi Xiaohan didn’t know what was happening in the school’s upper levels. After measuring her spiritual root and getting a very good score, the little cat happily ran out, saw Lang Chen waiting outside the hall, and meowed until she got to where he was.

Lang Chen subconsciously picked up the little cat and smoothed her fur. He had also heard the bell just now and was already familiar with this situation, as every year, such talented and outstanding students would appear.

He’d known that Xiaohan had good talent and carried a heavenly-born spirit fire, but he hadn’t expected that she could reach this point.

The little cat tilted her face and said excitedly, “Senior brother, I just lit the entire pillar, the teacher praised me for being good!”

Lang Chen laughed lightly and stroked the little cat’s nose. “Well, it’s not bad. Do you still want a reward?”

Qi Xiaohan shook her head, her whole being emitting excitement.

The Spiritual Root Test was important, and since she had done so well, the school wouldn’t drop her from the school just because she failed the culture class.

Lang Chen handed Qi Xiaohan the pen, and the little cat picked it up, controlling it with spiritual power, and wrote two big words, Qi Xiaohan, on the form.

Lang Chen glanced at the signature book just then. In the space for Qi Xiaohan to write, the two words were big; they almost broke out of the box, seemingly having a sense of justified flair.

Lang Chen almost wanted to sigh at Xiaohan's writing.

After the little cat set down the pen, she looked up and met Lang Chen’s gaze, meowing a little.

Lang Chen reached out, stroked the little cat's head, and said with a smile, “You did so well in the exam, do you want me to take you out later and eat something delicious?”

The little cat hesitated for a moment.

Today was the opening exam so there was no need to train. Moreover, she had long made promises to her roommates to go out and relax.

Seeing that the little cat was hesitant, Lang Chen asked without thinking, “What is it? Do you have an appointment? With that little lion from your class?”

Qi Xiaohan felt the slightly cool temperature of Lang Chen’s fingers on her neck and involuntarily meowed, inexplicably feeling a little danger.

“No, it’s with my roommates. Previously, we agreed to go out after the exams.”

“Hmm.” Only then did Lang Chen smooth out the little cat’s fur, his fingers gently rubbing her ears. “Then let’s go out Sunday night.”


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