My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 48: Chapter 30.1

“Didn’t you say that Zhou Xingchen passed away? Is this one alive? Or am I amusing myself with a holographic projection made by my imagination?” The girl said in a trance.

“What do you mean died? Didn’t you say he went abroad for further study?”

“With no news for more than a year?”

Zhou Mingyu: “……I’m alive, thanks.”

He didn’t know what his agency had done after he had left. Had they released several articles in the newspaper to avoid being scolded by the fans and to gain profit later?

Although he disliked his boss, he was not a person who was likely to do something like that. However, there was no need for heartlessness, so they must merely be rumors.

He had enrolled in Xunhai University, and after he had been listed in the preliminary examinations, the state had helped him cancel his contract with the agency though he didn’t know how they had done it. He hadn’t heard anything from him when he had been reviewing.

Zhou Mingyu was very skeptical and thus, took out his phone and opened his Weibo, checking what the company had posted. He then saw his company posted a very official announcement that he had gone somewhere for further training and so on.

However, the problem was that no one knew which school he had actually gone to for further training. Many questioned the blog because the story posted was very vague, and moreover, it also took the opportunity to promote the other artists.

Even if you were studying, you couldn’t just vanish into thin air! And he had disappeared for almost two years! All his social media accounts hadn’t been updated since the day he left the circle. No one knew his whereabouts.

That was why many people speculated that he was dead.

Without the agency guiding the public’s opinions, there were many varied speculations about him. Some people thought he had become a monk and that he was hiding due to some unspoken rules, or that he had been dead for two years and his grave had been growing grass. Even the theory that he had undergone human experimentation was also there.

Zhou Mingyu’s head throbbed from all of these matters. Ever since he finished his exams, he had never gone and searched for his name. After all, he hadn’t been very popular back then and after two years of disappearance, people should’ve forgotten about him. As he had entered Xunhai Union University with much excitement, he hadn’t known what had happened on the internet.

Because he hadn’t been that popular to begin with, these various news articles were only limited to his fans and antis. When he thought of it, they had fought each other for a little, and then those fans disappeared.

The little white cat looked up at him and meowed in awe.

When Qi Ning chased idols, QI Xiaohan had also seen some news from the entertainment industry and recognized Zhou Mingyu’s face. However, he wasn’t very popular so she only slightly recognized him. Then suddenly, one day, he disappeared and all news concerning him went quiet.

There were a lot of small stars like him every year. The ones who weren’t that popular became silent, and the speed of replacing them was very fast. Therefore, the mysterious disappearance of Zhou Mingyu only made a small ripple and discussion, then died down after, just like a tiny splash in the water.

The girl looked excitedly at Zhou Mingyu. She pinched her friend’s arm beside her, trying to control her voice: “You’re really Zhou Xingchen, how come you’re here? Have you found a new job?”

Zhou Xingchen looked at her somewhat helplessly: “Not a new job. My company said that I went for further study so I’m studying now.”

The girl shouted: “We didn’t expect that your company truly did say the truth too!”

“Oooh, brother, what are you studying? How come you don’t even tweet anymore? We thought you were missing.”

“Can we take a photo together?”

The boys who came with the girls were a little surprised as they looked at their girlfriends. They hadn’t expected to meet a starlet here and stared at their girlfriends with a depressed look on their faces.

There was also a snow leopard at the side. Why was it visiting here to see the guy? It was really infuriating for them.

The little snow leopard also curiously cocked her head towards Zhou Mingyu, whispering to the little white cat from time to time as if they really were talking. The boy stared at the snow leopard, and the more he looked at it, the more he felt that it was truly a snow leopard so he took a step forward.

Zheng Ze noticed his action and stepped forward to block him. “Don’t approach, this is a protected animal.”

Boys: “……?” They let you herd protected animals like this?

Zhou Mingyu was still at the side with those few girls, talking about his whereabouts. Qi Xiaohan was stared at by the boys again. Anyway, Zheng Ze was there to help block them.

The little snow leopard felt those boys look at her, and felt her fur stand up. She whispered to the little white cat: “Xiaohan, get your phone out and call the police!”

The phone was placed in Qi Xiaohan’s cat bag. She took out her phone from her bag and glared at the boy who kept approaching as she dialed the police’s number.

In a few minutes’ time, a group of law enforcement came over.


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