My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 59: Chapter 32.3

“I apologize, this senior sister’s eyes aren't that good, and I forgot to bring my contact lens.” Saying that, the beautiful senior stopped and chuckled lightly.

“This classmate of yours, he’s still a human?”

The little white cat’s ears straightened up, and she gave a strange meow. “Yeah.”

Isn’t it normal to be a human?

Human and demon classmates had the most number of the students, and the witch race had fewer numbers, while the fairies had the least. According to other classmates, there were only one or two fairies right now and they were about to go extinct; just like how humans protected pandas, they were also protecting these immortals from extinction.

Qi Xiaohan still carried Zhou Mingyu’s scent from when he patted her fur. The senior sister should be able to smell it.

Yan Chong listened, set the puppet aside, and turned his head to look at the senior sister. “Qiuxiao, she’s still a freshman, don’t you scare humans.”

Qiuxiao let out a 'hm', gave the little cat a pat, and stood to the side.

The human team members in the same group as Yan Chong also said with trepidation, “That's right. I enrolled with Qiuxiao and we had a good conversation in the beginning but who knew that when we got to the school, this good girl would be a big snake that coiled around me and almost made me die.”

Qiuxiao glanced at him. “That's because you didn't have the knowledge!”

She also acted very reasonably, leaning towards them and justifying, “I was just saying hello to you as my usual self, but you, what was with your reaction! Do you know how much you hurt my heart at that time? I was just starting my freshman year and all my classmates disliked me. I almost went back to bite my quilt while crying.”

The human students were about to cry from this irrational snake, pointing at her and not speaking for a while, then aggrievedly saying: “I wasn’t mentally prepared.”

The witch race sat to the side to watch the fun, laughing.

Yan Chong helped solve the argument and said, “Alright, alright, eat dinner. I didn’t consider this earlier, but let me introduce Qi Xiaohan, my junior in the same department. I asked her to come here and lend a hand. She's a very talented student so she won't have any problem with controlling fire.”

Qi Xiaohan looked up and greeted them seriously, “Hello, seniors. I will work hard.”

Looking at the little white cat standing there with her small feline face up, furry and cute, the same group members could not help but smile in a friendly manner, while the human seniors told her, “Xiaohan, is it? There's no need to be nervous. Later, we'll tell you the location, and you just need to go there and control the flames. It's quite simple.”

The witch also smiled and said, “Yes, it’s much simpler than your current military training.”


The little white cat shuffled her paws, meowed, and nodded in disbelief.

Yan Chong unpacked the box of rice for the little cat, placed it in front of the little cat, and said to her, “Eat, you still have work to do later.”

The little cat looked at the box of rice in front of her. There were meat dishes and vegetables, but he was very considerate of her, deliberately making it cat food considering that she was a little cat and it would be very inconvenient to eat it.

The little cat was a little happy to see that the quality of the boxed meal was still very good. She was just about to start eating, then saw the other members of the group quickly picking up food to their mouths, and in a short span of time, they finished eating.

The little cat: ?

That's, that's how it works?

Qiuxiao looked at the little cat, covered her mouth, and laughed: “Aiya, junior sister Xiaohan, eat quickly, this speed won't work in the future.”

Qi Xiaohan meowed, also sped up, and quickly finished the meal.

After eating, Yan Chong took the little cat to the rehearsal hall backstage, took out a chart, and placed it on the table for the little cat to see.

“Look, when the time comes, you will stand in this position. I will make you a mark, and when the command starts, you will start setting off the fire. Now, show me your flames first, and I’ll see how strong they are.”

The little white cat listened, meowed, then raised her paws and waved. A slightly purple, demon red flame appeared in mid-air, like fading streams of red ribbons with a purple-gold glow.

Yan Chong was surprised. “So beautiful, they’re very good.”

The other members of the group also came over to look at and study this flame.

“This color is very good. No need to even adjust the color, using it immediately is okay."

“Isn’t it too colorful? Does it match this side?”

Yan Chong: “This won't be a problem. Xiaohan, control the fire a bit, when the time comes, match the brightness of the other side.”

Yan Chong spoke while he used the computer to view a color card, pointing to one of the colors for Qi Xiaohan to see: “Ours was originally this color. Yours is also red, but your red is a little more prominent. For the overall coordination, you'll need to lower the brightness so the purple tone can be darkened.”

Qi Xiaohan agreed with a meow, trying to listen to Yan Chong, and waving her paws to show her flame.

This time, the flame was much weaker, with the little golden light inside making it more beautiful as it mixed with the purple-red fire.

Qiuxiao: “That’s no good, what's with your golden light, Xiaohan? When the lights go out, this gold will be very noticeable.”

Qi Xiaohan was also a little confused, her hind paws scratching her ears. “It didn't seem to have this color of fire when I lit the fire before. It only appeared recently, after I got into a fight. I thought it was beautiful, so I didn't look into it further.”


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