My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 61: Chapter 33.2

When the purple-red flames spread throughout the hall and upwards, the director finally held a hand out and made a halting gesture to the little cat.

“Junior sister, you can stop now.”

The little cat’s body was tense and her fur was sticking up. Hearing the director’s words, she nodded and concentrated on collecting the flames.

It was easier to let out the fire than to retrieve it. Xiaohan felt exhausted as she lifted her head and meowed at the director.

“Senior brother, how is it?”

The director squatted down and smiled at the little cat. “You’re junior sister Xiaohan, right? Thank you for your hard work today, you should go home and practice more. Who’s leading you in military training?”

The little cat: “It’s instructor Lang Chen.”

Director: “Lang Chen? He’s an excellent fire control instructor. In the beginning, he also participated in the opening ceremony’s fire control group. The tiger molded by the white tiger’s flowing heart fire roaring into the air and battling with the unicorn, I can still remember that spectacular scene.”

The director looked very satisfied, thought a bit for a while, then told the little cat: “Like this, if you maintained the beginning like this for our next rehearsal days, I’ll include you in the fire control team and you’ll be paid two hundred yuan a day, how ‘bout that?”

Two hundred yuan! (approximately $30.99)

The little cat’s eyes lit up.

She didn’t have a scholarship yet nor had spent her family’s money. It would naturally be best to be able to earn money and spend less when the time came.

The little cat’s tail flicked down as she began to think about it.

Although fire control was a bit tiring, it wouldn’t be a big problem to maintain at this state. The problem here, however, was that she had joined them for rehearsal only a few days before the opening ceremony so it wasn’t quite right. She still hadn’t practiced together with them.

The little cat voiced out her concerns but the director casually told her, “It isn’t a big deal, practicing a few more times will be alright.”

The little cat: ?

Her eyes widened as she stared at the director.

This two hundred dollars isn’t so easily earned!

The director looked into the suspicious eyes of the little cat, touched her nose, and said, “Don’t look at me like that. Why don’t I go ask for military training leave for you? That’s okay, right?”

The little white cat had to control her impulse to laugh right at that moment, and in a pensive state, she said, “But, brother, if I don’t go to my military training, then wouldn’t I get bad grades in it?”

The director looked at the cat’s ears that moved excitedly and held back his laughter, telling her, “Also, you’ll be working overtime with me at night.”

Little Maomao: ……

Her ears suddenly drooped down.

“Meow… that’s why.”

The little cat lay on her paws and licked them as if nothing had happened.

This little cat’s reaction was really too interesting and the director’s team’s laughter could be heard throughout the entire hall:

“You’re a very hard-working junior sister, but it’s a requirement to take military training, so you’ll rehearse with us at night. You still don’t have precise control over fire; its range is just a little bit bigger than the normal fire range. It’ll be easy but a bit exhausting.”

The little white cat was disappointed, but she stood up and looked at her senior brothers and sisters with a hesitant nod of her head.


She had originally been dragged here by her senior brother Yan Chong to provide support, but now she was going to be being paid. Such a life was still very good even if she had to put in a little effort.

But why tell her to take some time off if military training was required?!

The little cat was hesitant inwardly, but she was very reluctant to let go of her military grades and friends from the military training. Now that she had already developed a tacit understanding with her teammates, she couldn’t leave them behind.


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