My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 63: Chapter 34.2

The little white cat tilted her head with doubt in her eyes.

Lang Chen sighed lightly, rubbed the little cat’s head, and said, “Forget it.”

This little cat was even busier than he was.

Instead of getting angry at this rather busy little cat, he wanted to laugh.

Lang Chen carried the little white cat and walked towards the dormitory.

“Are you tired from the rehearsal?”

The little cat: “So-so. One night of rehearsal is equal to 200 yuan.”

When she finished talking, the little cat heard a faint laugh overhead, so she looked upwards and asked suspiciously, “Did you just laugh at me?”

Lang Chen looked unperturbed. “No.”

She reached out her paws to swat at Lang Chen’s chin, but with a low laugh, she was again held down.

“Stay still, Xiaohan.”

Lang Chen pondered for a moment and teased the little cat. “Not bad. There’s still one week left of rehearsal, and you can earn 14,000 yuan if it’s 200 yuan a day. When will Xiaohan take me out for a meal?”

When the little cat looked up after hearing his voice, she met his smiling gaze and intimate tone in his voice that went unnoticed by her.

Qi Xiaohan meowed graciously and told Lang Chen, “I’ll treat you to a big meal after our school training!”

Lang Chen gave a low hum, his fingers rubbing the pattern (of a flame) on the little cat’s head and a smile hanging on his lips.

“It’s a deal, no more changing your mind.” Lang Chen touched the little cat’s forehead.

“If you don’t fulfill your words again–“ Lang Chen paused for a moment, and those harshly slanted eyes smilingly looked at the little white cat.

The little cat meowed, her little paws shaking Lang Chen’s sleeve. “I’ll definitely take you out.”

Lang Chen was happy watching Xiaohan act like a child, and he was in a good mood as he smoothed out the little cat’s fur again.

“Today is the first day you came for rehearsal; that’s why senior brother Zhu Cheng let you out early. I don’t like to wait too long, so I’ll also come to pick you up tomorrow.”

The little cat nodded, and feeling the warm and slender hands on her back smoothing her fur, she comfortably snuggled into him and looked at his face.

“Aren’t you going to sleep late?”

Lang Chen: “It’s okay, I can just come and pick you up after my training.”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t know when he’d be able to spend some time alone with this little cat.

He also didn’t know when Xiaohan would shape-shift.

Lang Chen began to thoughtfully recall that he was able to turn human in his military days; Xiaohan also had extraordinary talent so she would be able to do the same, right?

The tiger was secretly calculating on the inside.

Qi Xiaohan remembered something and raised her paw to pat on Lang Chen’s arm. “By the way, I heard Brother Zhu Cheng say that you previously also entered the fire control group in the opening ceremony. How long were you in it?”

Lang Chen thought about it and answered, “Not long, I joined it in my sophomore year. At that time, there was a lot of training in the military defense department, so I couldn’t spare much time every day. I only came to train for one or two hours.”

With that, Lang Chen sketched on the air, creating a little white tiger running alongside a little white cat. It looked very cute.

The little tiger’s head and body had patterns that were very beautiful — just like a perfect mini version of Lang Chen.

The little cat meowed in surprise and stood up from Lang Chen’s arms. She looked at the little tiger, raised her paws, and then watched as the little tiger rubbed her little cat paws intimately, and then raised both of its paws to hug her.


The little tiger called out to the little cat, then overbearingly embraced the little cat.

Looking carefully, the little tiger also had white flames burning on its body. It was the white tiger flowing heart fire that Lang Chen had shown her before.

Ever since Lang Chen had given her the rose last time, this white fire had never hurt her again. Qi Xiaohan’s paw only felt warmth when placed on this fire, very much relaxing, just like this tiger, Lang Chen.

Lang Chen lowered his head. Looking down at the little tiger who was robbing him of his little cat, he flicked the little tiger away.

The little tiger let out a growl as it rotated in the air a few times, then with a single snap, the little tiger lay down in the air. It roared angrily at Lang Chen while looking at the little cat with an aggrieved expression.

Alternately looking at Lang Chen and the little tiger, the little cat’s eyes were twinkling.

“Senior brother, is this what you looked like when you were a child?”

Lang Chen hummed. Seeing that the little cat wasn’t coaxing the little tiger, he pursed his lips and stretched out his finger to retake the little tiger, squeezing it and making a brand new tiger — a brand new little tiger with a majestic aura, looking very domineering, appeared in the air.

The little tiger turned its head, looked at Qi Xiaohan, and suddenly took a step in her direction and opened its mouth.


Qi Xiaohan: ?

Qi Xiaohan suspected that she had heard wrong, so her ears perked up as she stared at the little tiger floating in the air. “Meow?”

The little tiger: “Meow meow!”

The little cat: “Meow!”

The little tiger pounced on the little cat and raised its paw to touch her head, which was again pushed away by Lang Chen.

The little white cat sighed, “How cute.”

Lang Chen coughed lightly, his ears slightly hot, looked at the little cat, and said, “Not as cute as Xiaohan.”

The little white cat looked up, then saw Lang Chen reach out and grab the little tiger, telling her, “I can give it to you if you like it. Take it back and raise it. Give it a little bit of fire every day so it will keep living.”

Qi Xiaohan was a little puzzled. “Is it alive?”


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