My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 65: Chapter 34.4

Dick landed on the ground fiercely and cried, “Xiaohan, if you step on me again, I’ll show you a cat with three heads!”

The little white cat’s ears twitched and she angled her chin upwards. “Do you want me to beat you and stick you up onto the wall?”

All at once, Dick pounced again, and the two furry companions fought each other on the ground.

The students all moved away from them so that they wouldn’t inhale the stirred-up dust.

A few humans looked their way, secretly taking pictures, looking eerily excited.

When Lang Chen came over, he happened to see this scene.

The instructor’s footsteps echoed in the training hall as the noise suddenly quieted, and the two furry companions stood up straight.

Lang Chen looked at the two of them, his gaze calm and emotionless. “Dick, Qi Xiaohan, clean the hall after training at noon, you can only eat after finishing.”

Clean the hall…… clean the hall…… the hall is as big as a playground!!!

Little Maomao and the little lion’s faces collapsed as they agreed and returned to their team to line up.

At the end of the morning’s training, the little cat and the lion each went to get cleaning materials.

Qi Xiaohan missed her new and efficient puppet.

However, the instructor had stipulated that no auxiliary tools could be used, nor could cleaning spells be used.

The little white cat grabbed the rag with her paws and moved forward with each step. When she turned her head to look at the little lion, she saw that a broom was strapped to his body as he controlled it with his power, moving too quickly.


The little lion played quite happily as he dragged the broom all over the hall.

Little Maomao was also happy watching the little lion. She thought of a very good idea of strapping herself and the rag to the little lion to save more effort.

When Qi Xiaohan stated her idea, Dick also had the feeling that this was good. Thus, the two combined with the intention to do it.

However, before they could implement this, the sound of familiar boots echoed in the hall.

The two furry companions stopped and looked at Lang Chen holding lunch boxes as he stared at them with cold eyes.

“Having fun?”

“Hello, instructor!” The little cat and the little lion stood up in an instant and began to rush off to do their own tasks.

Lang Chen paused in his steps, his fingers tightening. He turned back to the stage and opened a lunch box.

The aroma from the lunch box immediately came out and reached the two furry noses not far from the stage.

Lang Chen unhurriedly opened the lunchboxes one by one, took out the chopsticks, and ate slowly and methodically, pointing at the two furry companions from time to time.

“There mustn't be a speck of dust, spray some water.”

“You’re too slow.”

The little lion was so hungry that his ears flattened. He looked up at the instructor pitifully.

Smells so good.

The instructor was so mean, deliberately eating in front of them.

The little white cat cleaned for a while and looked up at the instructor, too.


Lang Chen raised his eyes and saw the two furry companions looking at him with funny expressions; laughter flashed in his eyes.

“What are you looking up at me for? Have you finished cleaning?”

The little lion spluttered suddenly and showed a sense of grievance with his hard work. That was too dramatic!

Little Maomao stared at the multiple lunch boxes that Lang Chen had placed on the counter.


Lang Chen said indifferently, “Five minutes, come and eat after you finish cleaning up.”

The two furry companions immediately let out a cheer. Comprehending the instructor’s meaning, they unskillfully used the cleaning techniques along with paw-movement cleaning to efficiently tidy up the hall. Afterward, they pounced onto Lang Chen’s side.

“Wooow! The instructor is too kind, he bought so much delicious food!”

The little lion sat next to Lang Chen. His eyes lit up as he looked at the many packed lunch boxes, wanting to eat quickly. However, he took a glance at the instructor.

Lang Chen patted the little lion’s head. “Aren’t you hungry? What are you looking at?”

He gave them both a share of the lunch box.

When the little lion saw what was in front of him and what was in front of the little cat, it seemed that his lunchbox had less meat.

The little lion was a straightforward lion, so he raised his paw and pointed at the little cat’s share, and said aggressively, “Senior brother, you’re biased. Xiaohan has more ribs than mine.”

The little white cat looked at her own bowl, and then looked at the little lion’s. There was indeed more. She looked at the little lion and deliberately took a big bite of meat.


You can see it but not eat it, are you angry?

Lang Chen rubbed the little lion’s head: “Why are you talking so much? Hurry up and eat, or do you want to go back and clean?”

The little lion immediately ate in a quick manner.

Anyway, it was bought by senior brother, so he can give Xiaohan as much as he wants to.

Don’t think that he didn’t know that this big tiger liked the little cat.

He saw it a long time ago!

This was probably a meal from the military canteen, which tasted much better than the regular canteen.

When the little lion finished eating, he licked the lunch box. It was so delicious.

If only I could eat such a delicious meal every day.

Regular canteen food wasn't good at all.

He then looked up at Lang Chen and tugged at the hem of his uniform.

“Senior brother, when will the military defense major recruit people? I want to enter.”

Lang Chen: “It will start after one month of military training, later than the minors and majors, so if you haven't decided to enter the military yet, it’s better to take the minors and majors too.”

The little lion nodded, full of ambition.


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