My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 67: Chapter 35.2

No wonder she could feel a familiarity when the civet cat said something about a half-demon.

Qi Xiaohan sent a message to Zheng Ze. On the opposite end, Zheng Zhe didn’t expect that Qi Xiaohan would meet the civet cat. Thus, he asked her to take care of the civet cat for a while or take him to his dormitory.

Qi Xiaohan thought about it. Zheng Ze’s rehearsal hall and the dormitory are down the road, so she sent a message to Zheng Ze asking him to head straight to the dormitory to find the civet cat.

Qi Xiaohan looked at the civet cat: “Senior, Zheng Zhe’s dormitory is down the road. I already talked to Zheng Zhe, would you like me to take you to his dormitory?”

Relieved, the civet cat immediately nodded in agreement.

The school map was very magical, he had never seen anyone with a 3D map. He originally didn’t know the locations but he came to the school anyways. He also didn’t know the boundaries of the magnetic field as he always went to wrong places.

Zheng Zhe originally told him to go to his dormitory to wait for him but he couldn't find the dormitory, so he told him to come find him in building 56.

The little white cat took the civet cat to Zheng Ze’s dormitory by bus, and after letting the cat wait downstairs for the time being, she was ready to leave.

The civet cat found a bag of vacuum-packed dried fish to hand to the little white cat.

“Little student, this is for inconveniencing you.”

Qi Xiaohan saw the big bag of dried fish, and happily meowed, saying,

“Thank you, senior!”

After saying goodbye to the civet cat, the little white cat once again ran towards the rehearsal hall along with a big bag of dried fish. If she didn’t hurry, she would be scolded by the director.

She ran so fast that she darted out of sight.

The civet cat looked at the little cat and couldn’t help but smile. The cub’s four paws were off the ground, it's so cute.


Qi Xiaohan arrived at the rehearsal hall, and fortunately, the director was out doing something, making senior brother Zhong Xiu in charge.

Qi Xiaohan ran to Yan Chong to sign in, then quickly ran to stand in her place and greeted the brothers and sisters around her.

Wu Hao couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the little cat coming over again carrying her cat bag, which looked like it was loaded with a lot of stuff.

This little cat always brought something every time she arrived. The little things were stored in her small cat bag while the relatively big objects were put away inside Qiankun on her sleeve. This little cat wasn’t that good in using the Qiankun in her sleeves, finding it difficult to search for things accurately when she was in a rush and couldn't grab things properly from it.

(T/N: A little recap: Qiankun literally means ‘heaven and earth’. Taking this meaning, Xiaohan has literally the whole universe in her sleeves which means she has a pouch/space so large inside her sleeve where she can put anything.)

Qi Xiaohan put her cat bag away. Seeing Wu Hao looking at her, she came closer and quietly asked, “Senior brother, what did the director go out to do? There's no roll call, right?”

The little cat was a little apprehensive.

Wu Hao: “No, Brother Zhu Cheng went to the student union because there was a reception task. I heard that the General Bureau of Supernatural and Immortal Seal Sect were some of those who came over, so he went there for a while.”

Xiaohan let out a sigh of relief, and then became serious at making preparations, stretching her body as a small, long, fluffy cat does.

Zhong Xiu clapped his hands to attract everyone’s attention and said, “It’s almost time for the opening ceremony, so there’s not much time for everyone. We have to have overtime practice for the last few days, and I don’t want to see anyone cutting slack.”

The senior next to him added: “The ice control group in the rehearsal hall next door is very colorful this time, and their harmonization is quite high, so everyone should also put in more effort.”

The members in the entire rehearsal hall instantly answered an agreement.

Qi Xiaohan focused on raising her claws and beginning to release flames according to the results of her training in the past few days.

Flames burned in the whole rehearsal hall, and various spirit fire beasts appeared and ran through the rehearsal hall.

Qi Xiaohan stepped forward and was about to release a second wave when the door was suddenly pushed open.

Zhu Cheng brought people in and when he saw that the rehearsal hall was practicing, he raised his hand to signal them to continue.

Zhu Cheng was followed by a few humans, wearing slightly retro silver gray clothes with a special pattern, between their pants was a special metallic luster which was fascinating after staring at it for a long time.

These few humans have a natural arrogance, as if they were superior since birth. They have a hidden arrogance in their eyes.

They then sat beside the director and watched the fire performance.

The little white cat didn't feel anything from that, while the other members of the rehearsal hall suddenly had a strong, burning fire control. The spirit beasts flew around making the rehearsal hall seem like it's on fire.

The little white cat cooperated with the senior brother beside her and had no choice but to follow the strengthening of their own spirit fire. Demonic purplish-red flames instantly brightened up with a little golden light, and the rest of the group around strengthened the flame combination. The entire hall burned brightly with different colored halos, breathtaking and dazzling.

The director's platform was almost scorched by their flames so the directors had to move again and again.

Zhu Cheng had a smile on his face as he explained to the people behind him: “Hey, don’t mind them too much. I’ve always told them to not overdo it and just casually play. They have been good so far but these students don’t listen, so what can I do?”

The humans in special clothing had slightly displeased expressions as they brushed the hem of their clothes, and stepped back again.

When the practice ended, the rehearsal hall quieted down while the temperature all around was relatively high.

They didn’t know why, but this time there was no senior brother to help lower the temperature.

Within the rehearsal hall, whether it was the people from Xunhai United University or this group of humans who just came in, they were seemingly immobile as if they didn’t notice the unbearable heat. A few applauded sporadically in the rehearsal hall while the leader of the humans turned to look at Zhu Cheng.

“This fire control group of yours is not bad, Zhu Cheng.”

Zhu Cheng waved his hand: “It’s all because of the efforts of the senior brothers and sisters.”

The leader: “We, the Immortal Seal Sect, also has quite good talents. We can lend you some of them.”

Zhu Cheng: “Hahahaha, sure, sure.”

A girl next to the leader spoke up and smiled, “I’ve long heard that the students of the Xunhai United University work hard. No wonder so many talented ones came out.”

“Effort is a good thing. It is also good to urge the students to work harder. Don’t rely on those with talents who are lazy and won’t work all day.”

Zhu Cheng listened, his smile unchanged. Suddenly, he beckoned to the little white cat on the stage, “Xiaohan, come. Come here.”

Because of increased efforts to control the fire, Qi Xiaohan was tired and wanted to rest, but she saw that her senior sisters and brothers were all standing with a calm expression, so Qi Xiaohan didn’t dare slack too. Although not knowing what happened, she stood up with her tail swaying, her whole body was in great spirits.

Also, thanks to these periods of intensive rehearsal, now the difficulties weren’t too tough for Qi Xiaohan.

The little cat heard the director call her, so she ran towards the director with patter and arrived at the director’s heels.

“Senior brother.”

Zhu Cheng introduced to the little cat, “These are the senior brothers and sisters of the Immortal Seal Sect.”

When the little cat looked up, about to greet them, she saw the girl beside the director and frowned slightly. She felt that they were too cold as she looked at them.

Zhu Cheng patted the little cat, smiling at the people around him: “Xiaohan is our military training freshmen who can only spare one hour or so to come over and practice. Release your flames for your senior brothers and sisters to see.”

The little cat responded, lifting her burning paw up and punched out a fireball, just like what she did in front of Lang Chen in the military training, and displayed it in front of Zhu Cheng and the others.


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