My Time as a Cat in College Chapters List

Chapter 70: Chapter 36.2

The little cat continued licking and began to start on the big tiger’s paw. The cat was entirely serious as she licked each one.

Lang Chen felt the little cat’s soft touch on his paw. Feeling his heart trembling, he was about to withdraw his paw at that moment when he saw the little white cat looking at him.


Qi Xiaohan looked at him in confusion. Does this tiger want to lick his own fur rather than let her help him lick it?

Being watched by the little cat with that gaze was sort of Lang Chen’s weakness, so he tried to take his paw back but the little cat leaped up, helping him smoothen out parts of his fur.

Lang Chen couldn’t help but freeze for a moment. As far as he could remember, his family and friends in his childhood were the only ones who smoothened his fur, and no one had dared to come close to groom him in the course of his growth afterward.

Lang Chen felt the familiar touch and couldn’t help but squint his eyes in comfort, his head resting on his big paws as he let the little cat groom him. Lang Chen tilted his head and looked at the little cat with a gentle gaze.

“Why did you get up so early this morning? Aren’t you sleepy?” Lang Chen asked the little white cat.

The little white cat meowed and told Lang Chen after a pause, “Not really. I feel fine.”

Lang Chen turned his head to look at the little white cat, suddenly placing his forehead gently against hers. Then he stood up and in a blink of an eye, turned into the cold man in uniform again.

Lang Chen, who had changed back to human form, looked at the little white cat that was still on the bed. It looked so fluffy and tiny and was really cute.

Qi Xiaohan suddenly remembered something and looked up, asking: “Brother, what is this place? Shouldn’t I have gotten back to the dormitory last night?”

Lang Chen looked at the little white cat with a small smile. Only then did the little white cat remembered to ask if she was caught and sold to someone. She probably didn’t know what happened.

Luckily, he came back with her last night. The big tiger thought somewhat helplessly.

“This place is the apartment my family rented for me so that whenever my training ended late, I’ll be able to stay here. It was almost one o’clock yesterday so I brought you here so that I won’t disturb your roommates in the dormitory.”

The little white cat meowed, turning her head to look around the apartment, and couldn’t help but be a little envious.

Senior brother is a tiger with a house.

Noticing the little white cat’s gaze, Lang Chen looked over at her. Suddenly giving a laugh, he asked, “Do you like this place?”

The little cat nodded and rested her paw on Lang Chen’s shoulder, looking behind him.

Lang Chen held the little cat’s back and looked back, holding his laughter in, “Good, then we’ll come and stay here when we have the chance.”

The little cat meowed happily and didn’t notice at all Lang Chen’s eyes that were full of meaning.


The military training was already approaching the final hurdle and the gradual preparation for the school test began. Many people from outside the school also came to the school and started to prepare for the visit. People wearing different kinds of uniforms could often be seen in the school.

The Immortal Seal Sect and the General Bureau of Supernatural came the earliest, after which people from the Earth Office and other units also came over. The school became quite lively.

After the training, Qi Xiaohan and her classmates went to eat lunch together. Dick wanted to eat on the third floor, saying that a new rotating small hotpot had opened on the third floor.

The little cat suddenly meowed and glanced at him, her furry paws swatting him.

“How are we going to eat? it’s soup!”

The little lion growled, thought about it, and then looked at the little cat: “Right, Xiaohan, isn’t your house a hotpot restaurant? How about after finishing military training, I’ll visit to eat?”

Little cat: “Alright, then we’ll go home together.”

Having thought of vacation, the little cat was a little bit happy because recently, she was very tired and had no time to rest.

When she returned home, she must eat a lot more delicious food and stroll around to play.

She didn’t know how Ning Ning was at home too.

“Wow, take us with you when the time comes! Don’t just invite Dick!”

Her friends beside her said.

The little cat thought back to the food in the freezer Qi Ning had provided her, thinking if it would be enough for her classmates. After doing an estimation, she thought it would be a bit lacking for them.

Before leaving, she brought over a lot of food from the freezer and guessed that there wouldn’t be enough food left at home. If she and her friends really wanted to eat, she could only take them to the hotpot restaurant.

The little cat looked up and said seriously, “Only my human would treat you. Go to our store to eat.”

Her friends instantly cheered, “Sure sure, take care of your business at that time.”

“Give a discount Xiaohan!”

“50% off!”

The little cat’s ears twitched and angled her little cat head, “No, please just eat!”

Her family had no problem buying a few hotpot meals.

Their family’s hotpot restaurant boomed when it opened.

The group of small companions still walked up to the third floor, intending to eat a double-cooked meal with meat and vegetable. The owner was also friendly and gave them lots of food. It was very delicious.

When they walked up to the third floor, unexpectedly, they saw a lot of eating there who were yelling and shouting. Among them were many Xunhai United University students.

The little lion moved closer and looked up, “Wow, is this a fight?”

The little leopard behind him stretched his head to look over, “It seems like the Immortal Seal Sect and the Earth Office are making trouble.”

The little cat also looked in that direction and saw that one of the groups had a very bizarre clothing style.

The Earth Office had really struggled over the years, trying hard to keep up with the times, yet always one step behind. They still wore old-fashioned Zhongshan uniforms, each with hand-carrying pockets. They had insulation cups on the table and looked very put together.

Opposite them was a group of disciples from the Immortal Seal Sect who wore sullen expressions.

Qi Xiaohan still remembered what happened the previous night and the comments of the senior brothers on the Immortal Seal Sect. She paused for a moment and didn’t continue forward.

These few people from the Immortal Seal Sect didn’t seem to be the same group from last night/ There wasn’t anyone Qi Xiaohan knew from them.

Not knowing their origins, the little lion excitedly wanted to go onwards to see their fight but didn’t expect to be stopped by the little cat. The other feline students also stopped at the same time.

Because they were in the same group, they often acted together, but right now it seemed that something felt wrong.

The Immortal Seal Sect seemed to be targeting not the Earth Office, but their classmates nearby.

The demon students who were few in number and hadn’t transformed yet were wearing neck scarves around their necks. They stood at the side in aggravation and anger.

The people from the Earth Office were there to mediate: “This is Xunhai United University’s territory. Is there a reason for you not to let the untransformed students sit anywhere for dinner?”

The disciples of the Immortal Seal Sect frowned and looked at the Xunhai United University freshmen standing nearby. Their heads were lowered in furiousness, each each of them covered in hair and armor, not a single one transformed.

“We don’t have to let them go somewhere else to eat, but we just can’t accept eating with such……group of students.”


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