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Chapter 13: Chapter 13

His gaze made Tong Jia uncomfortable. She took the initiative to break this awkward silence. "Uh, hello…"

One would know who this person was after a little guessing since he could come here at this time, dressed like this, and with an appearance that was also very similar to Song Chi. She was a bit nervous. After all, this was the legendary Song Yancheng. Tong Jia had a quality. The more nervous she was, the calmer she would be.

Song Yancheng immediately returned to his senses. His facial expression was very unnatural and he coughed lightly. He didn't realize his face was red. "Hello, I am Song Yancheng, Song Chi's brother.“

Tong Jia clasped her hands together. Her whole person seemed to be strained. "Hello Mr. Song, I am Song Chi's teacher, Tong Jia.”

From the moment he’d come back to his senses, Song Yancheng had been frustrated because he had always been calm and reserved. He felt that no matter what kind of situation he encountered, he could face it calmly. But at this moment, his calm and reserved attitude wasn't helping him; it was as if someone had sealed it away.

Song Yancheng knew that he was behaving terribly at the moment. He could only tighten his right hand into a fist. He somewhat uncomfortably turned, and gently said, "Teacher Tong, they are going to start. Shall we go together?”

Tong Jia hurriedly followed him. When she walked out of the greenhouse side by side with Song Yancheng, she took a breath of fresh air. Tong Jia was not as embarrassed as before. Seeing that Song Yancheng didn't speak, she decided to take the initiative to speak. "Mr. Song, I'm sorry for bothering you today.”

Song Yancheng was very nervous. He didn't even know where this tension had come from. He only felt that he liked listening to her, but he possessed an unspeakable fear. As the president of the Song Corporation, he should’ve hated this kind of emotion, but he didn’t know why he didn't feel annoyed at all. Song Yancheng calmly said in his deep voice: "How can you say that you bothered me? Since you are Song Chi's teacher, it’s you who usually needs to take care of him, so it’s me who’s bothering you to educate my brother.”

She had to say that when Song Yancheng said these words, Tong Jia felt really pleased. She thought that Song Yancheng was worthy of holding up the whole Song house. Such simple words sounded so good.

She smiled, waved her hand, and said, "No, Song Chi is a very good student. He is very smart and a fast learner.”

It was the truth. Tong Jia had also asked the teachers from the other subjects. Although Song Chi didn't listen very carefully in class, he could basically do all the questions, so the other teachers didn't pursue his failure to listen in class. Tong Jia had no intention to tell Song Yancheng about this now. She would communicate with Song Chi slowly first and not tell his guardian about it.

"Really?" Song Yancheng chuckled. Any parent would naturally be very happy to hear that, but Song Chi’s intelligence was not the reason for his happiness, but rather because of walking side by side with her on the lawn. In particular, it relaxed him.

When Song Yancheng appeared at the door with Tong Jia, Song Chi and others watched them. The originally noisy living room slowly quieted down, and the housekeeper also brightened at the moment. If they were to look at these two people separately, they wouldn’t be reminded of anything else, but standing together would make others feel that they were very well matched and special.

Tong Jia was pulled aside by a group of girls in the class. Song Yancheng looked around and didn't see champagne and red wine. He immediately nodded his head in satisfaction. The party was being handled well. He went to Song Chi and said in a low voice, "It’s been done well, it’ll continue to be like this in the future.”

Hearing this, Song Chi's eyes lit up in surprise.

The people in the class had pitched in to buy the birthday cake. In fact, these students had a lot of pocket money, but they didn't have the experience of buying a cake for a few dollars. So even if the birthday cake was not as good as what they usually eat, everyone still ate with relish. If Song Yancheng was not there, they might even have had cake fights. Since there were adults present, the children did not dare to be rash.

"When everyone is full, let's go to the movie room to play games, okay?" Song Chi was very active today. He wasn’t the same as usual. He also had cream on his face and laughed like a child.

Tong Jia became tongue-tied seeing the Song house’s theatre room. It had a high ceiling, but there was only one pair of seats. No wonder Song Chi would choose to play the games here; this room was too spacious.

She didn’t know who’d arranged it but Tong Jia sat beside Song Yancheng. Everyone sat cross-legged on the carpet. For a moment, there seemed to be no parents and teachers. The atmosphere was also very harmonious and warm.

Tong Jia could not help but rejoice, fortunately, she wore pants today, otherwise, it would be a little embarrassing.

Song Yancheng's aura was too strong. Sitting beside him, Tong Jia felt very uncomfortable. She could feel his chilly aura. It was hard to imagine that he could sit on the ground and play games with a group of children. Tong Jia thought that Song Yancheng was not as cold as Shen Shujuan had said.

"What are we playing?" Sun Yuchen, who also sat next to Tong Jia, asked Song Chi with great interest.

Tong Jia was a little relieved. Sun Yuchen looked much better than the other day. Maybe it was the best choice for her to start her life again with her mother.

Song Chi took out an empty beer bottle and put it in the middle.

"Beer? Hmm?" Song Yancheng gave Song Chi a casual glance.

"Ah, elder brother, I didn't drink it. There were beer ducks today so I asked the kitchen to leave me an empty beer bottle..." Song Chi quickly explained.

Tong Jia took another look at Song Yancheng again. Song Chi was not neglected as rumored since Song Yancheng still cared about him very much.

"Let's play truth or dare. Whomever the bottle turns to will be the chosen one." Song Chi said.

Everyone had no opinion, on the contrary, they all looked eager to try. After all, this was the first time to play games with the whole class.

In the next moment, Tong Jia came to know that Xu Chenyi, the monitor, had a girlfriend! A girlfriend! Moreover, she was an Italian beauty!

The gentle and polite class representative had liked the person since the beginning of primary school.

Tong Jia felt that her values have been subverted by these children. She always thought these children were very simple, but she didn't expect them to all be in the bloom of their first love. She thought, when she’d been in junior high school, she hadn’t even paid any attention to what was going on beyond one's studies and had buried herself in books… At that time, girls hadn’t played with boys, and she hadn’t had other thoughts until she had gone to high school.

Soon, the beer bottle turned in the direction of Song Yancheng. His white shirt’s buttons were untied, and his face was still with a smile. "Truth, I don't dare to choose dare."

How could Song Chi be impetuous, this time he could only bow like a quail.

It was the class monitor Xu Chenyi who was interested enough to ask: "Brother Song, when is your first love?"

Xu Chenyi had a good relationship with Song Chi and had seen several sides of Song Yancheng before, so he dared to ask such a question under Song Yancheng’s powerful aura.

Song Chi quietly gave Xu Chenyi praises in his heart.

Tong Jia turned to look at Song Yancheng.

This question really stumped Song Yancheng because he didn’t remember anything. Who knew when his first love had been? He could only honestly reply: “I… don’t remember. Let's change the question.”

…He actually didn’t remember. The answer alone was a miracle, Tong Jia thought silently.

The other students were silent for a moment, and Sun Yuchen asked, "Does Brother Song think our Teacher Tong is beautiful?"

When she opened her mouth, all the other children clapped their hands and laughed.

This question was absolutely perfect.

Only Tong Jia felt her face get hot. For the first time, she felt that her students were really naughty.

Song Yancheng had been stuck for the first time. He was silent for a moment and said quietly, "Yes.”

What he said was also true. Tong Jia's beauty was unobtrusive, her temperament was clean and comely, and her makeup was very plain, which made others feel comfortable. Wearing a loose white T-shirt with washed grunge jeans and lazy sneakers, she looked more like a fresh graduate. Compared with the actress Qi Chen, Tong Jia was more likely to bear the word pure.

Tong Jia's face grew hotter. Her blush slowly crept up to her white jade-like cheeks.

Fortunately, her students knew that enough was enough, and soon they started the game again. However, this time, her luck was not so good. Even if the beer bottle stopped in front of her, Tong Jia wasn’t worried. Her students were still very disciplined.

"I'll ask, I'll ask!" The most naughty boy in the class raised his hand, eyes especially bright, and a smile that showed two lovely sets of teeth. "Teacher Tong, do you have a boyfriend now?"

That was a good question! Even Song Yancheng’s brow softened.

Tong Jia helplessly held her forehead. "Do I still have time to put on the serious face of a teacher?”

“It's too late ah ha ha ha!" Several boys teased.

“Well…” Tong Jia reluctantly stood up and honestly replied, "Not now.”

Song Yancheng's ears moved, and his hands slowly clenched.

Tong Jia's luck had run out because the beer bottle stopped at her again in the next round. This time, Xu Chenyi, the monitor, won the right to ask questions. He thought about it and asked, "Teacher Tong, when was your first love? ”

He was probably annoyed that the fact he had a girlfriend had been revealed just now, so he especially asked this question.

When it came to first love, Tong Jia inevitably thought of Qin Yue. She had to admit that she had been really happy with Qin Yue, although not as vigorously as in the youth movies. At that time, they had really wanted to go to the same university, but then she failed in the college entrance examination, and when her aunt abroad mentioned that she wanted Tong Jia to go abroad, they parted ways.

"In my senior year." Tong Jia did not want to lie to her students, she hurriedly added: “Puppy love is wrong and I’m a bad example. Students should do what they should do. Later you will know that some things aren’t good to be done earlier. ”

Hearing this, Song Yancheng clasped his hands together. His heart was a little stuffy.

He didn’t even know why he was like this. Song Yancheng turned his head to glance at Tong Jia. His eyes flashed with a trace of doubt. Had he ever known Tong Jia? Why did she feel so familiar?


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