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Chapter 16: Chapter 16

Compared to the women who pestered his elder brother, Song Chi preferred Tong Jia. He was also aware of Song Yancheng, and the housekeeper uncle had informed him on several occasions that the Song family was in need of a mistress.

Song Chi, a younger brother from the same mother, decided that since his elder brother had already taken a liking to the teacher and that the teacher was so good, he should assist his brother in developing connections with the teacher.

Early Saturday morning, someone knocked on the door. Tong Jia, who was soundly sleeping, was annoyed. She was a good-natured person but despised it when someone disturbed her while she slept. For a minute or two, she opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. After accepting her fate, she pushed herself out of bed and raised the quilt. She pulled her long hair in a random ponytail as she walked into the living room. She could see through the peephole that the person outside was Qin Yue.

"I haven't brushed my teeth or cleansed my face yet. What can I do for you?" Tong Jia grumbled as she leaned against the door.

Tong Jia might have opened the door with her morning face if it was the courier, oblivious to her appearance.

She was still in her pajamas, hadn't brushed her teeth, and hadn't cleansed her face. Tong Jia considered that it was impolite to meet Qin Yue in this manner. This was a point which they were unfamiliar with.

When Qin Yue heard this sentence, he only grinned helplessly and said, "I'll wait for you, you go brush your teeth and wash your face." Because of his comments, her sad attitude brightened. Tong Jia was a person who was concerned about her beauty. She had been like this since she was a child. Tong Jia had always been a clean, bright, and gorgeous person among her previous classmates.

Tong Jia's lips were pursed, but she didn't want to speak with Qin Yue at this time. She took a hesitant step into the bathroom, brushed her teeth and washed her face, then proceeded to her bedroom and changed into a basic domestic costume before opening the door. "Just got up, you haven't eaten breakfast, have you?" Qin Yue smiled as he strolled over with the breakfast. Sauce cake, steamed buns, tea eggs, and soybean milk were among the items he’d purchased. “Every single one of your favorites.”

"Would you like a drink?" Tong Jia asked as she opened her refrigerator and tilted her head.

"Water will suffice." Qin Yue took a step back and placed the food on the table. Tong Jia was a spicy food addict. He’d specifically requested that the shopkeeper add some chopped pepper and vinegar in a little bag when he was packing steamed buns. Tong Jia unexpectedly gulped a mouthful due to the aroma of the chopped pepper sauce.

Tossing out a delivered breakfast while simultaneously spouting malicious words, Tong Jia wouldn’t have done such a thing even in second middle school. Tong Jia had been pursued by a boy when she’d been in junior high school. Tong Jia, who had still been very strong-willed at the moment, had rejected it firmly. Her mother had taught her seriously. Even if one didn't care about another’s sincerity or affection, one shouldn’t mock them because it was insulting to them. Self-cultivation was learning how to assert one's perspective while yet respecting others.

Qin Yue, at the very least, had come early in the morning to buy her food. Qin Yue's family had used to be neighbors in elementary school, and their families knew one another. Tong Jia gave face[1] at this point, despite her dislike for Qin Yue. She dipped a little steamed bun in chopped pepper with chopsticks, but wasn't sure what to say next to Qin Yue.

When Qin Yue saw Tong Jia eating breakfast, he felt relieved. He smiled weakly after taking a sip of water and said, "I'll be in Japan on business next Monday. My cousin has a long list of things she wants me to bring her. Is there anything you'd like?"

With a shake of her head, Tong Jia expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation. "Before coming home, I went to a lot of duty-free shops and bought a lot of stuff. I'm not in need of them. Thank you very much."

Qin Yue's smile faltered slightly as he heard her courteous and alienated remarks, his hands casually on his knees. "Tong Jia, didn’t you say we were still friends?”

Qin Yue had known Tong Jia for a long time and understood that he would never get back together with her in a hurry. He considered taking a step back, and occasionally a step back and a stride forward. Because he understood where his heart belonged, he would be patient with her.

Tong Jia smiled as she nibbled her chopsticks, gently shook her head, glanced up at Qin Yue, and said, "We'll always be friends."

Tong Jia knew Qin Yue, while Qin Yue knew Tong Jia. As a result, she intuitively understood what he desired.

When Qin Yue heard this, he went silent but began to unconsciously pop his knuckles. Tong Jia knew that this was a small gesture he would do while thinking.

"We're not right for each other, and it has nothing to do with Wan Xiaoyu. Don't you know that more than anyone, Qin Yue? Some things will only harm people's feelings if they are said too bluntly. Furthermore, it's been a while. Even if I'm ignorant, I can tell if I like you or not. It would be unwise to speak excessively. In any case, regardless of whether you want to continue this entanglement or waste your time, it’s impossible for both you and me."

Tong Jia was calm in her speech. She would no longer be in charge of Qin Yue. She had spoken about it and everything. It was pointless to say it again. It was absolutely impossible.

The sadness in Qin Yue's eyes was obvious. He was aware that what he was doing now might be illogical. However, he would always have a place in his heart for her. He had come to observe Tong Jia's expressions and hear what she had to say. Otherwise, his heart would feel uncomfortable. But if he couldn’t find or see her, his heart would be even more uncomfortable.

As he rose to his feet, his face became paler and paler. He pushed the sourness down and raised the corner of his mouth. "Tong Jia, I'll go first. Even if we aren't a good match, I like you. So, what should I do now? Forget about it. I'll take a deep breath and relax."

His mother had often informed him that Tong Jia was unsuitable for him. They were both far too familiar with one another. In character, it would be difficult to get along with each other. Being friends wasn’t all terrible, but it would be exhausting to be lovers.

But, even if the words were correct, he simply refused to listen to them. What was the criteria for being appropriate to be together, and what were the grounds for not being appropriate to be together?

Tong Jia pondered things while eating breakfast after Qin Yue had left. She had the impression that Qin Yue's character wouldn’t last long if she didn’t give him hope.

Her mother's unit was once again distributing welfare benefits. She could take a family member to the nearest historical town for two days and one night this weekend. Tong Ming was a ten-thousand year old hermit[2] who simply wanted to shrink into his dormitories and never leave. Tong Jia also wanted to make the most of the weekend by getting some rest. In the end, her mother had no choice but to drag her father out for a night of fun while wearing a disgusted expression on her face.

Tong Jia refused to return since her parents were not at home, her younger brother Tong Ming was at school, and there was no one else at home.

Tong Jia cleaned the house inside and out after breakfast and was ready to go out and get food. When she initially arrived downstairs, she noticed a car parked at the community's entrance. The car, on the other hand, was still rather familiar. The door opened just as Tong Jia approached, and Song Yancheng got off in casual attire.

Tong Jia made the mistake of standing on one side and didn't come to her senses for a long time.

Song Yancheng was dressed casually, with sneakers on his feet. He appeared to be a recent graduate. He smiled as he approached Tong Jia and shook her hand. "What a coincidence!"

It was strange….! In her heart, Tong Jia spat. If Song Yancheng was simply passing through, she would go do a couple of somersaults[3] right now!

"What a coincidence." Who was it that had called him ‘the overbearing president’?

"Can you tell me where you're going? Is it possible for me to give you a ride?" Song Yancheng spoke quickly.

"No, it's close. Don't you still have work?" Tong Jia asked, waving her hand and smiling slightly. "I'm not going to hold you up.”

"No, no, no, you won't be." Song Yancheng tried to come up with an idea, but he hadn't planned ahead of time. When he woke up, he only thought of meeting her by chance. He didn't anticipate anything else to stick around for long.

The two people felt terribly embarrassed as they stared into each other's eyes.

Tong Jia had never seen anything like it. Song Yancheng likewise remained silent. She, too, would not be able to go right away. He didn’t act in accordance with common sense. She was unable to persuade him to understand. Standing in the sun, Tong Jia felt… depressed for the first time in a while!

"I'll treat you to a meal." Song Yancheng calculated that it was almost twelve o'clock, mealtime, and was pleased with his idea.

…He also didn’t play his cards in a rational manner.

Hadn’t he just been passing through? Wasn’t it just a coincidence that he wanted it to be?

Song Yancheng continued hastily when he noticed Tong Jia's silence. "Anyway, we just happened to cross paths. Let me treat you to a meal." He took a breath and added, calmly, "We can talk about Song Chi's problems."

Tong Jia was helpless and had no choice but to raise a white flag. "Thank you for sending me back yesterday, it’s more appropriate that I treat you to a meal."

Song Yancheng had an uneasy feeling. How could she treat him to a meal? However, he believed that as long as he could have a meal with Tong Jia, the outcome would be excellent. It would seem pointless to argue with her once more.

He nodded quickly without a thought, his heart pounding with embarrassment. "All right."

He had a reason to treat her to dinner because she was treating him to lunch.

It was a lot more pleasant to think in this manner.

"Do you mind parking here? I can recommend a good restaurant. It'll be a close call. It’ll be difficult to find a parking spot there." Tong Jia looked at Song Yancheng and asked.

The streets there were really narrow, and it was now the weekend and mealtime. She was scared it would be too crowded, and she didn't want to waste more than half an hour looking for a parking spot.

"It's not a problem at all." Song Yancheng followed Tong Jia after locking the car, and the two crossed the street side by side.

Song Yancheng was a tall man, and Tong Jia was just at the level of his shoulder without either of them realizing it. The most adorable height difference was walking down the street like that, and the high worth of their faces attracted many people to turn back.

Tong Jia led Song Yancheng down two streets and past several traffic signals, following the route she remembered. Song Yancheng walked aimlessly with one hand in his pocket. He didn't notice Tong Jia's face becoming increasingly vacant.

Tong Jia was a directional fool. To be specific, she was a self-confident directional bonehead. She always thought that she had remembered the route, but she couldn't recall where she had been once or twice, and in the end, she couldn't seem to find it.

Tong Jia came to a halt and struggled to recall something.

"What's the matter?" Song Yancheng asked curiously.

Tong Jia felt embarrassed. She gritted her teeth after a moment of hesitation. "...I forgot how to get there."

At first, Song Yancheng was taken aback. Then his lips were raised gently. "Then let's not dine there," he remarked, looking around and pointing to a shop with a huge line. "That shop has a lot of people in it, and must have good food, right?”

"..." Tong Jia was at a loss for words. Was Song Yancheng supposed to be so approachable?

The average consumption for that restaurant was only 15 yuan because it was a self-selecting fast food restaurant.

NOTE: Giving face - Paying respect.

Ten-thousand year old hermit - A person who doesn’t go anywhere much.

Somersault - A somersault is an acrobatic exercise in which a person's body rotates 360° around a horizontal axis with the feet passing over the head.

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