Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 2: Black-Hearted Lotus' Red Packet Group [1.2]

CHAPTER: Demons, Ghost, and Evil monsters' Wild dancing Red Packet Group

She pulled out Ji Wenqing's mobile phone, opened WeChat, and searched for 『Demons, Ghosts & evil Monsters' wild dancing Red Packet group』. Although the name was strange, it was the red packet group in the realm of cultivation, and the people there were all-powerful and really capable ones in their world. Originally, only the members of the group were allowed to enter in the group, but who made Wen Qing of the same kind? Before she came, she deliberately chose the golden finger with the Terrifying Black Packet. She was so familiar with this supernatural aura that she really found out the group by just following the scent.

The golden finger, 'Terrifying Black Packet' was taken from the protagonist after she completed the task last time. Unlike the general red packet having skills, pill delivery, and special items, the Terrifying Black Packet consisted of all types of curses and bad luck. Whoever grabs it would be unlucky, and you couldn't even get rid of its effects. Wen Qing suffered a lot in the last world because of it!

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】:Huh?A new person?And a young sister at that!

【Master Xiao Yao】:Newcomer!

【Taoist Master Hua Yin 】:Change the name!

【Taoist Master Yuan Zhen 】:Send your photos!

【Taoist Master Xuan Qing】:Meow for us!

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】:Sitting and waiting for the molestation to begin!

【Old Master Ge Huan】:Reveal your three sizes!

【Taoist Master Xuan Qing】:Hey, Hey,Up there! Don't expose your nature so quickly,you are scaring the lady!

【Taoist Master Yuan Zhen】:Young sister! Look at me. I am the most handsome in the group!*罒▽罒*

【Taoist Master Hua Yin】:Yuan Zhen,you needn't show your face, this master is the most handsome!

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】: Humph! The most beautiful man from all over the world is here, and you, jumpy clowns should stay away!

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: I've been holding back, the young sister has disappeared!



...when the group finally calmed down, Wen Qing began to reply:

【Grim Reaper】: Hello, everyone, I’m the Grim Reaper. I've heard that you need to send a red packet first after entering the group? Well, this is a small gift. You don't need to stand on ceremonies.

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Grim Reaper? The name is so domineering!

【Taoist Master Yuan Zhen】:Young sister learns very quickly. I can tell at a glance that we belong to the same generation!

『Taoist Master Qing Yuan grabbed your red packet.』

『Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang grabbed your red packet.』

『Old Master Ge Huan grabbed your red packet.』

『Taoist Master Hua Yin grabbed your red packet.』


The group who happily grabbed the red envelope opened the red envelope in a great mood, but---------

What the hell is the bad luck talisman*1?

【Grim Reaper】: I am a grim reaper, so my red packets have a little negative attribute. Don't mind everyone? ( ̄▽ ̄)

Wen Qing had already taken control of the black packet, so she could not only send curses, but also special items with negative attributes.

The other seven people in the group were all from the realm of cultivating immortals and have seen all kinds of talismans. But it was their first time that they have heard about bad luck talisman. Although they knew the effect by just hearing the name, they were still curious to take it back and examine it. In case it works, this thing could be used as a weapon.

【Master Xiao Yao】:We don't mind,it seems that young sister Grim Reaper is a kindred spirit, which sect do you belong to? Tian Fu Sect?

【Taoist Master Yuan Zhen】:My sect has never heard of any disciple who could make bad luck talismans. I've heard that Xuan Jin Sect had a genius in creating talismans, who destroyed my sect's first disciple! @Taoist Master Xuan Qing, does she belong to your family?

【Taoist Master Xuan Qing】:Yes。(=^^=)

【Grim Reaper】:Ke Ke,Sorry,I don't belong to any。

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】:Xuan Qing, don't you have any face?You big tail wolf!*

[TL NOTE: 充大尾巴狼 means big tail wolf; which means pretentious]

The members had some basic ideas and were ready to inquire more about Wen Qing. When the group master Qing Yuan suddenly piped up, sending “I don't want to live anymore” emoji before saying: "I’ve asked my junior brother to prepare some beauty pills to send them to young sister Grim Reaper as a greeting gift and then this master's hand slipped to press bad luck talisman trying to test its effect. Qin Hua, he --- his furnace exploded."

【Taoist Master Hua Yin】:Are you kidding me? Qing Hua is a 9th level alchemist. How could his furnace explode while refining some 3rd rank beautifying pills?

【Old Master Ge Huan】:Qing Hua hasn't had his furnace exploded for more than thousand years, right?

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】:It's true,Junior brother is now examining the reason, should I tell him, that was my pot?╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】: 2333*, yes, support you to confess.

[*TL NOTE: 2333 is Chinese internet slang for hahaha that's laughter, must tell you Chinese are really creative]

【Master Xiao Yao】:Inexplicable heartbreak for Taoist Master Qing Hua。

Others who were watching the hustle and bustle, also knew the bad luck talisman given by Wen Qing was really effective. In an instant, they imagined various methods to use the charm. For example; Use the one when you meet your sworn enemy..... Hehehe, this really was a treasure!

They were really happy, and all the members sent red packets to Wen Qing as the greeting gift.

『You received Taoist Master Qing Yuan's Beautifying Pill. 』

『You received Taoist Master Hua Yin's Breakthrough Pill.』

『You received Master Xiao Yao's Marrow Cleansing Pill.』


Wen Qing saw the rows of elixirs in [My Red Packets] but was not very interested. She had gone through a lot of realms already, and she could remain calm in the face of all kinds of magical things.

【Grim Reaper】:Thank you everyone, you could tell me anything you need in the future. @Taoist Master Qing Yuan could you give me administrator position?( ̄▽ ̄)

Wen Qing was expressionlessly showing her cuteness in the group, tapping her fingers quickly on the screen.

『Taoist Master Qing Yuan made you group leader。』

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】:Take it, take it. This group of bastards is too hard to control, they always bully their group leader. This old Taoist has long wanted to do it! Then, younger sister, could you send another red packet to this old Taoist?

【Grim Reaper】:Thank you,here。

『Taoist Master Qing Yuan received your red packet.』

【Master Xiao Yao】:Shameless Qing Yuan!

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】:Qing Yuan you are shameless!

With the group leader position, Wen Qing felt even more excited. Only with the group leader position, she could send a curse to the designated person! Wen Qing couldn't help but lick her lips and couldn't wait to get Mo Yao to join.

As she was thinking, the door of her room suddenly opened, and a woman who looked somewhat similar to Ji Wenqing walked in, "Qingqing, how come you are still in bed? You again stayed late yesterday? School is about to start, no staying up late like summer vacation again."

This was Ji Wenqing's mother. Wen Qing composed her expression for the moment she pushed the door, and nodded obediently, "Okay Mom, I will pay attention."

Mother Ji was surprised, "Why are you so obedient today?"

Wen Qing smiled but didn't say anything. she walked into the bathroom to wash up.

After breakfast, Ji's father and Ji's mother went to work. Wen Qing had nothing to do, so she took her wallet and went out. She wanted to dig a hole for Mo Yao before she joined the group!


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