Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 19: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [10.1]


Mo Yao felt angered to death. At first, these people begged her to advertise and sign a contract. Now she had an accident, and one by one they were all stabbing her!

Despicable! Shameless!

Mo Yao was secretly cursing them when there was a sudden noise outside the door, followed by a rowdy knock.

"You are evil! Open the door!"

The voice belonged to her gambler father who had disappeared for several months. Mo Yao knew that her good days had come to end as soon as he returned. He would steal her money and go drinking and gambling. This was not a good situation! She wanted Mo Dahai to stay outside and never come back!

Although Mo Yao was annoyed by Mo Dahai's return, he was still her father. Besides, she was encountering one bad thing after another. Therefore, Mo Yao went over and opened the door for him.

Just as she unlocked the door lock, the door was violently pushed. If not for Mo Yao's quick reflexes, she would have been slammed by the door!

Five people poured in as the door opened, led by Mo Yao's gambler father, Mo Dahai. Her father looked like he just escaped an extremely dangerous situation with his bloody nose, swollen face, and limping leg. His hair and clothes looked disheveled as if he had just returned from a fight.

The people that followed behind had a fierce look, they didn't look like people you would want to get along with. As soon as they came in, they teased in a big voice, "Yo! Old man Mo really did not lie, His daughter is really as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade!"

"Well, it seems like she's still young! Hehe, I really like virgins!"

Mo Yao immediately felt that something was wrong with the arrival of these people. The way they stared at her was making her uncomfortable. Out of trust in her father, she didn't think much of it at first. He was her father, how could he think of doing anything dirty to his own daughter, right?

Mo Dahai stared at her from the moment he walked in, scanning her up and down. The more he looked, the more satisfied he became. Mo Yao felt very uncomfortable under his strange gaze. She asked with a cold voice, "Dad, who are they? Where have you been all this time?”

"None of your business!" Mo Dahai was not at all polite when talking to her, which made Mo Yao upset. When he turned to the other five people, he smiled in a flattering manner. "Brother Hu, you see, this is my daughter..."

The man called Brother Hu has been staring at Mo Yao since he came in. He was obviously extremely satisfied as he nodded and said, "The goods are good, we could get a good price from it!"

The meaning of this word was clear enough, Mo Yao's face suddenly went ghastly pale. Mo Dahai actually wanted to sell her!

"Are you even human? I'm your daughter!" Mo Yao glared at him with her eyes wide open as she screamed, "I used to think you were only a gambling scum, but now you also want to sell me? Even a vicious tiger would not eat its cub. What's the difference between you and animals? Ptooey! Comparing you to an animal is an insult to the animal!"

Mo Dahai became angry from embarrassment and slapped her across the cheek. "You dared to talk back to me! I raised you, what's wrong if I trade you for some money? My seeds have to listen to me.”

Mo Yao's head spun due to his slap, she was seeing stars. Brother Hu squinted his eyes. "Who said you could beat her! What if such a good product breaks?"

Mo Dahai immediately put on a flattering expression and moved close to Brother Hu. "Yes yes, yes, brother Hu you are right, you see… Then the money I owe?”

"Since you said that your daughter was worth it, the two hundred thousand that you had owed us, JinDing would naturally forgive!”

Mo Dahai was full of joy. "Thank you, brother Hu!"

In a few words, the deal was settled. Mo Yao finally came to her senses at that moment and realized that Mo Dahai had really sold her. These people looked dangerous, and they would not be as easy to fool as Xu Qiang. While having fear in her heart she could not help but swear, "You son of a bitch! It’s illegal to buy and sell people. I will sue you! I'm an internet celebrity! I will expose you and send you to PRISON! ”

A big fellow beside Brother Hu, scoffed at Mo Yao with scorn, as if looking at a buffoon who overdid herself. "Hehe, you will sue us? Do you know where we’re from? JinDing! Internet celebrity? Ha, even a big star like Qiao Ningning was sold to our boss!”

Qiao Ningning was a small actress who had become popular in recent years. She was sexy and beautiful. She became famous as soon as she debuted. In terms of fame, even one hundred Mo Yao's could not be compared with Qiao Ningning!

Mo Yao's heart went frozen. What would she do? Was she about to be taken away by them?


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