Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 4: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [2.2]

CHAPTER: The Higher The One Climbs, The More Miserable Her Fall Would Be!

Mo Yao searched for half a day, but could not find the 'Leave the group' button, instead she found the 'My Red Packet' section. The section consisted of a nine-square grid, and at the top left corner square was a plate of honey chicken wings.

Mo Yao was baffled for a while and didn't respond at all. Was she hallucinating from the heatstroke?

She pinched herself, hiss! It hurts!

She tentatively clicked the chicken wings plate. A plate of chicken wings appeared in her hand instantly. When she looked back at the nine squared-grid, it was empty. The fat, plump chicken wings with the crystal clear honey were still steaming and exuding a mouth-watering aroma.

Mo Yao gulped a mouthful and finally realized that this was not a dream. Everything in front of her was real!

She could not control the joy in her heart. She had really lost it, hadn't she? Right? 

Happiness came so suddenly that she could not believe it. Such a good thing could happen to her!

Mo Yao nibbled the chicken wings happily, completely ignoring the instant noodles beside her. She had been eating instant noodles for most of the year, and had long become disgusted by it!

After eating a delicious meal, Mo Yao finally remembered the cranky red packet group. Taoist Master Qing Yuan called her twice and asked her to return the chicken wings.

Mo Yao’s face flushed suddenly. She already ate the chicken wings, and now only a pile of chicken bones were left.

【Mo Yao】: Uhh... Are you humans or ghosts?

Taoist Master Qing Yuan, who had just been comforted by Wen Qing's two plates of spicy hot duck necks, was immediately worked up at the sight of her message. First, she snatched his chicken wings and now she was questioning whether they were humans or ghosts!

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】:The group leader is the Grim Reaper, so of course, we are all ghosts!

They didn't know anything about the newcomer yet, so the others also didn't stop him.

Mo Yao believed him. Although she felt that dealing with a group of ghosts was quite scary, wealth and power would follow danger. This red packet group was too weird. She had never heard of such strange things, so she decided to let it go.

【Mo Yao】: Well, sorry. I didn't steal your chicken wings on purpose. I don’t know how I got into this group...

【Taoist Master Xuan Qing】: You are not from the Canglan Realm either?

【Mo Yao】: What is the Canglan Realm?

There was no need to ask, she definitely didn't belong to the Canglan Realm.

【Old Master Hua Yin】: What is the name of your world?

 [T/N: Taoist Master Hua Yin and Old Master Hua Yin are the same]

Mo Yao pondered for a long time, and then replied with "Earth". Since they were not from this world, it doesn't matter, to be honest.

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】: Strange, how come a person from another realm could enter again? @Grim Reaper, do you know what's going on?

【Grim Reaper】: I have no idea.

Seeing the familiar name, Mo Yao suddenly had a good feeling. She remembered that she had just grabbed this person's honey chicken wings.

They discussed it for a long time, but none of them had any clue about it. Finally, they dropped the argument and started to tease the newcomer!

【Old Master Ge Huan】: All newcomers have to send their selfies! Come on. Now send your selfie!

Mo Yao went stiff immediately. She turned to look at the mirror and saw the fat ugly body which made her disgusted.

【Mo Yao】: Let's not do that, I am so ugly that I’m afraid I'd scare you. (^_^)

【Taoist Master Hua Yin】: No problem, everyone is afraid of something! There is nothing that the beautifying pill couldn't solve!

Hua Yin sent the message, followed by a red packet. Mo Yao subconsciously opened it.

『You received Taoist Master Hua Yin's Beautifying pill.』

Mo Yao was so shocked that she nearly dropped her phone on the ground. Beautifying pill?! It's not what she thinks it is, right?

She was doubtful, yet she could not help but anticipate. Her fingers were trembling while tapping on the beautifying pill in the nine squared-grid. The next moment, a round, full milky white pill appeared in her hand.

Mo Yao held her breath. Her head spun as if all the blood was flowing to her forehead. She instinctively threw the pills into her mouth and swallowed them in one gulp. She was afraid that this was her own illusion and once she sobered up again, she would have nothing. Only by swallowing it, she could be at ease.

Mo Yao grabbed the red packet and disappeared again, so several people in the group chat dismissed her as someone who loved to take advantage only. So, they didn't take further interest in her.

The corners of Wen Qing’s lips hooked up into a smile. If it followed the trajectory of the original plot, Mo Yao would use the red packet, so it would take some time for her to appear. Back then, Mo Yao was the only fresh face in the group and she was from another world, so everyone was interested in her. So naturally, they wouldn’t mind her attitude. But now the situation was different. They were not too enthusiastic about Mo Yao after they met Wen Qing earlier than her. Meeting with Mo Yao was not as pleasant as the plate of honeyed chicken wings that they were looking forward to!

As for Wen Qing, why not just kick Mo Yao out of the group? That's because -- The Higher The One Climbs, The More Miserable Her Fall Would Be!

Mo Yao used several basins of water to wash her smelly body. She stared at her naked body in the mirror. She was pleasantly surprised to discover the tire around her waist was gone! Her skin was paler than before, and it even had inexplicably pretty and delicate facial features!

Mo Yao was so excited that she felt her heart might jump out. She hurriedly returned to her room and turned on her phone.

【Mo Yao】: Thank you for the Beautifying pill, Great God Hua Yin! The effect was incredible!

Everyone had their own work, so they couldn’t stay in the group chat all the time. It had been a while since Mo Yao sent her message, but no one replied. She had no choice but to wait patiently.


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