Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 59: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [10]

Qu Tiange couldn't resist and almost vomited one mouthful of blood again. How could this happen? How could He Wenqing find out about her space? Unexpectedly, she was able to deprive her of the space with which she had already formed a contract!

The fear in her heart grew infinitely. He Wenqing knew that she was reborn and knew about her space. Was she also like her? No, that would be impossible. She didn't have any innate space at all in her previous life. Even if she was reborn, she wouldn't know!

Perhaps, there was something strange about her. She could see through people's past and hidden treasures. Yes, it must be so! She saw her past, so she knew that she was reborn. She saw that she had treasures, so she used the cultivation of two levels higher than herself to deprive her of it.

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