Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 50: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [3.2]

Although Wen Qing cultivated fast, she did not think that 《Decisive Yin and Yang》could be worse than Qu Tiange’s《Xuantian's Nine Reversions》. Yin and Yang, water as Yin, fire as Yang. With both Yin and Yang harmonized one could achieve anything.

Unlike the spiritual root, the cultivation of immortality’s major keys was understanding and perseverance. Thankfully Wen Qing did not lack both. Therefore, it took only one year for Wen Qing to build the foundation successfully, a year earlier than the original owner, He Wenqing.

During that time, Qu Tiange hadn't come out yet.

However, her cultivation speed was too fast, which startled Huayin. He was afraid that her state was unstable and her foundation was not firm. Therefore, he told her, "It's not impossible to build a foundation in one year, but for the sake of your safety, you should slow down. Before you proceed any further to Foundation Establishment and Foundation Building, you should form a strong 'foundation'."

In the context of cultivation, Wen Qing was still a novice and naturally listened to his proposal.

Wen Qing's spiritual root was special. She couldn’t refine both her pellet and magic as her skills were not stable enough. Therefore, without practicing every day, she was idle. Well, it was not idle. She was busy honing her culinary skills, cooking, and feeding some great people.

Concurrently, the spirit beast in Xiao Putuo disappeared at the speed of lighting.

Wen Qing was strolling around Xiao Putuo Mountain, thinking about what to eat as the previous day they ate sweet and sour fillet, the day before they had cumin ribs, and the day before they had braised sea bass. She wanted to cook something light today.

While in thought a white shadow flew in front of her. Wen Qing’s eyes brightened. Got it! Chicken stew with mushrooms!

Wen Qing raised her hand and threw the golden net, covering the big white chicken. The white chicken was caught in the net instantly. It struggled, making noises. But the more it struggled the tighter the net was until it fainted.

Wen Qing satisfactorily put her golden net away. This magic tool was fairly convenient. The tools in the Canglan realm were divided into Magic tools, Spirit tools, and treasure tools from the lowest to the highest. There were also celestial tools and magical weapons, however, they were legendary items. Moreover, each tool, according to their levels could be divided into the lower grade, middle grade, top-grade, and supreme grade. Wen Qing's golden net was a supreme grade treasure tool.

Nascent soul bearer cultivators might not have supreme grade treasure tools, but Huayin specially made one to let her catch the spirit beast.

Wen Qing neatly picked up the big white chicken and placed it in the pot for stewing. It was enough for seven people. The aroma gradually diffused. Huayin smelled it and asked, "This smells good, what did you cook today?"

"Chicken stew with mushrooms!"

"Huh? Isn't the Yunguan golden pheasant on our mountain eaten up?"

"I do not know where this chicken came from but It was big enough for seven people to eat." Wen Qing casually said.

Huayin took a deep breath and identified it. "Vigorous life force, it is a seventh-level spirit beast." He glanced at the distant feathers, and guessed in his heart, "Elder Qu of the great Qingfeng had a pet snow pheasant, seventh-level, white feathers, and extremely fat."

Wen Qing felt a cold chill, Elder Qu? There was only one Elder Qu in Taiyi Sect, Qu Tiange's father. Wen Qing raised her eyebrow, what was his name? Enemies and lovers were destined to cross paths. However, it was just a chicken. It was meant to be eaten. What else could you do?

She didn't take it seriously, and Huayin wouldn’t take it to heart. Poor elder Qu who lost his spiritual pet almost turned Taiyi inside! He angrily poured out torrents of abuse for several days.

On this day, Wen Qing was practicing, and suddenly she felt her spiritual energy tumbling, and immediately polarizing in a direction. Wen Qing stopped her cultivation. She pushed the door and saw Huayin coming out as well.

The whole energy of the Taiyi sect was boiling. It gathered at The great Qing Mountain, forming a huge aura vortex.

After a while, the Aura vortex gradually dispersed, and there appeared a vision of the dragon and the phoenix in the air. There was also celestial music. The sun was splendidly shining all over the sky

Who else but Qu Tiange could make such a big spectacle? However, so much for only a Golden core, no wonder she was the female protagonist! There was no such thing when Wen Qing had her golden core! After a quiet sleep, she woke up with a golden core.

The whole Taiyi sect was shocked, and everyone looked up at this earth-shattering scene. Elder Qu laughed, "Haha! My child is a prodigy! The golden core could trigger a vision of heaven and earth, and there would be no limit to future achievements!"

"Congratulations to Brother Qu! Tiange had natural talent. It is also my sect's luck."

"Thank you for your good wishes."

While the congratulatory exchange was rung below, in Xiao Putuo mountain, there was no sound. Wen Qing did not speak, because she already knew about this, but it was unusual that Huayin also did not react. He was the Taiyi sect's Sect master. The sect had such a prodigy, he should be happy, right?

"That's not right!"

"What's not right?"

Huayin looked dignified, "That Celestial Shining Pearl just now was somewhat strange, there was a very uncomfortable feeling."

Wen Qing contemplated for a minute, then she decided to tell him something. "It’s nothing strange. Qu Tiange was a variable between heaven and earth."

"What variable?!"


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