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Chapter 157: Global Live Broadcasting [10]

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As Wen Qing lifted her eyes, all she could see were crumbling walls and ruins, charred earth. Survivors with disheveled hair and dirty faces drove their vehicles numbly, fleeing for their lives. Groups of zombies roamed around, excitedly chasing after the scent of blood and gathering together to feast...

This was the true face of the apocalypse.

Compared to this, Ningcheng was truly a paradise in the end of the world.

Liao Tao threw a fire dragon, clearing the nearby zombies, and turned to ask Wen Qing, "Boss, we'll reach Dongcheng after this county. Should we take a rest here?"

Wen Qing nodded. "Okay."

They had left Ningcheng two days ago. The journey had been relatively peaceful, with only a few small groups of zombies along the way, posing no significant obstacles. Their destination was Dongcheng, the territory where the male protagonist, Ye Qiong, resided.

Under the efficient governance of Wen Qing and Zhou Hanzhou, Ningcheng had quickly transitioned into a well-ordered city within a month. If it weren't for the occasional appearance of zombies outside the city, one would almost believe that the apocalypse had never arrived. That was why Wen Qing had left with peace of mind.

With Wen Qing intentionally livestreaming their journey, she believed that the Earth would not suffer the same fate as depicted in the original plot. However, there were still some uncertain factors to resolve, such as the other six "Survival Systems."

After obtaining Wen Qing's consent, Liao Tao quickly cleared an empty space and unloaded the pots, bowls, pans, and gas stove from the car. Once everything was set up, he approached Wen Qing, rubbing his hands together, and asked, "Boss, what are we having today?"

For a food lover like him, Liao Tao's greatest reward from following Wen Qing was being able to enjoy different delicacies every day. The dishes he ate in the apocalypse were even more delicious and exquisite than what he had before. Even the most ordinary ingredients, when prepared by her, became mouthwatering. Liao Tao even wondered if Boss had a natural "Gourmet Buff"!

"We don't have many ingredients left, so let's keep it simple. How about fried rice with ham, shrimp, and eggs?"

"Okay, okay, okay! Boss, anything you make is delicious!" Liao Tao eagerly nodded, salivating. That's why Wen Qing liked taking him along when she went out. She didn't bring anyone else this time, only Liao Tao. It was because this chubby guy was truly the king of enhancing the atmosphere—his enjoyment of food not only made it taste good to him, but also made others appetized just by watching. Rumor had it that one could eat two extra bowls of rice just by watching him eat.

Because of him, the interstellar audience's longing for great Chinese cuisine has surpassed the vastness of the stars and seas! Yesterday, Albalo informed Wen Qing that the Alliance Government had formed a pioneer team to explore the route to Earth, and they estimated to arrive on Earth three months later.

What ultimately convinced the Alliance Government to make this decision was the luxurious gift package that Wen Qing gave them—a hot pot! The combination of spicy beef butter and rich bone broth formed the yin and yang base of the hot pot. It was accompanied by beef balls, pork balls, lamb rolls, fatty beef rolls, shrimp paste, fish balls... and various vegetables. It was all packed and sent to Castro, asking him to help host a feast for the government and military high-ranking officials. It was said that the last beef ball nearly sparked a bloodbath. Then, on that same day, the Alliance Government issued a directive to prioritize the opening of the Blue Star route.

Wen Qing diced the ham, sliced the green onions, and cracked two eggs. She stir-fried them in the pot and set them aside. She then stir-fried the marinated shrimp until cooked, and finally added the eggs, ham, and rice to stir-fry together... When away from home, simplicity was key, so Wen Qing quickly whipped up the dish. Although the steps were simplified, the flavor was not compromised. The aroma of the egg fried rice wafted through the air, causing mouths to water.

[The evolved version of egg fried rice!! Drooling.jpg]

[Last time I was lucky enough to grab some egg fried rice. The taste was amazing. This time, with the addition of shrimp and ham, it's going to be even better!]

[Host, host, I have a batch of advanced nutrient solution. It's free shipping, dear! I'll trade it for egg fried rice!]

[Fatso is stealing my egg fried rice again!]

[I've already collected 372 knives! Once we arrive on Blue Star, I'll personally stab that chubby guy to death!]

[Fatso, stop eating! Leave some for us, please!]


In the past month, Wen Qing occasionally cooked extra food and sent it by courier to the interstellar audience. So, when viewers saw the amount of food she cooked, they could tell whether there was a chance of a feast. Today, Wen Qing only cooked three bowls of rice, and she had calculated that the chubby guy would have two bowls while she had one. However, the audience was relentless and always felt that if the chubby guy had one bowl, Wen Qing had one bowl, there should still be one bowl left... In reality, the chubby guy had a large appetite, and whenever he ate more, it made the audience itch with jealousy because they always felt that he was eating their share!

That's also why the chubby guy garnered so much resentment.

Wen Qing took a few bites but couldn't continue eating. She couldn't ignore the intense gazes around her. There were youths, children, and elderly people. Liao Tao had cleared an open space, so the nearby survivors gradually gathered there. They were disheveled, looking haggard with sunken eye sockets and cracked lips—a manifestation of hunger and dehydration.

Their eyes flickered with a strong desire for food, as if they could see a faint green light. However, due to Liao Tao's previous display of immense power, no one dared to make any sudden moves for the time being. But Wen Qing knew that they would soon be unable to restrain themselves because the instinctual need for food would inevitably overcome fear.

Finally, someone made a move. Three young men slowly approached, licking their cracked lips, their eyes filled with madness, like ferocious beasts in a fight to the death.

"Hand over all your food!"

Their hoarse voices sounded like broken gongs. Liao Tao lifted his head from devouring his food, his gaze dazed as he looked at them. "Huh? What did you say?"

This reaction made the three individuals feel provoked, but anger was completely unwarranted in the face of food. The three men slowly spread out, encircling Liao Tao in the middle. As for Wen Qing, because she hadn't made any moves throughout, they completely overlooked her, treating her as Liao Tao's sidekick.

What was even more alarming was that other survivors, seeing someone take the lead, couldn't hold back anymore. With limited resources and increasing desperation, if they didn't act first, they wouldn't even get a scrap to eat in the end.

Wen Qing leaned against the car, her expression neither sad nor happy as she watched it all unfold. The ugliness of the apocalypse once again revealed itself. She didn't feel superior for being on the stronger side, nor could she scorn or look down upon the struggles of the weak. When survival itself became a problem, what was there to talk about in terms of righteousness and morality? If she didn't have the space, the livestream, the experience of multiple lifetimes, and all the advantages, she would just be an ordinary person who might not have done any better than these ordinary people. In the apocalypse, not everyone had the courage to resort to any means necessary to survive.

[This is the true nature of the apocalypse...]

[The ugliness of human nature is laid bare, morality is lost. It repeatedly challenges my understanding of humanity.]

[Sad, lamentable, and pathetic!]

[That's why I don't watch live streams from other channels. I only watch my favorite host as she cooks delicious food. Why would I want to watch those live streams that destroy my worldview?]

[Same! I don't watch other live streams either, I only follow my favorite host, but I've never been able to catch their attention for a feed! I'm crying...]

[Actually, I've always felt that the global livestream organized by the Alliance government is extremely inhumane. If research is needed, let the research institutes handle it. Why should they open it to us ordinary citizens? I don't know what mindset is required to watch others struggle for survival without any resentment.]

[I've been wanting to say this for a long time. The Alliance constantly talks about human nature and human rights, but their actions are so unethical. Aren't the Blue Star people humans too? Even if they're not part of the Alliance, as long as they belong to the human race, they should enjoy full human rights.]

[I suggest the government carefully consider the matter of global live broadcasting. Blue Star's inclusion in the interstellar community is an inevitable trend, and we don't want this issue to breed resentment among the Blue Star people. The host has said that being in a good mood is one of the reasons for cooking delicious food. For the sake of good food, we can't let the Blue Star people have a bad mood!]

[Agree with the comment above!]

[Agree +1!]


Wen Qing raised an eyebrow. Had they finally realized their mistake? Regardless of the reason, it was a cause for celebration that the interstellar people were starting to reflect on their actions.

It wasn't the appropriate time and place, otherwise Wen Qing would have definitely taken advantage of the situation to make them feel guilty to the core!

The chubby man, surrounded by the crowd, showed none of the demeanor of a master. Rather, his cowardice was evident, and his aura of arrogance leaked out. He continued to shovel food into his mouth while squealing, "Don't lay a hand on me! Let me tell you, a true gentleman settles matters with words, not violence. We're all civilized people here, let's talk it out, let's talk it out..."

It wasn't that he was cowardly, but after following the boss for so long, he had gained some understanding of her principles. Unless it was truly a case of extreme wickedness, she generally wouldn't harm humans. In this chaotic world, there were many villains, but in the time he had spent with her, he had only seen her kill twice. The first time was when a group of bastards raped and abused women, and she rescued over ten half-naked girls who had been completely ravaged, with several of them even dead. That was the first time he witnessed her committing murder. The second time was when she dealt with a group of "cannibals" who specifically targeted women and children because their flesh was the most tender...

In the apocalypse, there would always be things and people that pushed the boundaries of human decency.

To the point where even food looting didn't seem as despicable. That's why Liao Tao hesitated, unsure if he should intervene.

However, the war didn't break out in the end. The roaring sound of a car engine could be heard from a distance, and several logistics trucks arrived in an instant.

A group of people jumped down from the vehicles, with a few of them exuding a faint military aura. They walked directly to Wen Qing's cooking station, seemingly oblivious to the confrontation between the two sides. "Hey, ham and shrimp fried rice, my favorite!"

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