Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 150: Global Live Broadcasting [3]

After eating, Wen Qing grabbed her streamlined backpack and a baseball bat, then headed out.

This was a newly developed villa area, where only a few sets of houses had been sold. As a result, the community was almost deserted. With few people, there were also few zombies, and only a few sporadically wandered aimlessly on the road.

When Wen Qing rode her bike past them, she stopped to observe. Their eyes were grayish-white with bloodshot veins. Their skin was stiff and pale, their nails sharp and thin, their bodies dry and thin as if they had been drained of water. They looked almost identical to the zombies she had encountered in the second world, and the zombie settings in the novel world were probably all the same.

Wen Qing unleashed her spiritual energy, and the male zombie in a real estate work outfit standing in front of her immediately turned around and pounced towards her. After dodging, Wen Qing used her spiritual energy to wrap herself up again, and the zombie spun around aimlessly, as if it had lost its target.

It seemed that zombies were not sensitive to spiritual energy. Wen Qing was relieved. With the aura of "insulating clothes", she didn't have to resort to violence unless necessary.

Wen Qing rode her bike leisurely, as if she was going on an outing. The live camera in front of her dutifully followed her. Meanwhile, Albalo, watching from behind the screen, was annoyed. Why are her players different from others? This is the end of the world, can you be a little nervous like everyone else?

"Why didn't the zombie bite her?"

"Is it because of her ability? What kind of ability does she have?"

"Zombie immunity?"

"What is she riding?"

"It's a transportation vehicle from the medieval era."

"It's so slow! And without any protection, isn't it easy to get injured by zombies?"

"Why doesn't she go and rob for food? Didn't they say they need to eat three times a day?"

"According to the latest research by experts, what she's riding is called a bicycle, a type of transportation tool from the Middle Ages that relies on human power. The most important thing is that it's free to use and available for everyone to share. You can stop and go as you please, making it incredibly convenient!"

"Oh my god! The welfare on Blue Star is so good! They even share their transportation tools! @Alliance Government, you should learn from Blue Star and share the interstellar battleships too!"


The imaginative audience has gone from shared bikes to shared battleships, filling the screen with bullet comments. Unfortunately, Wen Qing couldn't see them. She rode her bike out of the gate of the community and turned north, heading towards the city center.

Wen Qing was located in the southern suburbs, and there was a provincial road at the gate of the community that was the main artery of the entire Ningcheng. Ningcheng was just a third-tier city, with flat terrain and a dense population. These innate conditions meant that Ningcheng was not a good place to stay, as it was highly susceptible to zombie attacks.

In the original story, Lin Wenqing chose to establish her base here for three reasons. Firstly, she was born and raised in this city and was the most familiar with it. Secondly, Ningcheng was a city primarily focused on food processing, located in the grain-rich Luodong Province. And thirdly, the provincial military district was less than a hundred miles south of Ningcheng, and conventional weapons were still useful in the early days of the apocalypse. These three reasons ultimately led Lin Wenqing to decide to establish her own base here.

Wen Qing had no intention of establishing a base, but chose to stay in this place because she was most familiar with the plot that had taken place here.

Heading north, the road was initially quite smooth, but as she got closer to the city center, the traffic became increasingly congested. Private cars, motorcycles, and buses were all crowded together, completely blocking the road. With no other choice, Wen Qing parked her bike on the side of the road and started clearing the way.

Wen Qing controlled her spiritual energy to push the vehicles aside, placing them neatly on the green belts on either side of the road. She completely cleared the road and refused to allow any disorderly parking, promoting civilized traffic starting with herself.

[What the hell! What kind of black technology is this?]

Albalo was shocked. Wen Qing's abilities had completely stunned him. How did she manage to move objects out of thin air?!

Wen Qing responded nonchalantly, "Is this such a big deal? Don't worry, you'll be even more amazed in the future!" Finally, she added mysteriously, "The Earth is not as simple as you think."

"Damn! Has she awakened her spiritual ability? Didn't you see how all those cars were moved?"

"Even General Castro, who has the highest psychic ability in the Alliance, can't move objects from a distance. Doesn't she have a psychic ability?"

"Then what is it? Why does she always awaken these strange abilities?"

"Am I the only one curious about why she always talks to herself? There's no one else around her, is there?"

"Upon careful consideration, is it possible that there are people around her that we cannot see?"

"According to unreliable sources, Captain Seinstein played a game with others on the Blue Planet, where he chose players and pretended to be an intelligent system in order to compete and determine the winner. This person should be one of the selected players."

"Is it true or false?"

"It's true, I heard about it too."

"I can't even express my thoughts, all I can say is that they really know how to have fun!"

"Will they not violate the laws of the Alliance? Isn't it not allowed to violate the rights of citizens?"

"It's not within the jurisdiction of the Interstellar Alliance, they are not Alliance citizens."


Wen Qing did not conceal the fact that she was talking to the system, she just wanted to bring this matter to the attention of the general public. Perhaps, some viewers who couldn't bear to see it would stop it?

Passing by a duck neck shop, Wen Qing said to Albalo, "Let me tell you, the duck neck at this shop is unparalleled! People from the neighboring city even drive over to queue up for it! The owner has inherited the secret recipe for three generations. The duck neck taste is superb, it's fragrant, spicy, sweet, numbing, salty, crispy, and tender! Even extra spicy isn't enough, it must be insanely spicy! Spicy to the point of sweating all over the body, the mouth on fire, not to mention how satisfying it is!"

On the surface, Wen Qing was talking to Albalo, but in reality, she was addressing the audience of the Interstellar Alliance who were watching her live stream. As she spoke, she kept swallowing saliva, and the viewers in front of the screen also subconsciously followed her lead.

"The spicy crayfish here is also not bad. They're large and fresh. The owner is honest. The crayfish are cleaned thoroughly, and there's plenty of seasoning! A plate of bright red spicy crayfish is enough for three or four people to eat!"

"The small wontons from this place are so fresh! The skin is thin and the filling is tender, with a delicious and rich broth. They use big bones to simmer the soup, which turns into a thick milky white color. They add some tender green onion, fresh red chili oil, shrimp, and seaweed. I also like to sprinkle some pepper powder. After taking a sip of the soup and a bite of the wonton, the taste is so fresh that it makes your tongue swallow!

*Wonton: A type of dumpling commonly found in a number of Chinese cuisines.

"The grilled skewers from this place are especially delicious! The beef and mutton are all freshly picked by the owner in the morning, marinated with their unique secret sauce for eight hours, and then grilled in the evening. The fresh and tender beef and mutton are placed on the grill, and when they start to sizzle and oil comes out, the fragrance can be smelled from several blocks away! Sprinkle some cumin, dip in some chili, and sprinkle some roasted sesame... Oh my goodness, just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

Albalo and other viewers in front of the screen were extremely resentful. Are you promoting food? Why do you have to describe it in such detail and make it so tempting?

"I finally understand why the Blue Star people eat three meals a day, plus fruit, afternoon tea, and late-night snacks! If it were me, I would probably eat ten meals a day!"

"My ignorance has limited my imagination. I used to ridicule the Blue Star people as backward for not having long-term nutritional supplements, and wasting about three hours a day on eating. It turns out that they eat this kind of food! Ignorance is really frightening!"

"Has the route to Blue Star for tourism been opened? I want to go to Blue Star to eat duck neck, wontons, sweet and sour pork ribs, spicy crayfish..."

"When will the Alliance government efficiently respond to public opinion? The sharing battleship can wait, can you open the route to Blue Star first?"

"The ticket can be expensive, but the time must be fast!"




As Wen Qing cleaned the streets, she introduced the local delicacies. Little did she know that her plan to lure the interstellar people with food was beginning to show results.

With several lifetimes of experience, Wen Qing had become extremely proficient in controlling spiritual energy. She could use it effortlessly, directing it wherever she wanted. In no time, she had cleaned half the street. This commotion naturally drew the attention of both the zombies and the people hiding in the shadows.

Dealing with the zombies was easy; Wen Qing simply expanded her spiritual energy shield around herself, creating a vacuum zone with a diameter of three meters. When the zombies approached, they were blocked by the shield and couldn't get near her. But those humans spying on her from the shadows were not so easily dealt with.

In fact, quite a few people had already discovered her. They were shocked and incredulous to see her cleaning the streets amidst the zombie horde. They couldn't believe that anyone would do such a thankless job in the apocalypse.

"Is she crazy?" inquired a man, hiding with over 20 other men and women behind the goods shelves in a supermarket, observing the scene outside through the glass.

"I don't know if she's crazy or not, but it's obvious that she has supernatural powers!" replied someone else.

"This power is too damn useful! It's immune to zombies, and can even move things remotely! It's the perfect tool for killing and looting in the apocalypse!"

"But why is she cleaning the streets?"

"To train her powers? It can't be to maintain traffic order and create a beautiful city, right?"

Translator’s Two Cents: Who needs nukes when you have food? If aliens invade, just feed them dumplings!


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