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Chapter 173: Golden Fingers Big Bang [2]

After Wen Qing finished high school, she moved out of her uncle's house. Her uncle and aunt treated her well and didn't covet her parents' inheritance as some relatives do in novels. Instead, her uncle would give her pocket money on holidays, and her aunt often bought her clothes. However, despite the kindness, living with them still gave her a sense of being a guest, so after graduating from high school, Wen Qing found a reason to move out.

Once back at her own home, the first thing she did after closing the doors and windows was to enter the infinite space. She needed to check if her golden fingers were still functional and how many of them she could use.

Phoenix, upon seeing her, immediately approached with excitement. "Sis, did you find the opportunity to perfect your merits?"

"Probably," Wen Qing replied, not entirely certain. She had a vague feeling that this might be the opportunity she had been seeking, but she wasn't entirely confident.

Phoenix, however, sounded sure of himself. "Definitely. I have a premonition because we have a contract between us. I can sense my own destiny, including a part of yours."

With his words, Wen Qing felt more assured. "I'll take your good wishes then." After a moment's thought, she asked him, "Do you want to go out for a while? If you do, you'll need to stay close to me in your reduced form, and I may need your help when necessary."

In this world, facing various individuals with their own golden fingers, she was concerned that she might not be able to handle everything alone. She trusted Phoenix's formidable strength.

"No problem!" Phoenix eagerly agreed. He had been itching to get out of the space for a while.

Wen Qing instructed him further, "Once you're out, follow my orders and don't cause trouble."

"I got it, sis. You're quite the talkative one!" Phoenix wasn't clueless about prioritizing matters, especially during such a crucial time when he wouldn't want to hinder her.

Wen Qing assessed the golden fingers she had reclaimed in the endless space and selected a few that she might need:

The Terror Black Package could be useful as she could gather all the golden finger holders into a group and manage them collectively, provided they were willing to follow her.

She must have the Cultivation Space because she had already encountered cultivators on her way back. Among all the power systems, the cultivation system was undoubtedly the strongest. To suppress cultivators, she needed to start from here.

The Interdimensional trader was also worth considering since when she had retrieved it, Jiang Xiaoman had already opened seven different dimensions, including cultivation and magic ones. It could serve as an additional resource when necessary.

As for other abilities like time travel, rebirth, red envelope groups, palace intrigue systems, Taobao systems, X-ray vision, yin and yang eyes, apocalyptic spaces, planting spaces, and so on, most of these functions were already covered by the three golden fingers she had selected. There was no need to bring all of them along.

Wen Qing attempted to bring these three golden fingers out at the same time, and to her surprise, it worked. In the past, there had been restrictions, allowing her to carry only one type at a time. Perhaps it was related to the number of golden finger holders in the world she was in. In her previous world, there had been only one person with a golden finger, so she could only carry one. This world had many golden finger holders, and the corresponding restrictions on her had loosened. This would make her actions much more convenient.

Wen Qing first cultivated in the Cultivation Space until she reached the Nascent Soul stage and gained enough self-defense abilities before emerging from it. Due to the time difference between the space and the outside world, she had practiced many times, becoming quite proficient. Thus, she managed to reach the Nascent Soul stage in just half a day of external time.

As night fell, Wen Qing activated her invisibility technique and rode her sword out. She wanted to see how many golden finger carriers there were in this world.

Well, as soon as she stepped out, she encountered one, and he happened to live in the same residential area as her. Four bright red characters floated above his head - "Spendthrift System". It was as visible as a spotlight from afar. Wen Qing approached on her sword and immediately saw the barrage of text above his head:

[System, are you serious? You're really giving me 100 million? No one can find out?]

[Spending it all in a week? Easy! Making money is hard, but spending it? Piece of cake!]

[If I can't spend it all, I have to die? Don't worry, it's just 100 million. I can buy a few houses casually, right?]


Wen Qing placed a mark on the Spendthrift System guy using her spiritual energy and then left.

She flew her sword over Z City, circling above it a few times, and found another girl with the "Actress System". Together with the four she had encountered this morning, and the Spendthrift System guy, she discovered six golden finger carriers in Z City. This probability was already quite high. Six in one city, how many would there be in one province? Or a whole country?

Fortunately, these golden finger carriers were not affected by any physical obstructions. Even when Wen Qing flew in mid-air, she could spot them through buildings. Otherwise, it would have taken her forever to find them one by one.

After circling a few more times to confirm that there were only these six golden finger carriers in Z City, Wen Qing returned home. Seeing that it was almost dawn, she decided not to continue her cultivation but instead analyzed the information she had gathered on these individuals.

Dealing with a reborn woman and a transmigrating man was relatively straightforward; their golden fingers were mainly related to memories from their past lives, so sealing that part of their memories would suffice. Without these overpowered memories, what would make them different from ordinary people? After all, transmigrators and reborn individuals didn't come with an increase in intelligence.

Handling those with various system-related golden fingers was also not difficult. She just needed to separate the systems from them. It was the cultivator, Chen Hong, and the mind reader that posed a bit of a challenge.

Chen Hong, the cultivator, had bought a keychain for two yuan at a street market, and after dripping blood on it, he unexpectedly opened a cave for cultivation. This led him onto the path of cultivation. He started late, had no guidance, and the spiritual energy in his cave was insufficient. After years of stumbling along, he had only reached the seventh level of Qi cultivation. Although that level was unimpressive in the world of cultivation, it still placed him above ordinary people. To deal with him, Wen Qing needed to take away his cultivation cave and seal his cultivation base. When necessary, she might also need to seal his memories related to cultivation, but that wouldn't be too troublesome.

As for the mind reader, that was a bit tricky. Such an ability was mysterious and couldn't be sealed like cultivation or separated like a system. Wen Qing would need to carefully consider how to resolve this issue.

After breakfast, Wen Qing went to school as usual, planning to inform her teachers that she needed an extended leave. With so many unpredictable factors and potential explosions around, who knew when and where something might go wrong? If she stayed at school all the time, she wouldn't be able to respond in time if an emergency occurred, so she preferred to keep a close watch.

When she went to request a leave, she happened to run into the reborn girl doing the same. The girl was in the class next door, and their homeroom teacher's offices were conveniently adjacent. So, when Wen Qing walked over, she could clearly see the text floating above the girl's head:

["The land in the north of the city is about to be developed. I must convince my parents to buy several houses there. After demolition, even with just compensation, we can live comfortably for a lifetime."]

["If my parents don't believe it, I'll secretly use the five million I won yesterday to buy it! May Buddha bless me, please don't let me down! I must win, I must win..."]

Whether Buddha would bless her or not was hard to say, but Wen Qing certainly didn't want to see her succeed so easily. Did she think she could claim all the good things in her reborn life? Taking the five million jackpot for herself and then claiming the compensation for the demolished houses as well – what about the people who were supposed to benefit from that in their previous lives? It was originally their opportunity, and now she was trying to snatch it away?

Greed knows no bounds. Wen Qing hadn't planned to meddle in the girl's lottery ticket purchase in the first place, mainly because those who bought lottery tickets were mostly gamblers. So, she didn't care who would eventually get the prize. However, when it came to trying to earn that compensation money, Wen Qing strongly disagreed.

Therefore, after requesting her leave, Wen Qing followed behind the girl and enveloped the lottery ticket in her pocket with spiritual energy before crushing it into pieces.

Being reborn was already a significant stroke of luck. Studying diligently and becoming strong was the way to go. Wasn't becoming stronger than anything else the best approach? Always seeking shortcuts without considering the consequences could jeopardize one's blessings.

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