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Chapter 175: Golden Fingers Big Bang [4]

In just a moment, Wen Qing returned with the unconscious Cheng Feng, throwing him on the ground. Simultaneously, she took out a piece of paper with the words, "The system has been sealed; this is the ultra-modern weapon as his first mission completion reward."

While Wen Qing spoke, she placed the item on the ground.

Xiao Lin concealed his astonishment and nodded, signaling to Ling Qi to put away the item. He addressed Wen Qing, "Thank you. If there are similar situations in the future, can we ask for your help again?"

A white paper materialized, and it read: "I am obliged by duty."

Ling Qi and his group immediately felt relieved. They weren't trying to shirk their responsibilities or pass their duties to someone else. It was just that some tasks were beyond their capabilities. Having someone with extraordinary abilities assist them might make things much easier, even though they hadn't yet fully understood this person's background.

On the same day, Xiao Lin reported Wen Qing's assistance to his superiors. As expected, their thoughts aligned with his. Regardless of this person's motivations for helping them, as long as they stood by their side, they couldn't and had no reason to refuse.

As for the ultra-modern weapon, it was handed over to the relevant authorities for research, and there was no news about it as of yet.

On the day Wen Qing learned of the higher-ups' stance, she provided Xiao Lin with information on all 81 individuals who possessed the golden fingers, including dangerous ones like Tang Xiaofei and wealth accumulators like the reborn woman. Regardless of whether they currently posed a threat, Wen Qing believed it was necessary for the country to remain vigilant. Who could predict if the reborn woman might undertake something earth-shattering that could impact the nation's development trajectory?

One could imagine the shockwaves this information caused. Emergency meetings were convened at the highest level, and the matter was discussed for several days.

Wen Qing wasn't involved in these discussions and thus didn't know the exact process. However, she knew the final result: Xiao Lin presented a list and earnestly implored her, "Please, you must help us eliminate the people on this list at any cost! If you have any requirements, just let us know. Our only request is to eradicate these individuals!"

Wen Qing accepted the list and casually glanced at it. She realized that the individuals they had selected were similar to her speculations, all posing significant dangers to society. However, individuals like the reborn woman, and ones with the Actress System, and the Culinary God System were not on the list. Still, she suspected there was likely covert surveillance on them.

She handed a piece of paper to Xiao Lin, saying, "I don't kill, but I can help seal their abilities and erase their memories. How to proceed afterward is up to you."

Xiao Lin nodded in agreement, "That's more than enough."

Following the order on the list, Wen Qing dealt with these dangerous individuals one by one. Her responsibility was only to neutralize their threats, leaving the rest to others. She noticed that after confirming these individuals would no longer pose a danger to society, they were released to return to ordinary life.

Only individuals like Chen Hong, who had committed numerous crimes and posed a significant societal threat, were dealt with according to the law.

Wen Qing thought this approach was quite good. The country displayed a humane side by not condemning everyone with a single stroke, yet it didn't let any wrongdoers go unpunished. It aimed to protect the rights of the majority to the fullest extent.

After more than a month of work, Wen Qing had dealt with all 54 individuals on the list. Xiao Lin and his team expressed their heartfelt gratitude.

Ling Qi, a tall man of seven feet, even had tears in his eyes. "Thank you so much. You'll never know how much you've helped us. If we had met you earlier, if we had met you sooner, we wouldn't have lost so many comrades. Just one Chen Wensheng caused us to sacrifice more than 700 people, and he still managed to escape in the end..."

He mentioned Chen Wensheng, whom Wen Qing was aware of. He was a soul who had traveled from the future and had previously been the leader of interstellar pirates, a formidable figure who possessed extensive knowledge of future weapons. He planned to dominate once again in the modern era.

But how could the country allow such a figure to exist? This led to a breakdown in negotiations between the two sides. Chen Wensheng, relying on the powerful weapons at his disposal, inflicted a significant loss on the country. Many of Ling Qi's comrades had also sacrificed their lives. Chen Wensheng had managed to escape unscathed to the Middle East, where he continued to expand his dominance.

Later, he even cooperated with the United States, selling advanced weapons to them simply because the offers from the Z side were not as lucrative...

Ling Qi and his team had not known that he was a foreign soul without any sense of patriotism. They tried to persuade him with appeals to national integrity, but he rejected them with disdain. He was merely a pirate leader; wherever there was profit, he would go. Nation and patriotism? Non-existent for him.

Because of this, the country believed he was "one of their own," and they thought they could negotiate with him easily. But they never expected that their leniency would be taken advantage of, leading to the deaths of so many people, and Chen Wensheng's escape.

Wen Qing had previously located his hideout, seized it, and handed over the ongoing weapon projects to Xiao Lin's team. As for the memory-less Chen Wensheng, she hadn't paid much attention to how he was handled.

With these unstable elements now removed, there was no need for her.

So, Wen Qing didn't say anything and simply bid farewell to Xiao Lin and the others before disappearing. She didn't seek recognition or rewards, and Xiao Lin and his team didn't even know whether she was male or female, tall or short.

"Most likely, individuals of great talent are like this," Ling Qi remarked.

Accomplish a task and leave, hiding one's achievements and name.

Wen Qing didn't completely let go, though; she gathered the remaining 27 relatively harmless golden finger bearers into a chat group.

Yu Wenjing had been busy pursuing her path to wealth since her rebirth. After experiencing betrayal from scummy men and women in her previous life, she had learned a lesson: making money was more important than love. No matter how good a man was, money could provide her with a greater sense of security. Wealthy eighty-year-old women could find young lovers, while boyfriends of eight years could still cheat. Therefore, since her rebirth, she had been pondering ways to get rich.

In her previous life, her academic performance had been poor, and she had only entered a second-tier undergraduate program. After graduating, she worked as an office clerk in a small company. Every day, apart from work, she calculated how to squeeze money for clothes, bags, and cosmetics out of her meager monthly salary of 3,000 yuan. Finance and economics were distant from her, and she didn't believe she had the capability to become the richest person. She simply wanted to make some small wealth, live a comfortable life, and enjoy some leisure. Her biggest lesson from her previous life was to buy real estate early. Investing in property was a sure way to profit!

So, her first thought after rebirth was to buy as many as ten or eight houses and wait for the value to rise. And she actually did it. Knowing that her parents wouldn't believe her, a young child spouting nonsense, she wracked her brain to recall a lottery number from her previous life and decisively bought a ticket.

The result was just like in her previous life: she unexpectedly won a five-million jackpot. However, what made her mournful was that she had actually lost the lottery ticket! What do you call a mixture of joy and sorrow? This was it!

Later, she carefully considered whether rebirth prevented one from seizing opportunities from others. Was that why she missed out on the lottery jackpot?

With this thought in mind, she restrained herself and no longer entertained the idea of demolishing houses for profit. Instead, she persistently persuaded her parents, convincing them to invest all their savings in real estate. It was in a newly developed residential complex that was currently unwanted, but in a few years, with government support, it would become the center of a new city. Property prices would skyrocket, increasing more than thirtyfold! Her parents' modest savings could now fully purchase two or three houses, but ten years later, they wouldn't even be able to afford the down payment for a toilet!

With these properties as a solid foundation, Yu Wenjing finally felt a bit at ease. In this life, she wouldn't be cheated on just because she didn't own a house, right? How ridiculous it was! In her previous life, her boyfriend of eight years had dumped her for her friend who had a bridal suite. She had truly been blind and misjudged those two scoundrels!

It was at this moment that Yu Wenjing was added to a chat group, titled "How to Properly Use the Golden Fingers?"

There were a total of 28 people in the group, and the group owner was named "Death God". Without any apparent reason, she had been added to the group. Yu Wenjing decided to observe first before speaking. Presumably, others had the same idea, so the group remained quiet.

However, at this moment, the group owner, Death God, became active.

[Death God]: Group rules - Prosperity, democracy, civility, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, and friendliness.

[Death God]: Group announcement - Keep a low profile in life, use cheats cautiously.

[Death God]: Your real information will not be exposed in the group; use your cheats as nicknames.

All the group members, including Yu Wenjing, were taken aback. They quickly checked their nicknames.

When Yu Wenjing opened hers, her heart nearly stopped. What did she see? Reborn! Her nickname in the group was "Reborn"!

She swore she hadn't told anyone about her rebirth, but someone actually knew she was a reborn person! Who was this person? What were their intentions? Yu Wenjing's mind went blank, and her fear of someone discovering her rebirth secret occupied her thoughts. She unconsciously clicked on the list of all members. After seeing the contents inside and a brief moment of confusion, Yu Wenjing suddenly felt calm.

Mind Reading, Yin-Yang Eyes, Culinary system, WeChat Fortune Telling, Actress System, Clairvoyant, Game Red Envelope group... various types of golden fingers. There was nothing she couldn't think of and nothing she couldn't see. Compared to them, her reborn status was considered ordinary!

Yu Wenjing breathed a sigh of relief. When she first found out that her rebirth secret had been discovered, her initial reaction was whether she would be taken and dissected for research. But now, seeing so many like-minded individuals, she inexplicably felt more at ease. After all, there's safety in numbers!

Many in the group shared her way of thinking. After all, with something as extraordinary as golden fingers, normal people would keep it to themselves and not tell anyone. So, when someone suddenly found out, the first reaction was panic, thinking that something beyond their control had happened.

And as everyone calmed down, most of them felt a subtle disappointment. Initially, they had thought of themselves as unique "protagonists", but now they realized they weren't. There were many others with cheats, and some even had bigger ones than theirs.

From fear to disappointment, it took just a few minutes. After accepting reality, the group finally became lively.

[Clairvoyant]: @WeChat Fortune Telling, how do you do your fortune-telling? Let's exchange ideas when you have time!

[WeChat Fortune Telling]: Sure, sure! I've been experimenting on my own since I gained this ability, and I haven't met any professionals yet!

[Clairvoyant]: Haha, you've come to the right place! Fortune-telling is our family's ancestral skill, and I don't share it with just anyone!

[Culinary System]: @Mind Reading, can you help me out? I have someone pursuing me recently, and I have a good impression of him. Can you help me check if he genuinely likes me or just my cooking?

[Mind Reading]: I can do that.


Yu Wenjing was also eager to participate and sent a message:

[Reborn]: @Actress System, is that you? It must be you! In my previous life, you were sweeping up all the major awards just like a cheat. Even if you didn't write your name, I knew it had to be you!

[Actress System]: Oh? Really? Thank you for your encouragement. I'll do my best!


As it turned out, all the conspiracies and concerns that Wen Qing initially had about the group did not materialize. Surprisingly, the group was harmonious, and they even mentioned finding a sense of belonging in the group! Thanks to the group owner for providing such a platform!

Wen Qing: ...As long as you're happy.

Later, Wen Qing added Xiao Lin to the group since he had been responsible for monitoring these people. This addition didn't seem out of place, and the group's dynamics shifted again.

[Xiao Lin]: Just caught a serial killer, and he's refusing to reveal the location of the victims' bodies. Who can help?

[Mind Reading]: I can help.

[Xiao Lin]: Little ** has been dishonest lately. Who can predict what they're planning next?

[Clairvoyant]: I'll do it, I'll do it. @WeChat Fortune Telling, take a break. I'll handle this rough task!

[Xiao Lin]: X Lao, who has dedicated his life to scientific research and made significant contributions to our country's research, doesn't have much time left. He wants to have a bowl of the childhood-flavored noodles before passing away. @Culinary System, can you help?

[Culinary System]: I'll give it a try.


Wen Qing felt that everything was fine now. The group had implemented the rules of prosperity, democracy, civility, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, the rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, and friendliness exceptionally well. They had taken their golden fingers to a new level, exploring new heights and realms!

Wen Qing believed that even if she left, there wouldn't be any chaos. However, she chose to stay. She had destroyed the deeply harmful golden fingers, and as a result, the people saved by her actions continuously channeled their merit into her. Her body was overflowing with merit.

It wasn't until the last golden finger bearer departed from this world that the world finally returned to its original state, and Wen Qing uncontrollably left this world.

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