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Chapter 97: In Modern World with Supernatural Ability [2]

After Tang Nian started the car, he asked Wen Qing, "Where are we going?"

"Send me back home, I have something to do."

"What things can you have? Didn't you promise to accompany me today?" Tang Nian asked resentfully. He thought that Bai Wenqing was weird today. In the past, she always flattered him with gentleness, but today, she orders him arrogantly.

Wen Qing thought for a while, "I got together with you just to get rid of Li Haotian. Now that I've settled things with him clearly, let's end it here ba." Her task was not related to Tang Nian, so it’s better to use this opportunity to break up with him. In any case, the Bai Wenqing in the original text did not stay with him for long. How could this kind of second-rich generation playboy have any real feelings? It was just for fun, when the novelty was over, she would quickly be replaced. After all, they were not short on women.

However, Tang Nian's reaction surprised her a bit. He looked at her resentfully, "You still think I'm short, aren't you?"

Wen Qing:“……” Really not.

"Then why do you suddenly want to break up when you're just fine before? I bought you the bag you wanted yesterday, and the necklace you wanted for the day before yesterday. I gave you anything you wanted. Weren't you happy at that time? You want to break up after you met Li Haotian today and still said it wasn't because of the words he said?"

"Don't tell me you were just using me as a shield, you weren't like this before!"

Wen Qing held her forehead. Isn't his character setting the fool? Why is he suddenly so smart?

"Okay then, let's not break up for the time being." Wen Qing felt that he was probably still feeling some novelty at the moment. After all, Bai Wenqing's face was really quite beautiful, it was understandable that he was reluctant to part with it. It was estimated that he would dump her without her having to say anything after a little while.

Tang Nian still muttered with dissatisfaction, "What's with not for the time being? You are still thinking of breaking up?" Tang Nian didn't care much about Bai Wenqing before. At most, it was at the level of him liking her face, and she likes his money. They had always got along this way and he probably would get bored soon. But now the other party suddenly proposed to break up first, he felt some discomfort in his heart, and he can't explain what this feeling was.

Moreover, how humiliating would it be to be dumped by his first woman! His brothers would laugh at him! No way, he must coax her. Only he was allowed to dump her and definitely not the other way around!

Wen Qing did not know what was happening in his mind, she was planning in her mind how to complete the task. The protagonist this time was different from the previous ones. His cheat was illogical and completely unreasonable. It was unrealistic in many places, even full of loopholes. It was completely for the sake of being cool. Furthermore, all the supporting characters have worrying IQ, and they exist entirely for the sake of the main character.

Towards this twisted world, she did not know whether she was able to use a normal way of thinking to resolve the problem.

Forget it, one must use an extraordinary means in an extraordinary world!

The next day was the last class meeting for Wen Qing's class. After this class meeting, all the students would really go their separate ways.

Wen Qing lives off-campus and came a little late. When she came, most of the classmates were already there. The originally bustling class immediately quieted down when she came. Then the whispers started again:

"Have you heard? She hooked up with a rich second generation and dumped Li Haotian!"

"Wasn't she being kept?"

"Huh? Then she really has no shame. She was even able to sell her body for money, what is the difference with those people outside?"

“Li Haotian is so pitiful, in any case, he is the school grass* of our class!"

*t/n: School hunk.


The original host's popularity was not very good in class. She was good-looking but did not know how to behave. She naturally became the public enemy in the eyes of the girls. As for the boys? Their class was a liberal arts major, there were only a total of three boys, and one of them was the stallion man Li Haotion.

Wen Qing turned a deaf ear to the scrutiny, jealousy, or contempt, and walked straight to a position in the corner. Except that when passing next to Li Haotian, her hand shook slightly.

Li Haotian was talking to a boy next to him, turning a blind eye to her, as if he didn't notice her at all. This made the classmates who were expecting some sparks between them regretful.

Wen Qing watched Li Haotian finish the bottle of drink and the corner of her mouth hooked into a slight smile. That was a good thing ah, a medicine made in space. She studied for a whole day after she went back yesterday and succeeded. Won't let him off lightly!

Not long after, their class’ homeroom teacher, Murong Yanyun entered. In Bai Wenqing's memory, Murong Yanyun was a stereotypical conservative and meticulous old-fashioned person. In fact, everyone in the class thought so. But Li Haotian, who had the X-ray ability, saw the turbulent waves under the conservative clothes... That was to say, Murong Yanyun was one of the women in his harem.

At this moment, Li Haotian was staring at Murong Yanyun with unblinking eyes, looking like a pig. Wen Qing saw it and lost her appetite. So, she simply turned her head, out of sight, out of mind.

It's not that Wen Qing didn't want to save these beauties who have been harmed by Li Haotian, the main problem was these people seem to have been possessed. Once they met the male protagonist, their hearts were rippling with budding love, as if they met the real son of God. If she prevented it, perhaps they might think that she wants to destroy their good marriage. Better leave them alone.

After all, she has helped them solve the problem from the root! In the original book, Li Haotian was able to possess a harem not because he has exceptional talent. Wasn't it because he has a good tool, had a good life, and made people not forget after using it once? But what if he can't?

Wen Qing smiled wickedly, looking forward to Li Haotian's expression when he thought he had an outstanding tool to peep a beauty and his blood was boiling but unable to get hard. It must be wonderful just by thinking about it.

For such a wretched stallion man, she should cleanly put a stop and make him a eunuch! Let's see how he can harm people without his tool!

After the class meeting ended, Wen Qing walked out with her bag. Little Tang Nian was holding a large bouquet of red roses, looking flashy while standing at the door waiting for her. The girls passing by all stole glances at him with lights in their eyes. After all, little Tang Nian was good-looking and exuded the aura of a local tyrant, which was really eye-catching.

Tang Nian's eyes brightened once he saw her, he took a step forward and stuffed the bouquet of flowers into her arms, "For you!"

The envious and hateful gaze of the surrounding girls made Tang Nian triumphant. Girls all have vanity, and since he gave Bai Wenqing so much face, she must be very happy.

Wen Qing frowned, "Why did you come? Didn't I tell you not to pick me up?"

Tang Nian's expression suddenly collapsed. Where's the astonishment and happiness? How can she still give a cold shoulder?

"Isn't it because I want to give you a pleasant surprise?"

Wen Qing refused to comment and threw the bouquet of flowers back into his arms, "Let's go, don't be an embarrassment." They were not junior high schoolers anymore, holding a bouquet of roses would be silly!

Tang Nian was immediately dissatisfied, "Am I so unpresentable? How did I embarrass you?" Although he said this, he still hurriedly walked two steps to catch up with Wen Qing. He reached out his hand and held her hand, "That Li Haotian did not pester you today, right? If he pestered you, just tell me and I will find someone to beat him to death!"

"He didn't bother me, so please stop it. If you meet him later, just pretend you didn't see him and don't talk to him. The more you pay attention to him, the more aggressive he will be, it's better to just ignore him."

"Oh, okay."

After they were gone, the remaining students were whispering with each other.

"Didn't they say that she was being kept? It doesn't seem so? That man listened to her words and seemed to like her very much."

"So what? Rich people are just like this, they were playing like it was real. Just wait, he still likes that face of her right now and is willing to coax her. Wait until he dumps her till she cries!"

"You're right, but isn't that man rather good-looking too?"

"Yo? Do you fancy him? But he doesn't fancy you! You at least have to be fair-looking as Bai Wenqing to have a chance!"

"Who fancies him? Wasn't I just randomly saying stuff? Even if you give him to me, I don't want this kind of playboy!”

A boy elbowed Li Haotian, "Are you really dumped by her? What is the background of her new one? The car he drove costs more than ten million yuan! Tsk tsk, rich people are different. The money we earn in our life can't even buy the car they casually drove. Brother, cheer up ba, one should constantly strive to make progress..."

Li Haotian's face was ashen. How could Bai Wenqing be so disgusting? It's fine that yesterday she went to his dormitory to show off. But today he was embarrassed in front of the whole class, how dare she humiliate him like this! He was not a real man* unless he repays this insult!

*t/n: “七尺男儿” literally means seven-foot men, it refers to gentlemen or real man, etc.

Wen Qing: Excuse me? Who do you think you are? Also, you seem to be a little over five feet. So you are indeed not a seven-foot man.

Wen Qing walked out of the school gate and went straight to a welfare lottery shop. In the original book, Li Haotian used his X-ray vision to buy a scratch-off lottery and won 5 million.

Wen Qing scanned it using her divine sense, found the five-million scratch card, and bought it.

Little Tang Nian came over and asked, "What are you buying this for? Just tell me if you're short on money, I'll give it to you. This is to cheat people, the odds of winning a lottery are very small...... Aye? Aye? You won five million?!"

Wen Qing carelessly throws him the five million, "Help me donate it. Whether it is for the poor mountainous area or lonely elderly. In short, donate it for those who need it."

"Aye? Okay, okay." Tang Nian promised immediately.

The shop owner was dumbfounded, his little store actually sends out five million! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and set the banner up! Whenever someone wins a prize, it would definitely stimulate a large wave of customers! He could already see that the turnover would go up!

When he came to his senses, the main character had already left, leaving Tang Nian holding the lottery ticket alone, "What are you dazing around for? Hurry and change the prize!" Sure enough, his family Qingqing was not like those coquettish b*tches outside. She definitely wasn't with him for his money! Saying to donate the five million and really donating it and must donate to those who need it. He actually misunderstood such a noble person with integrity was with him for the sake of money, really despicable ah!

Wen Qing did not know that her casual move had actually whitewashed Bai Wenqing's previous act of gold-digging, which made Tang Nian admire her instead.

The welfare lottery shop at the entrance of the school gave out a prize of five million yuan, and the whole school was shocked, especially Li Haotian. Right, since he could see through, he should buy a lottery ticket! Will those scratches still be invisible in his eyes?

Therefore, Li Haotian happily went to the welfare lottery shop, which was already crowded with people, and you couldn't even squeeze in any more. Li Haotian squeezed for half a day before finally arriving at the front. Using his X-ray vision to look through those scratch-off cards, he was disappointed, and there was no prize at all.

Forget it, the chances of winning the lottery were not very high. Someone just won five million. It was estimated that the probability to win another big prize was small. He should think about other ways to make money.


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