Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 100: In Modern World with Supernatural Ability [5]

Content Warning: Physical assault; Underage.

After being locked up for ten days before being released, Li Haotian was still stupefied. Wasn't it said that having the supernatural ability to fight heaven and trampled the ground? To produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another? Wasn't it written like that in novels? How come it became a jinx when it was his turn? He ran into the police and got arrested the first time he gambled!

Forget about being locked up for ten days, the important thing was the fine of three thousand yuan. The money his family gave was used as gambling money; it was all confiscated at this moment. He was penniless, so he could only inform his family.

His family lived frugally to let him enter university. They originally thought he could study hard and get a good job in the future. They did not expect him to gamble instead of looking for a job! Father Li was so angry that he immediately cut off his relationship with this unfilial son but was somehow persuaded by Mother Li's words.

The angry Father Li's words were unpleasant to hear. The anger in Li Haotian's heart was not small either. He was no longer a child, would he do something without consideration? If it weren't because of his supernatural ability, would he go to plunge into gambling? Now the old man scolded him indiscriminately, and he was really suffocated. Once he lost his head, he walked away stubbornly. Father Li was so angry that he directly disowned this son!

Li Haotian was penniless and fell out with his family. He was originally extremely frustrated, but he firmly believed he was a hidden dragon trapped on the beach. The hardships were only temporary, and he would be able to soar into the sky sooner or later.

Perhaps the halo or pig's feet were still at work, and he found a tutoring job at school. It would only take two hours a day, but the pay was very generous, and the tutoring location was in the famous wealthy district in their city. For Li Haotian whose pocket was cleaner than his face, this was timely assistance. Although tutoring was not the job he wanted to do, but right now he couldn't even eat, what else was there to be picky about?

When he saw the little girl he was going to teach, Li Haotian's eyes lit up again. He only thought that picking up tutoring was indeed a correct decision.

The little girl he taught, surnamed Meng, was called Meng Meng. It was a cute name, and she was so cute that it made people want to commit crimes. She had long eyelashes, and big sparkly eyes as if they could talk.

Li Haotian secretly scolded himself for being a beast, he could even have feelings for a fourteen-year-old girl. While suppressing the burning feeling in his heart, he took his handout and began to explain the questions to the little girl.

Meng Meng was a very cute little girl, but unlike her deceptive appearance, she has a quirky personality and likes to play tricks on people. Otherwise, why would she wait for Li Haotian to be her tutor? Before Li Haotian, she had angered nearly twenty private tutors! Almost every tutor could not last more than a month before being driven away by her pranks.

Meng Meng's parents also had a headache because of her character, but they did not want to give up on her studies. So, they could only bite the bullet and continue to look hard for replacements. This time, they found Li Haotian.

However, what they didn't know was that the person they found this time was like leading a wolf into the house. He would eat their lovely daughter and take her into his harem.

In the original book, Li Haotian is a no-brainer, and he has all kinds of beauty. A mature and charming wife Murong Yanyun, a pure and fascinating school belle Yu Feifei... Each kind of beautiful woman was available. Therefore, how could he lack a cute little loli?

Meng Meng was this loli. In the original novel, although they did not meet because Li Haotian became a tutor, different roads lead to the same destination. In the end, she was seduced by Li Haotian.

But this time Li Haotian has been made into a eunuch by Wen Qing. Under Wen Qing's surveillance, how could she let him destroy the flower of the motherland?

Therefore, she had someone secretly take some ambiguous photos of Li Haotian and Meng Meng, and sent them to Meng Meng's parents. Meng Meng's parents were usually busy with work and had no time to take care of their daughter. They also found a tutor to have someone accompany her, so they were looking for top students from a prestigious university. They thought that top students were relatively good quality but never expected that good quality does not mean having good morals!

Meng Meng's mother almost fainted when she saw the photo of Li Haotian who held their daughter on his lap for a lecture, touching, and hugging her. The couple was furious, they went back with murderous air, and almost chopped Li Haotian to death!

Li Haotian was beaten half to death then was sent to the police. Father Meng directly reported to the police and said that this bastard bullied his daughter. When the police asked and came to know that this girl was only fourteen, they were very disgusted by this kind of scum. They completely turned a blind eye to Father Meng’s action of almost crippling Li Haotian and decided not to pursue it. It would not be a loss for this kind of scum to be beaten to death!

Although Meng Meng is quirky, she was only a fourteen-year-old girl. She was still a little scared. When the police asked her, she was still confused, "...He kissed me, rubbed my chest, and played the tongue-biting game with me. If I bite him, I don't have to do my homework..."

This beast! When the police heard it, they wanted to kill this bastard. Let alone Mother Meng, she regretted it to death. The two of them were busy making money, and they just wanted to give Meng Meng the best life, but they were inadvertently confusing the cause and effect. She only gave Meng Meng a rich material life but didn't have time to accompany her or teach her some sexual enlightenment knowledge. If something happened to Meng Meng, she would never be able to forgive herself in her life!

With photos as evidence and Meng Meng's testimony, he was completely convicted. So Li Haotian, who had just left the little black room was locked in again within half a month. This time it is not something that could be solved in ten days. Father Meng spent a little money here and there, and the originally two to three years sentence became more than eight to ten years.

Wen Qing only took time to look at the progress but didn't pay much attention to it. Her hand was busy with company matters. Li Haotian has no time to come out to make trouble for the time being. It was unknown if he would continue to do evil after he came out.

This was the bad side of the mission world. She could only take back the golden finger after the main protagonist died. Moreover, she couldn't kill the main protagonist. Otherwise, with her ability, she would kill the main protagonist in each world, then take the golden finger, and there would not be so much trouble.

After the company was on the right track, Wen Qing was not very busy anymore. When she had nothing to do, she would read books, grow flowers, harass Little Tang Nian, and the days passed unnoticed.

"F*ck F*ck F*ck! This pig teammate! Angered me to death! Trash game! It ruined my youth! I won't play anymore!" Little Tang Nian lost the game again and threw the phone away angrily. He was angry by himself for half a day, then saw that Wen Qing did not even lift her eyelids. He leaned forward, rested his chin on her shoulder, "Qingqing, I lost again. You also don't care about me. Do you not love me anymore?"

Wen Qing stretched out her finger without taking a glance, "I have never loved you. I'll trouble you to play on the side, thank you."

Tang Nian's expression collapsed, but it only took a moment before he came back to life, "Qingqing, when will we be getting married? Last time my dad won a 20-carat diamond in France. If you like it, I will steal it and make it into a ring for you, how about it?"

Wen Qing squinted at him, "The proposal ring was stolen from your father, so what do I need you for?"

Tang Nian didn't care, "My father only has me, this son. Aren’t his things still mine? And my things are yours, it only changes holders, there is no difference!"

Your father was also unlucky to have such a son who favors the outsider instead!

"I'm busy, I don't have time to get married. If you're bored, go play games." Wen Qing felt that Tang Nian's life devoid of meaning was boring. Every day was just eating, drinking, playing games, or being lovey-dovey with her. His father has money anyway. Even if he doesn't work, he has endless money to spend.

Tang Nian was very reluctant. No matter how fun the game was, could it be more fun than having a wife? He wanted to have a wife, not to play games.

Wen Qing added, "It's a newly developed game by the company, and it has been tested more or less. Wait until it starts in January next year, I'll get you an account, so you can enjoy it first." After five or six years of research, the holographic online game was finally being assembled by her. She believed that few people could refuse the charm of holographic online games, especially an internet-addicted youth like little Tang Nian. Once he was hooked by the games, he probably wouldn't have time to bother her.

Tang Nian was greatly moved, "Qingqing, you are so kind to me!" He lost the game just now and thought that Qingqing didn't care. He didn't expect her to make a game for him to play! Even his father did not care so much about him!

Wen Qing:“……” She just found something for him to do so he won't bother her. How was she kind to him?

Never mind, she has always been unable to understand little Tang Nian's brain circuit, just let him be.


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