Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 112: Male God Raider System [1]

Wen Qing was already very experienced with being an Emperor, the variety of sequence, no, the process was very familiar to her. She had been in power for more than 30 years and created a peaceful and prosperous era for the De Dynasty.

She never married, only adopted a niece from her brother to be trained as her successor. When she didn't want to stay here anymore, she could just give the position of Emperor to her and then leave this world.

Before leaving, she took one last look at the scholar's situation. He had a sweet wife and a young son, they lived a fulfilled and happy life and were inseparable from each other. This should be what the client wants to see.

The scholar is indeed a good man, but Wen Qing did not develop a relationship with him. First, because it was Shen Wenqing who met him at the beginning, and it was also Shen Wenqing who was treated tenderly by him. He is the only warmth in Shen Wenqing's heart, so she doesn't want to destroy the beauty between them.

Even though she used Shen Wenqing's body and Shen Wenqing's name she and Shen Wenqing both understood that they were not one person after all.

The second was because the scholar has his own ideas and ambition, and also has family members who care about him. It was impossible to make him let go of everything and go into her harem to be raised as a canary. This was an insult to him.

Everyone's pursuit is different, and the definition of happiness is also different. What other people ask for may not be what others want. From the scholar's point of view, what he wanted was very simple, to build a successful career, bring honor to his family, and have a peaceful and happy life with his loved ones. Since it is to repay him, it will naturally be done according to his thoughts.

Moreover, the scholar's wife is not another person.

After Wen Qing saw Shen Wenqing jump into the reincarnation circle, she was born in the first year of the Wende Dynasty. Sixteen years later, she met the prime minister, who was devoted to the De Dynasty and refused to marry a wife. They fell in love at first sight and promised each other for life. Only then did she understand what it meant by 'all shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill'.


To be destined, even if they go around in circles, they will still be together in the end.

"...Fate likes to play jokes on humans. The men I loved ended up falling in love with the same woman. How ridiculous."

Wen Qing said that you cannot blame fate. Your boyfriend getting snatched away was obviously because of the female lead.

This world's female lead was called Sula. A goddess since childhood with fair and beautiful skin, long thin legs, and explosive face value. The hardware was so good, but naturally, there were shortcomings. For example, tone-deaf and bad at acting, but she had the heart to break into the entertainment industry.

So a system called Male God Raider descended from the sky. As long as she completes the system tasks, she will be rewarded with various props to help her improve her acting skills, change her voice, and make her a superstar!

Sula naturally readily agreed. As for the system tasks, she didn't care about the male gods or something. Just how many male gods had she flirted with before? One of the reasons the system binds her is that she has already achieved the achievement of raiding a hundred people. Another reason is naturally that she is beautiful enough! The most beautiful and coquettish bitch on the surface - this is the evaluation given to her by the system.

So, Sula started the male god harvest mode. All the male gods in the entertainment industry were teased by her, and all of them fell in love with her!

And the client, Su Wenqing, is more unlucky. Her 5 ex-boyfriends were all hooked up by Sila, how much hatred was this?

"Relations in the entertainment industry come and go quickly. If you are suitable, then be together, if not, then go separate ways. Although I don't necessarily have a lot of affection in each of my relationships, I was in a serious relationship. But every time they fell into the hands of the same person! Once might be a coincidence, twice might be an accident, but to snatch them five times!!"

"If I bear it any longer, I will be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! But my ex-boyfriends are all protecting her! They even blocked me and blackened for her! In the end, I broke the news that we had dated before intending to die together. Unexpectedly, no one believed it, their fans said that I was rubbing off popularity on their idols! Rubbing popularity your ass!"

This client is so sympathetic, that Wen Qing couldn't help but smile unkindly.

"Therefore, my wish is..."

Su Wenqing's mouth evoked a strange smile, which made Wen Qing suddenly have a bad premonition.

"I want to give birth to their child."

Wen Qing: “??”

"I have to leave evidence, I want to let their fans know that I wasn't rubbing popularity from them. I really slept with their idols! And they too, aren't in love with Sula with all their heart and can't their eyes and heart can't tolerate other people, even hated that they were no longer v!rgins for Sula. I look forward to seeing them try their best to separate themselves from me knowing that we already had a child, their expression must be wonderful!"

Wen Qing:“……” She took back her words, How could Su Wenqing need sympathy from others? Look at what she can do, why not just go to heaven ah!

"And Sula that shameless mistress! Even robbing my 5 boyfriends was not enough, she still looks the most innocent! She wants to have her cake and eat it too! She has all the good things and I become unlucky! This is not good, you have to help me expose her, let everyone know her true face!"

Wen Qing took a deep breath and finally recovered from the shock just now, "Are you for real?" It's okay to date 5 men, but to have children with 5 men? What was this girl thinking?

"Yes, yes, for real, more real than gold! They dare to gross me out, I also should gross them out to the death! I died already, who am I afraid of?"

Wen Qing resisted the urge to slap her to death, and took another deep breath. She took another deep breath, "Okay, as you wish."

Su Wenqing's eyes lit up, and want to say more, but Wen Qing's made a quick move and she quickly fainted. If she let her go on, she might make another weird request!


When the school bell rang, Wen Qing thought about how to complete this task while packing up.

In the original novel, Su Wenqing was already a first-line movie queen when she appeared on the stage. At the age of 26, she was dating the popular young student, Fang Ziqing. The novel was written with Su La as the main lead. From Sula graduating from University and getting the system, the first raid was a young and fresh-raising star, Fang Ziqing.

Su Wenqing had dated more than five boyfriends, but only five were robbed by Su La. They were the abstinent and old soul He Jinsheng, the international film emperor Bo He, the popular student Fang Ziqing, the ruffian male god Xu Zhan, and a gentle and soothing man Shen Ruochu, all were a male god-level men in the entertainment industry.

But in the absence of plug-ins, she can still interact with various male gods determined by the system one after another. Needless to say, Su Wenqing's conditions are beautiful and enchanting. She can act and sing and has published several platinum albums; her road as a star was abundant. Therefore, her existence is not only to deliver men to the female lead but also as a big boss and act as the heroine's stepping stone.

Wen Qing came here relatively early, and now Su Wenqing has not made her debut yet. She is still a young high school student who has just turned eighteen years old. The female lead should still be a middle school student, right? It's still a long time before the system appears.

But there is no rule that she can't start the task in advance. Didn't the client want to have children with her ex-boyfriends? If she gives birth to one child a year, it would take her 5 years. How can she do it if she doesn't start making them earlier? Moreover, wasn't one of the targets sharing the same school as her? Of course, such a great opportunity cannot be missed.

Xu Zhan, who is in the same school as Su Wenqing, is one of the school hunks of Lingcheng No.1 Middle School. He has a wayward personality and does not like to study. He skips classes, smokes, fights, and fights, but because of his family background, the school can only close one eye and don't bother him.

The difficulty was only half a star.

The reason why it is so low is that this kid had a crush on Su Wenqing, but didn't dare to confess it when he was in high school. Later, he entered the entertainment industry because he was obsessed and can't forget the white moonlight in his heart. However, after finally being with the goddess in his heart, the heroine appeared. So he met the real red cinnabar mole in his heart, the once white moonlight became sticky rice sticking on his clothes, and his expression turned disgusted.

*T/n: [going to be long] So, here’s the story about the white moonlight and red cinnabar mole. “Perhaps every man has had two such women, at least two. Marrying a red rose, over time, the red one turned into mosquito blood on the wall, The white one is still ‘bright moonlight facing the bed’; if you marry a white rose, the white one is a sticky rice stick on your clothes, and the red one is a cinnabar mole on your heart.”

However, at the moment, the young boy was still young, and Su Wenqing was still the goddess in Xu Zhan's heart. After she takes him down while the iron was hot, whether he likes the red roses or white roses in the future will have nothing to do with her.

Wen Qing strode her bike outside the school area and turned into a small road to take a shortcut. In the past, Su Wenqing often took this small road, but since she found out that she often encountered some bad boys here, she changed to using the main road.

And those bad boys are Xu Zhan and his friends. Xu Zhan was waiting there just to take a look at his goddess passing by. Poor Su Wenqing treats him as a gangster and avoids him.


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