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Chapter 123: Male God Raider System [12]

The program got an excellent response after it was broadcasted, and the topic of discussion has remained high. The fans who were attracted by the five fathers at first eventually become the fans of the five children in the end. From their personality preferences to their upbringing temperament, they can become topics that people talk about, including their mysterious origins.

As soon as the five children appeared, some people were deeply concerned about their family background. However, no matter how many netizens with their superpowers searched, they could not find any clues about their origins. Several children seemed to appear out of nowhere and suddenly parachuted into the program. So netizens have speculated that their backgrounds are profound, such as entertainment industry bigwigs, multinational company presidents, wealthy families, official or first-tier celebrity children... all kinds of things, and all of them are reasonable and well-founded, more true than true.

But none of them have been officially confirmed, so the origins of several children have become a mystery. The more you become a fan, the more interested you become, and the more you want to find out.

Not only fans but also five dads were also interested. Father and son nature, blood ties, fathers do not know this was their child, but intuition makes them have a natural affinity for their children. The more they got along, the more they liked them, and Bo He even had the idea of discussing with Chu Wu’s parents to let him recognize her as a goddaughter. But the program group's mouth was too tight-lipped, and he couldn't ask for Chu Wu’s family information.

This was an injustice to the show team because they also don't know the origins of these children. Even if they were brothers and sisters, the team didn't know until they asked for their names.

The program team couldn't ask for news, and Bo He was reluctant to coax the fifth day and trick her into revealing his family information. He really took the fifth day as his daughter, and he didn't want her to suffer a little bit of deception and malice. She didn't want to kill her trust in herself. So he would rather spend more time looking elsewhere.

Although the other people didn't want to recognize them as their godson like Bo He, they also liked the children and didn't want to stop contacting each other once the show was over. Therefore, they wanted to inquire about the other's family information, so that they could visit them later if they missed them. It's just that a few children made up their minds not to recognize them, so nothing was revealed.

In a blink of an eye, it was time to record the last episode. The previous episodes were all with their own children at home. The last episode was a group trip of five father-son/daughter couples, and it was also the long-awaited five-baby fusion that fans have been waiting for! After knowing that the five children are brothers and sisters, all fans have been looking forward to this episode, and they feel that the five children's daily life must be very lovely.

After three days and two nights of collective life, with five children and fathers, it was impossible for it to have no explosive news.

Although the five fathers are all male gods in the circle, except for Xu Zhan and Fang Ziqing, the other few have little overlap, and some kings don't mean the king. But they were all in the entertainment industry, and their social skills are full point, so there was no embarrassment for their first cooperation. Several children will not have any discomfort!

The three-day collective life was full of laughter and several children always brought them a lot of warmth inadvertently. But no matter how happy the days were, they will also face the sadness of separation. When they came together on the third morning, there was a smell of depression in the air, because everyone knew that today they have to part.

The last task given to them by the program team was for the five people to cooperate and prepare a table of reunion dinner.

So a few people started busy, and everyone cooked their own specialty dishes. The head chef was Shen Ruochu and the assistant chef was He Jinsheng. Both of them have good craftsmanship. Even Fang Ziqing, a late-stage lazy cancer patient, contributed a dish of stir-fried tomatoes and eggs, which he learned especially after being condemned by netizens for letting the children eat instant noodles.

All kinds of dishes were brought to the table one by one, and then the fathers and the children sat around the table and shared their experiences with the children during this period of time while eating.

In fact, there was not much experience. These children are very worry-free, so they don't have to worry, and they are not arrogant at all. The five of them said that if every child were like this, they would be very willing to have a bunch of babies!

Because the dining room was not big enough to accommodate the five pairs of father and son and so many cameras, they ate in the living room. There was a TV wall in the living room. Before the meal, Chusi and Chuwu were watching cartoons. It was not closed during the meal, but it had already jumped to the news interface.

"...The latest Forbes list of the world's richest people was released this morning, and Guo Wenqing from Hua Country ranked first with a net worth of US$96 billion. This is Hua Country's first world's richest woman and the world's first female in the Forbes rank..."

As soon as the camera turned, the information about the richest woman appeared. Next to a long list of English introductions, there was her photo.

Even though time has passed and time has passed, the five men present still recognized the person in the photo at a glance, and the person whom they will remember even if she had turned into ashes. In an instant, the fear that had been dominated by three inappropriate words struck again in their heart…

"It's too short!"

"Too small!"

"Too thin!"

"It's too soft!"

"Your skill is too bad!"

All in all-

You! Are! Not! Capable!

Bo He and the others were all indescribably feeling complicated and fell into memories of madness and resentment. Fang Ziqing gritted his teeth in hatred for the woman who had prostituted him and thought his skills were not good. But it was undeniable that he was amazed at her when he first met her and fell in love at first sight. Otherwise, he would not have been obsessed with her all these years. It was not until he was teased by Su La last time that he gradually walked out of the shadow of the past. However, when he saw the culprit now, all his precipitation feelings were all recovered and swept in again.

Just when the five people were shocked and complicated, Chuwu happily pointed to the person mentioned and said, "It is Mom!"

Just three words, but it’s like a bolt from the blue, split among the five. The five figures pressed the pause button, their brains had stopped thinking, and their movements were stiff and turned their heads little by little.

Bo He could barely hold on without losing his temper, and asked her softly, "Little Wu, what did you just say?"

Chuwu said happily, "Dad, it's Mom!" She pointed to the photo of Wen Qing that had not disappeared on the TV, and repeated, "That's Mom!"

Bo He's mind flashed frame by frame, like rewinding the playback, the final picture was frozen to that night. He was lingering all night with the girl and was excited because it was so beautiful, so he always remembered that day clearly. The night when...

At the beginning of the show, he had asked about the date of Chuwu’s birthday. It was two years and three months, and it was pushed forward 275 days. No more, no less, it happened that night...

Bo He was stunned by his own speculation, looked at the photos on TV in disbelief, and looked down at the soft and sticky little girl beside her. The little girl smiled sweetly at him, and Bo He's heart melted instantly...

This was so... so good! The dream came true, Chuwu really became his daughter! There was nothing more surprising than this! The girl who once moved his heart had given birth to their child after a night full of surprises, no matter what the reason for the other party, but as long as this little girl belongs to him, that's enough!

Bo He's eyes are getting brighter and brighter, as if full of bright starlight, making people dare not look at them directly. He was hugging the dear little girl and refused to let go.

Others were still in the extreme shock of their first love/goddess/ex-girlfriend becoming the richest woman and having five children, but they were not the father of the children. They didn't pay attention to Bo He's change, but a few young ones saw it. Once Chu’er saw this, as the younger sister’s big brother, he was very unhappy. How can he not see that this person wants to take away his younger sister? He was not happy to see his flat expression, he sneered and said, "What's the point of only you alone knowing about it? It's fun only if everyone knows it!"

At the first glance at his tone, he knew that he was going to do something, and stopped him with disapproving eyes. Chu’er looked at him, "Don't you want to see their expressions when they know the truth? I'm really looking forward to it."

Chusan, who never spoke much, also said abruptly, "They have the right to know the truth."

The three played a game of puzzles, confusing the five dads, but it was also clear that what they were discussing seemed to be related to them.

Xu Zhan subconsciously agreed with Chusan’s words, "Yes, we have the right to know the truth. If you have anything, just say it directly."

Chuyi gave him a glance, there were obviously no ripples in his eyes, but Xu Zhan saw sympathy in his apparently calm eyes.

Why was my stupid father rushing to uncover the Asura Field? Ignorance is bliss, isn't it good to be a silly white sweet?

However, Xu Zhan didn't receive his signal and was waiting eagerly for him to tell the so-called truth. Chuyi then said, "Since you want to know, then I will tell you. We, five brothers and sisters, have the same mother, but not the same father."

"You five are our biological fathers."

We were asking the five of you. Are you surprised? Is it unexpected? Are you excited?


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