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Chapter 125: Male God Raider System [14]

"Crazy, crazy, crazy! You two are really going to cause trouble for me!"

"The love affair has just been suppressed, and you now give me a son!"

"You two are really capable! Your son can even run around now!"

Tang Yue walked around the room anxiously, swiping his mobile phone to check the latest trends while walking.

"Look, look, the number of fans dropped by 10,000 after a refresh, and 10,000 after another refresh, they all said that you were taken care of by Daddy Wen! Not to mention Xu Zhan, fans all know that you have a first love and have been separated for many years who you still can't forget. Fang Ziqing, you said that you have never been in a relationship since your debut, but you even have a son! They feel cheated, and the most intolerable thing for fans is being cheated... Oh, I'm screwed, there's a comment saying you guys were borrowing sperm to have children! No, no, no matter whether it is true or false, these kinds of remarks cannot be spread, otherwise the impact will be too bad. I have to buy a navy army to suppress this!"

Tang Yue meditated a lot, and then hurriedly went out to make a phone call. There were two people on the sofa in the room. Fang Ziqing closed his eyes, Xu Zhan was playing games, and lost absently for several games.

The two of them debuted together, and they both signed and were managed under the hands of Xu Zhan's cousin, Tang Yue. Fortunately, they lived outside, otherwise how could they still be calm now? They would have been asked to death by their aunts and uncles!

After Tang Yue went out, Fang Ziqing slowly opened his eyes, and Xu Zhan, who was opposite him, also stopped playing the game. The atmosphere was very subtle. The good brother suddenly became the child 's mother fucking ex-boyfriend. This relationship was a bit embarrassing!



The two of them spoke at the same time and stopped at the same time, really not knowing what to say.

After a while, Fang Ziqing was the first to break the tranquility, "You said that when you became a star and became famous, you would be able to let her see you, right?"

Xu Zhan nodded. At first, he couldn't find anyone else and was unwilling to break up, so he thought of entering the entertainment industry, standing at the top, and letting her know that he missed her...

It just didn't occur to him that he did not see her but their son!

Fang Ziqing raised his eyebrows with a playful expression, "Since you like her so much and she was pregnant with your child, why did you break up? You must know that your son was the eldest son!" He emphasized the word eldest son. Its meaning is self-evident.

Xu Zhan ignored his last sentence, and Fang Ziqing's question made him think about why he broke up in the first place——

"Seven times a night, three hours at a time. We were still young then, so to be able to hold it for half an hour was already very good, don't be discouraged, there was still room for growth in the future..."

They broke up because his girlfriend disliked this kind of thing. Xu Zhan would not tell Fang Ziqing anyway. He held back for a long time, and said what Wen Qing said to him, "We are not suitable..."

Fang Ziqing naturally wouldn't take it seriously. The truth is definitely not as simple as he said, but he didn't continue to ask. After Xu Zhan put it off, he turned to ask him, "What about you? What's the situation? Didn't you say you've never been in a relationship? " There was no time to fall in love at all. But suddenly a son appeared, or his ex-girlfriend's, how could he not be curious?

Both curious and aggrieved, there was an illusion that a good brother slept with his girlfriend, although they had already broken up at that time, and Fang Ziqing didn't know it was his ex-girlfriend. Otherwise, he wouldn't tell himself.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, when he heard that Fang Ziqing had slept with Su Wenqing , he should have beaten him up. But because of such a strange development, he had no other emotions besides being dumbfounded. Until now, he was still dumbfounded.

Fang Ziqing said casually, "I'm just having a one-night stand with her, and there's no further development." He got the wrong room card and went through the wrong door, and was treated like a prostitute after doing the deed.

At the same time, Shen Ruochu and He Jinsheng were also gathered by the company to discuss solutions. They both belonged to the same company and were brothers from the same school.

It was a little embarrassing for the two of them to meet. They used to be able to greet each other. Now, did they have to say that it was coincidental that my son and your son have the same mother?

The two agents were discussing how to resolve this matter, when Shen Ruochu suddenly asked He Jinsheng, "Why did you break up?"

You don't need to be explicit, you know who he was talking about. He Jinsheng euphemistically said, "We are not suitable. What about you?"

"Neither are we."

There was no pressure in what the scene said, but only they themselves knew how inappropriate it was.

"To me, we should let nature take its course. When the sky collapses, there will be strong people standing to hold it. Isn't there still a film about emperor Bo? If it doesn't help, who will she want to show up? Isn’t it her who should be most worried about this matter? Will it affect her business if not handled properly?" Said Shen Ruochu's agent.

"You said the exact opposite. She is the one who is least worried about her. She doesn't rely on fans to eat. When she was unknown, wasn’t she still able to become the richest woman? It doesn't make sense to become the richest woman now and starve to death because a few people don't like it! Besides! The family business is in the United States, which is more open than ours. Having children out of wedlock is not a problem at all." He Jinsheng's agent said, "Let's talk about Bo He, he has long been a god, and his reputation has always been very good. He doesn't have much influence. It's still the same sentence, even if he can't get along at home, he can still thrive internationally. But there's a saying you're right, let's go with the flow. There is no conclusion yet, let's not mess things up by ourselves."

What happened this time was really shocking. There was a huge storm in both the entertainment and financial worlds. The news on the Internet couldn't be suppressed, and it burned like a prairie on fire. Just when there was an uproar on the Internet, the grandma group came over.

"I’m telling you, I have to see my grandson! It's fine if you are lazy and don't even want to get married. How can you not bring back a grandson when you finally have one? Before you came here, your father said that the son does not need to return, but the grandson must be taken back!" A well-maintained noble lady with her hands on her waist was reprimanding Fang Ziqing.

Fang Ziqing was very speechless, "Mom, she didn't even tell me about the existence of the child, do you think she will let Chusan return to our house?"

"Then you marry her!" Fang Ziqing was shocked. How can a mother accept a daughter-in-law with four oil bottles? Although he himself was quite shy about that woman when he thought that she had four other men besides him, he was completely cowardly, and he couldn't imagine marrying her at all.

But think about it, after all, his mother said just now that it doesn't matter what kind of daughter-in-law you marry. She only wants a grandson, not a son!

On the other side, Xu Zhan's parents and grandparents came.

Mother Xu, "Son, you are really good, you really give Mother a face! We are the first ones in the family! The day before yesterday, your aunt Xu boasted to me that her daughter-in-law was about to give birth, so she told me to hurry up, oh my grandson is seven years old. Come on! I have to take my grandson to her place!"

Father Xu, "Son, when do you think you will bring my grandson back? Is she willing to let the child recognize us first, at least we have to let the grandson see our attitude, otherwise he will think we don't like him."

Grandma Xu, "I saw it on TV. That child is really rare! Grandson, work harder and bring him back quickly!"

Grandpa Xu, "The child’s mother is not bad too, it's best to bring them back together."

Xu Zhan, "..."

There was no way, the elderly parents and elders, who have nothing to do after retirement, can only expect to add new members to the family.


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