Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 24: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [1.2]

Chapter: Stealing The Dragon And Exchanging The Phoenix

The kindness this girl possessed was very moving. Wen Qing replied with a severe countenance, "Well, I will do as you wish.”

When she finished, the woman fainted. Wen Qing picked her up, placed her on the soft couch, and entered the Vanity Space.


Winter in Jiangnan was chilly and clammy. A piercing, chilly wind licked Wen Qing’s small blue face as if it wanted to take away her last trace of temperature.

Wrapped in swaddling clothes, Wen Qing had been thrown at the gate of Bai Brothel. She was born at Chou Hour, and now it was Mao Hour. That is to say, the original Xu Wenqing had been lying in the cold for four hours. It was great luck that she wasn’t dead yet!

Wen Qing couldn't stand the cold. She took out a thick blanket from the space and put it on her body. Although she blocked the cold wind, she couldn't recover her body temperature, so she had to wait for someone to save her.

This time, the world was of a novel set-up. The female protagonist was named Li Jia, who transmigrated with the help of the Imperial Harem System. Moreover, she was transmigrated into the chaotic era of the Nine Lords' War. But this novel was different. The female protagonist transmigrated as the hostess of neither the 4th, 8th, nor the 9th lord. She transmigrated as the woman of prince Yin Reng—the secondary consort, Lin Jia.

Xu Wenqing was Li Jia's daughter.

The original owner was already pregnant before Li Jia transmigrated. She was framed and almost had a miscarriage. After transmigrating, she kept a low profile and finished the task given by the system to win Yin Reng's heart.

Yin Reng didn't have any children at that time and extremely valued the baby in her belly. If she gave birth to the first son of the family, her position would be more stable. However, the system told her that it was a girl.

Li Jia was disappointed. Fortunately, everything in the system was all-encompassing. On the night of her labor, she finally saved enough attribute points and exchanged them for the skill called Stealing Dragons and Exchanging Phoenixes. By which, the girl who should have been born would become a boy.

The system didn’t have the ability to defy the Heavens and change the gender of the baby. It just switched the girl Li Jia gave birth to with another child. This was the so-called Stealing the Dragon and Exchanging Phoenix. At that time, Li Jia wasn't aware of the fact that the child she had from the Stealing The Dragon and Exchanging Phoenix skill was not her own. She was only immersed in the joy of having a stable status.

The daughter she exchanged from the Stealing The Dragon and Exchanging Phoenix skill, appeared thousands of miles away at the gate of a brothel in Jiangnan.

"I was born as a courtesan. I started receiving guests at the age of eleven and died at the age of seventeen. I was despised and humiliated throughout my life…"

At the recollection of Xu Wenqing's bitter experience, Wen Qing couldn't help but feel distressed. As a noble-born daughter, she was abandoned because she was a female. She fell into a brothel and was ravaged until her death. Li Jia didn't mean to abandon her intentionally. She wanted to ascend her status, so she used the Stealing The Dragon and Exchanging Phoenix skill on her own child. It was obvious that the child was nothing more than just a tool to her.

However, Wen Qing had nothing to do with Li Jia, and Xu Wenqing didn't say that she wanted to get back at her. There’s also a possibility that Xu Wenqing would be sad if she made an unnecessary move. The ancient filial piety; Li Jia gave birth to her but abandoned her, but Xu Wenqing didn't disrespect her, she still cared for her own flesh and blood.

Let it be, she only needs to fulfill Xu Wenqing's wish.

At about eight o'clock, the day was slightly bright but the brothel started business late. The winter day was cold and there were no pedestrians on the street. Wen Qing was still lying on the ground, on the verge of being numb by the cold.

A little while later, Wen Qing heard light footsteps. She turned her head to look, and it turned out to be a faltering, old beggar. When he saw Wen Qing, he rushed over, his pair of rough hands touched her cold face as he sighed, "Which parent would be so cruel, throwing their child out here in the cold?”

He wrapped the blanket over Wen Qing a little tightly, but he didn't take her away. "Baby, it's not that this old man doesn't want to save you. This old man can't even feed himself, you can't live with me. Although this is not a good place, you can always have a bite to eat here..."

Wen Qing changed her plan. Instead of falling into a brothel, she might as well follow this beggar. At least, his reputation was satisfactory.

So, when the old beggar was just about to leave, she burst into tears. Because of suffering from the cold and hunger, her voice was as weak as a kitten's which sounded very pitiful.

The old man was moved with sympathy. He returned and picked her up. "Let’s just take you first. If I can't keep you in the future, I will find you a good family. It's better than staying in such a filthy place.”


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