Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 31: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [5.1]

Chapter: Kangxi Emperor

Hearing this, Yintang hurriedly knelt and confessed, " Sagacious Emperor father, the shop is owned by a woman who just came back from overseas, she didn’t know the price rate of Qing dynasty. I didn't want to sell the shop so I gave her a price value of 100,000 teals to make her back down. Who would have expected her to agree? She is more wicked than I am. Whether you are purchasing something or not, you have to pay an entry fee of one thousand teal. No entry for those who don't have a thousand teals. The things in the shop were very strange and the price was extremely high."

"What's even more outrageous is that the gems in her shop were sold in pounds, and the silvers were stored in baskets. In her own words, she had money to burn."

Yintang thoroughly explained Wen Qing's affairs. He knew his Emperor father's temperament. If he thought he was making an excuse to collect money, he would be finished!

Kangxi listened to his explanation, he did not know whether to believe or not. His face was calm and composed as he said, "That is interesting"

He looked at Yintang, who was kneeling reverently and said, "Get up, you are now a grown-up. You should help me handle matters. Don't fool around all day. After all, taking advantage of people is not good for your reputation. How could an imperial prince appear in the business market?"

Hiss, handle matters? He had other sons to handle his matters. He was being old-fashioned due to idleness. What else could he do other than business? Yintang pursed his lips a few times but said nothing in the end. He bent down for the salutation, "I will follow the emperor father's teachings."

After Yintang left, Kangxi ordered Li Dequan, "Go to the fourth prince and tell him I am calling him."

Wen Qing sat behind the counter staring blankly at the walking pedestrians through the glass door. After Yintang bought all the gems, he removed his people from the shop. Because of the two placards stuck at her door, no one visited her little store as usual.

Just when Wen Qing thought there wouldn't be any business today, two people walked through the door. The person in charge had a lean body and sincere countenance. He was wearing simple clothes but the aura he carried was not to be

underestimated. He was followed by a submissive and servile servant. Without a clear look, Wen Qing could tell that he was a eunuch.

Bringing a eunuch while visiting outside, he would not be a palace noble rather an imperial prince, Wen Qing thought pensively. She lazily greeted, "Thank you for your patronage, pay the money first."

It was the fourth prince Yinzhen, who Kangxi commanded to investigate the condition of the shoop. He had already seen the notice posted on the glazed door before entering. He beckoned Su Peisheng and Su fished out two silvers and put them on the counter.

Wen Qing picked them up and threw them into the bamboo basket. She smiled and said to Yinzhen, "Sir, Take your time, I'll give you a discount on your desired product!"

If she didn't guess it wrong, it should be her opportune fourth uncle -- Yongzheng Emperor. Yinzhen had the stern countenance of the historical Yongzheng Emperor. He was much more sensible than those trios! Perhaps she could hit the jackpot.

Yin Zhen, with his hands folded behind him, walked around the shop slowly while observing. He didn't know many things in this shop, but he read a lot and had a wide knowledge, he could somewhat guess what the items were.

Suddenly, he pointed to a place and asked, "What is this?"

Wen Qing looked at what he was referring to and sighed in her heart. He was worthy of being the emperor. His vision was not the same as the trio!

"Pay first and I'll tell you."

"How much money?"

"Hundred teals!"

Even after hearing such an outrageous price, Yinzhen was calm. Without any reaction, he turned around and moved. Wen Qing knew that he would not buy it.

After a moment, Yinzhen pointed to the corner of the cabinet and asked, "Is this also for sale?"

Wen Qing looked intently. It was a grain of rice, she smiled, "Of course, all the things here are for sale."She thought that the grain of rice was inconspicuous and no one would discover it.

Yinzhen asked, "What is the value of this grain?" The store was filled with extraordinary items that Yin Zhen felt that a grain of rice could not be underestimated. As it turned out, his intuition was accurate.

Wen Qing said, "I reckoned there would be no one else to pay attention to this rice, I will sell it to you for a cheap price, one thousand teals."

"How audacious!" Su Peisheng who was behind Yinzhen finally couldn't bear any more. Did she take his master as a monkey? If it weren't for his master not speaking, he wanted to scold her just now when she asked for 100,000 teals opening her. Now she's even more outrageous. A grain of rice costs 1,000 teals! Is this rice made of gold!

"You profiteer. You are swindling my master! Do you have enough head to be beheaded!"

Wen Qing raised her eyebrow and looked at yinzhen. If he had the same thought as Su Peisheng, she would not sell him any item.

Yinzhen frowned, threw a warning glare at Su Peisheng, "Do not be rude." Then he said to Wen Qing, "Sorry, don't mind him."

Su Peisheng who was warned by his master was not happy. He strongly felt that his master was being swindled by this strange woman, but his master wouldn't let him talk, so he had to shut up.


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