Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 33: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [6.1]

Chapter: Wen Qing is Presbyopic

"Did Old Tenth buy a shotgun from you?" He asked unceremoniously as soon as he came in.

Wen Qing was not scared of him. She smiled as she said, "Thanks for your patronage. Pay the silver first."

It could be Yin’s brother if he could call Yin Old Tenth. She sensed an oppressive air around the person again. If she guessed correctly, this person was the Elder Prince who often led the troops, Yinyi.

Yinyi felt somewhat impatient. He bluntly beckoned the people behind him with a wave. "Give it to her."

It was by chance that he saw Yin playing with a delicate spear-like object that he had recently heard about. Yin gave it to him when he saw that he was interested in the gun. He was not as foolish as the tenth prince. Would people who have been leading troops all-year-round fail to see the true value of a shotgun? Sure enough, he tested the power of the shotgun and was shocked!

He successfully fired three bullets with a maximum range of more than 300 feet and the effective range was 150 feet; every bullet hit its target. It could blow the enemy’s head from kilometers away. How could he not be shocked? As soon as he came out of the firearms camp, he went straight to Obsessed With Money.

Wen Qing received the silver before saying, "I don’t know who the Old Tenth you are speaking about is. Besides, our shop won't reveal information about our guests.”

"You!" Yinyi was furious. With a cold snort, he turned to leave the store. He suddenly thought of something and with a cold snort, he furiously went back into the store.

He walked around the store, his gaze locking in on a thing. "This is..." There was an indescribable surprise in his tone. Wen Qing looked up and took a glance. The item happened to be the one that Yin Zhen was interested in.

"Red barbarian cannon? No, no, this is more complicated than the red barbarian cannon!"

Yinyi had a keen sense for military ware! He stared at Wen Qing, "Take this out, this king wants it!"

He claimed to be the king but Wen Qing didn't care who he was. She smiled. "Thanks to your patronage. This is 100,000 pieces of silver, give the silver first and then I’ll deliver the goods!"

Yinyi showed a vicious smile. "For a model you want the king to pay a hundred thousand teals?"

Yes, what’s inside the glass cabinet was just a model of a howitzer. That thing was so big that it couldn’t fit in Wen Qing's shop at all.

WenQing still looked calm. "No, no, no. Of course, there is more than this one model. You have to pay the first then I'll tell you.

Yinyi narrowed his eyes and stared at her, his eyes showed signs of danger, but Wen Qing had no fear. He looked at her for a moment and finally compromised. He ordered the guards behind him, "Go back to the office and get 100,000 teals!"

The guards left and needed no less than 15 minutes. They returned with one hundred thousand silver teals in a box. Wen Qing conveniently threw the bundle in the basket and greeted Yinyi with a smile, "I knew from the look of you, sir, that you are an outright person. I will not keep you waiting. Come on. The real thing is in the backyard."

Yinyi followed her into the backyard and was stunned when he saw the real thing in the yard. It was not a model nor a sample, but a real cannon!

"Well, it's called howitzer. This is much more advanced than the red barbarian cannon in Ming Dynasty. The initial velocity reaches 930 meters per second. Do you know what that is? It is the time when your pocket watch takes a step. With a maximum range of 27150 meters, effective range of 1100 meters…”

Yinyi froze while listening to her explanation, completely forgetting how to react. In the end, Wen Qing gave him a book with a detailed explanation of howitzer production. Of course, the book was called-

《The men will be speechless, the women will shed tears》

Yinyi rushed to the Palace of Heavenly Purity. He couldn't even wait for a eunuch to announce his presence. He directly rushed in, "Please ask Emperor Father to move the military camp!"

After he finished, the little eunuch at the door came in hurriedly. He knelt down with a panicked expression. "Emperor..." Yinyi was unruly, so the emperor didn't blame him. But not announcing timely would be the eunuch’s unforgivable crime.

Kangxi waved his hand, "Leave." The little eunuch, as if granted amnesty, hurriedly went out. Kangxi just looked at Yinyi and said, "Why are you in such a hurry?" He had good news and was in a good mood so he didn't blame Yinyi for being unruly.

"This son has obtained a phenomenal object which will certainly raise the military power of the Qing army. I request Emperor Father to move to the firearm camp..."

Wen Qing was cleaning the glass at the door when she saw three people coming out from the opposite Hongyun Building from a distance. She shouted at them happily, "Eight. Nine. Ten! Eight. Nine. Ten! There are new products in the store. Would you like to come in and have a look?”

Yintang cautioned Yin with his head inclined to Wen Qing’s direction. "That girl is calling us."

Yin nodded, "So it seems."

Blue veins popped on Yintang's forehead. "This dead girl dared to tease us!" He said, and walked angrily to the opposite side.

Wen Qing did not seem to notice his anger. She smiled and asked, "Eh? Eighth is not here today? I'm presbyopic. Come on, come in and have a look. We're all already familiar with each other, I'll give you a discount if you like!"


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