Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 36: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [7.2]

Chapter: Emperor Kangxi’s investigation.

During these past days, someone would run in to announce some good news. Kangxi was almost immune to it, thus he didn’t blame Shengfang Liu for breaking into the Heavenly Purity Palace without announcing himself. He asked in a heavy voice, "What is the great news, Aiqing[1]?”

"Emperor, please have a look. This subject accidentally got his hand on a medical book which recorded the prevention and treatment of smallpox, it can prevent smallpox! This is a blessing to the great Qing!" Liu Shengfang was flushed with excitement.

Kangxi had already surpassed the capability of being shocked in these two days, but he was still so baffled that he stood up from his dragon throne, "Is this true?”

Don't blame him for being so excited. His father, the former Emperor Shunzhi, died of smallpox, he himself also almost died of smallpox when he was young. The smallpox epidemic breaks out almost every few years in Qing Dynasty, killing countless people. Moreover, the outbreak of smallpox was attributed to an emperor’s loss of morality, which was believed to be a condemnation of God! He ascended the throne at the age of six, tackled Oboi at the age of eight, and has captured San Francisco and Taiwan. The whole world was in his hands, but there was nothing he could do against the smallpox epidemic... And now, how could Kangxi not get excited when he finally has the method to prevent smallpox?

"Quickly, show me! ”

Kangxi excitedly scanned the book, and his face lit up. "Good! Good! Good! God is blessing great Qing!" He said three goods in a row, which shows how great excitement in his heart was!

"Your Majesty, I request Taiyuan Hospital to fully study this method of vaccination and get rid of smallpox as soon as possible!”

"Right away!”

"Thank you, Emperor!”

After Shengfang Liu departed, Kangxi looked at the three books placed in front of him and fell into deep thought. These three books were—

《Dreadful!Why does the newly wedded lady scream at night? 》brought by Yin Zhen.

《The men will be speechless, the women will shed tears》 presented by Yinti.

And 《Shocking! How could he do such a thing with a cow!》 which Liu Shengfang just showed.

Although the names of these three books were exotic, the content inside was truly shocking. Whether it was the hybrid rice with a yield of 1,000 pounds per mu, the sky-shattering and land-splitting artillery, or the method of smallpox prevention, an ordinary person could go down in history with only one, but it happened that all three books came from the same place! Perhaps... it even came from the hands of the same person.

Kangxi couldn't sit still. He must see this mysterious woman named Qi Wenqing as soon as possible!


Wen Qing was sprawling over the counter in boredom. Her shop belongs to those types that could not be in business for three years but once in business could be enough for the three years. At present, the number of patrons could be counted with just one hand.

She was lost in thought when a few people came in from the entrance led by a peremptory, distinguished, and dignified elderly man. People who served him followed in. In addition to an older eunuch, were several other guards. Judging from their aura and physical appearance, he was not an ordinary lord. Wen Qing instantly drew up a guess in her heart, and she said quietly, "Thanks to your patronage, pay the money first. ”

The person was Kangxi. He went out of the palace incognito just to see for himself this magical shop and its mysterious female owner.

Kangxi came in and saw the notice on the glass door. He also learned from Yinzhen and the others that Wen Qing's personality includes an obsession with money, but he didn't want to give the money, instead, he walked over and said, "The rules in this shop are unreasonable. If I didn't take a fancy to the things in here after I came in, wouldn't I have spent a silver for nothing? Or if you didn't have anything to sell in this store, wouldn't it be more unjust?”

He didn’t care about the silver, what he wanted was to dampen Wen Qing’s spirit. He heard that the girl was a little arrogant and defiant that even his sons ate a loss and were defeated by her!

Wen Qing raised her eyebrow and stared at him. "Then you can choose not to come in. Since you came in, you gambled that that one silver would be worth the money. In a bet, isn’t it natural to lose and win, how can you say this rule of mine is unreasonable?”

"Haha, what a sharp-tongued little girl!" Kangxi laughed, "However…” he looked straight at Wenqing as his tone changed and his eyes glinted, "Rules are made for those who obey the rules, but for those who don't obey, the rules are naturally useless.”

Wen Qing was speechless. It seemed he won the round. After a short time, her lips slowly curved. Her smile was gentle and amiable. "You are right, the rules are made for those who obey the rules, and those who don't obey the rules naturally don't have to obey them. Please come in." She didn't mention the entry fee again.

Kangxi got his wish and was able to suppress the other party in their first bout, but seeing her smile, he felt a bad premonition. He always felt that the other party didn't seem to give up so easily. He pressed down the doubts in his heart and entered the store, looking around slowly. Except for Li Dequan, everyone else stayed outside.

Wen Qing believed that those people were protecting the outside and had definitely imposed a curfew in her shop, even a fly wouldn't be able to enter!

Kangxi's vision was much better than his sons. He felt that everything in the store was extraordinary and should be brought back to the palace. Therefore, he began to ask one by one from the first cabinet.

“What is this?"


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