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Chapter 39: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [9.1]

"I don't know, let's go down and ask."

Before they could go out, Yinreng's voice came, "No need for courtesy, is Ninth in the carriage?”

Yintang replied, "For what reason is the Crown Prince looking for this Brother?”

"You entered the palace the day before yesterday to send a music box to Imperial Consort Yi. Your sister-in-law likes it very much, so I was hoping to buy an identical one. May Ninth Brother tell me where he bought the music box?" The crown prince's voice was gentle and polite, neither aloof nor overbearing; he speaks just like an ordinary family's brother.

Yintang coldly snorted. He didn't want to answer but was nudged by Yinsi. He answered in dismay, "It was bought at the Obsessed with Money shop opposite Hongyun building.”

Since his voice was a little cold, Yinsi was afraid the crown prince would mind and added, “Crown prince, Second Brother could go by himself. We brothers are also going there. It's not faraway.”

Crown Prince did not complain and warmly bid farewell. When he was already a distance away, Yintang whispered coldly, "The Prince is really getting worse! To be spoiling a concubine to the sky, and even ignoring the crown princess!”

"Ninth Brother, be cautious. We need not say more when Emperor Father has accepted the crown prince’s opinion." Although Yinsi says so, he also agrees with Yintang to some extent. The crown prince was modest, amiable, and courteous over the years, treating the worthy and men of virtue with civility, decorous, and benevolence. Everyone would sing praises of him in the royal court. However, he was unexpectedly clouded in matters regarding women. He would especially bestow his favor upon concubine Li Jia of the back courtyard. Even the crown princess has been driven to live in a Buddha Shrine. Really, it wasn’t known what was going through his mind. The concubine was pampered but the crown princess would be the Queen of the future, if he didn't give her a face, wouldn’t his reputation decline?

Moreover, if it were not for the prince's morality and virtuous conduct, it wouldn’t have caused his other brothers to give birth to thoughts that they shouldn’t be having.


When Yinreng arrived at Wen Qing's store, he saw an unexpected person. He smiled and said, "Fourth Brother is also here?”

Yinzhen curtsied, "Your Highness the prince.”

Yinreng helped him up, "Don't bother, no need to be polite when no one is here. Just call me Second brother.”

"Manners shouldn't be disregarded." Yinzhen replied with a serious face.

Yinreng was helpless, "You are so old-fashioned ah! What are you doing here anyway? Also buying a music box?”

"Music Box?”

"Yes, Old Nine sent a music box to Imperial Consort Yifei, and your sister-in-law saw it and liked it very much. She rarely likes these kinds of things so I naturally want to satisfy her." Yinreng smiled.

After hearing this, Yinzhen frowned and couldn't help but persuade, "His Royal Highness spoiling his concubine like this is bringing really bad influence. There have been some unfavorable rumors floating around. You'd better spend more time with the crown princess. After all, the crown princess is our real second sister-in-law.”

Yinzhen bluntly persuaded with some kindness, but he touched Yinreng’s bottom-line. Yinreng's face was cold as he retorted, "Concubine Li is virtuous and kind-hearted. She gave birth to five sons of this prince, so what's wrong with this Prince pampering her? My fourth brother is free to teach me a lesson, but it is better to take time to take care of Fourth Brother’s own household. My nephew Honghui has been dead for two years now. Your children are dying and your knees are already empty[1]. Work harder, try harder!”

Yinzhen's face darkened. Anyone who would be pointed at his nose like this would be angry. Wen Qing couldn't help sympathizing with Yin Zhen. Her cheap dad's mouth was so poisonous!

"Oh, what's the use of so many sons? Make sure it's your own first! Don't raise your son only to find that you had raised someone else’s in the end!" Wen Qing lazily said. As soon as her words fell, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, as well as Thirteenth and Fourteenth who had just arrived at the doorstep nearly lost their eyeballs to the ground. All the people present couldn't help but admire her. How dare she say that the Crown Prince raised another’s son?!

Eep? Although it could be suspected as slandering a member of the royal family, they didn’t hear anything.

"Impudent! How dare you say that to me?" Yinreng flew into a rage. Whoever told him that he was cuckolded and that his son was not his own had probably gone mad.

Yinzhen knew that Wenqing was speaking for him and he was grateful, but he didn't approve of her angering the Prince. He hurriedly pleaded, "His Royal Highness, this woman has just returned from overseas. She doesn't know the Qing’s etiquette rules. She speaks very casually, she didn't mean to offend..."

"She pointed to this Prince's nose and said that this Prince was wearing a green hat, isn’t that deliberately offending this Prince? Fourth, you are covering for her this much, aren’t you with her...”

He wasn’t able to finish what he was saying as Wen Qing interrupted, "Farewell! The store is closed and this guest can no longer be received!" Wen Qing said with a cold voice.

Yinreng was simmering with the anger. How dare this woman do this to him!

"Oh, by the way, this guest, you still haven’t paid the entrance fee. Seeing that your clothes are decent, you can't possibly renege on this bit of silver for the shop, won’t you?” Wen Qing put a fake smile.

Yinreng was extremely angry, "Let this Prince behead this woman!”

TL Notes:

[1]: your knees are already empty means you are childless.


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