Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 78: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [1]

This world was about a rebirth of a female lead, Wang Zhaodi, whose formal name was Wang Qiumei. She died in her last life after a lot of suffering and returned with a space golden key. Relying on her previous memories, she hugged the golden thigh in advance, got rid of the scumbags, taught the family members who had good qualities, and lived a prosperous life.

A very inspirational story about the rebirth of a female lead seemed to have nothing to do with the clients, but why was Wang Wenqing said to be cannon fodder? First, she had a crush on the male lead. Those who snatched a man from a female lead would usually not end well. Second, she was the one who got the female lead's last life's scumbag husbands.

It was hard to say whether there was the female lead's contribution to it. The client's wishes had nothing to do with the female lead, so she would just find a good man and live a good life.

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