Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 87: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [10]

While Wen Qing was pregnant with a little bun, Jiang Chunyao and Wang Qiumei were having a divorce. To tell the truth, for someone who could make Wang Qiumei take a fancy in two lifetimes, Jiang Chunyao was indeed really good-looking. He looked handsome and smooth, whoever looked at him would praise his good look. Therefore, although he was married and had children, there were still girls who fell in love with him.

The other person was from the city, just like him. Both of her parents were working and only had a daughter. Although she looked ordinary, she had good family conditions. Father Jiang and mother Jiang were also satisfied with this girl, only such a family was worthy of their son.

And so, when Wang Qiumei knew about it, both parents had met, and she was the only one who was kept in the dark. She had been making trouble because she did not want to divorce, as she knew how difficult it was for a divorced woman. Even if they divorced because of the man's fault, the woman would always be the one who was harshly blamed. Besides, she had a child in this life, and she couldn't let herself end up like how she was in her previous life for the sake of her child.

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