Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 83: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [6]

The weather was getting colder. When Wen Qing once again went to sell meat in the city, she bought some cotton, ready to make winter clothes.

It was late autumn and winter would come soon. The grasses on the mountain were almost all cut off, so Wen Qing and her brother were idle. Not only them, but the villagers also stopped working when there was no more farm work. Only Xu Niansheng and the others who were not idle in winter, washing grass, feeding the cattle, picking manure... they wouldn’t have nothing to do just because winter was here.

During this period of time, Wang Qiumei had come to Xu Jinyan several times. By coincidence or not, she would always run into Wen Qing. Every time she saw Xu Jinyan reject Wang Qiumei, Wen Qing would feel happy. When she was happy, she would give Xu Jinyan better food. After a few times, Xu Jinyan also figured it out. Da Ni'er actually hated Wang Zhaodi ba?

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