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Chapter 144: Superstar Cultivation System [10]

"Let's secretly recognize Junqing," Grandpa Gu said with guilt after a short pause. "He shouldn't return home yet, we'll wait for the opportunity. Let's keep it a secret from Xiaoying. And Junqing is the elder brother, I'm sure he'll understand our difficulties."

"That's good," everyone agreed.

While Gu Ruoying was occupied with filming, they made their way to find Han Junqing in a grand manner.

"Junqing, I am your grandfather!"

"I am your uncle!"

"You little scamp! I am your older cousin. Let's put the past behind us and keep pushing each other in the future!"

"My child, you have suffered all these years!"

"When you return home in the future, your grandmother will make up for lost time with all the love and tenderness you deserve."

"From now on, you won't be alone anymore!"


A group of people were talking animatedly, all wearing big grins. They were elated to have discovered their long-lost relative and it showed on their faces. Who wouldn't be overjoyed in their shoes?

Han Junqing, who was among the crowd, finally snapped out of his daze. Though his face didn't match the exuberance of his family members, he felt a flicker of happiness inside. Despite the lack of apology for his earlier beating and the lifting of his banishment, the ties of family blood proved unbreakable. The Gu family's warmth and hospitality had transformed Han Junqing's perception of them, and he smiled politely with a composed demeanor.

Grandpa Gu sighed, "I didn't expect your mother to have raised you so well."

"Ha-ha, the finest bamboo shoots come from bad roots!" Gu's second son chimed in, causing everyone to chuckle.

Only Han Junqing's expression turned frosty, but Gu's family kept on chatting and laughing, oblivious to the change.

This further irked Han Junqing. People's subconscious reactions are the best indicators of their attitudes. While Gu's family felt remorse for their daughter's pain, they also disapproved of her being a hooker due to their lack of emotions. They made a clear distinction between right and wrong. However, for Han Junqing, his mother will always be the greatest and best in his heart, no matter her actions. How could he be pleased with Gu's family referring to her as inferior bamboo roots?

This highlighted the disapproval of Gu's family towards Han Junqing's mother. He felt uncomfortable with their lack of understanding and wished that they would embrace her as a mother regardless of her past actions. Why didn’t these close relatives see what others saw? Who was responsible for her downfall? Would she have faced such fate if she remained in the Gu family?

Han Junqing spoke out, "It doesn't matter if I don't reunite with my family, but I wish you would recognize my mother. She made some choices in her youth that were not well-received and has faced constant criticism. With support from my family, I believe these rumors will finally cease. It doesn't have to be a grand announcement to the public, just let it be known."

The expressions on the faces of the Gu family members suddenly became uncomfortable. They had originally intended to handle the situation discreetly, as having a daughter who once acted as a hooker was not something they wanted to publicize. However, Han Junqing's request was not unreasonable, and they shouldn't feel ashamed of their daughter. Despite this, they couldn't fully reconcile their feelings.

Gu's second son cleared his throat and said, "You might not be aware, but your uncle is about to be promoted. It's a crucial moment, and with your mother's situation… so to avoid any complications, we've planned to keep things low-key."

"If I return to the Gu family and others inquire, won't the truth still be revealed?" Han Junqing asked with a neutral expression, showing neither sadness nor happiness.

Gu family was even more embarrassed. Gu's second son stammered, trying to explain the situation to Han Junqing. "Junqing, you're aware that Xiaoying had feelings for you before. But now, the person she likes is her cousin. It's going to be hard for her to face you. So, let's just take it slow and give her some time to adjust. I know you're a good kid and the family is also very happy to have you back, but..."

Han Junqing cast his gaze downward and offered a self-deprecating smile. "So, you actually still dislike my mother, dislike her being a hooker?"

He shouldn't have entertained any hope in the first place, but he was too trusting, appreciative of the kindness of others.

Just as the room was plunged into an awkward atmosphere, a convoy of cars arrived outside the small villa that Han Junqing rented, and a group of black-clad bodyguards emerged, creating a secure perimeter. With the aid of a crutch, Lin Tiance stepped out of the car and called out, "Grandson, Grandpa has come to take you home!"

Lin Tiance entered the living room with a rosy complexion and was unsurprised to see the people there. He had thoroughly investigated Han Junqing from the moment he learned of his relationship and was aware of what had taken place earlier. Naturally, he was aware of the Gu family's existence, but he held no fondness for those who rivaled him for his grandson.

The appearance of Lin Tiance took the Gu family by surprise and elicited delight. "Mr. Lin, what brings you here...?" Despite the Gu family's involvement in military, political, and business ventures in recent years, they still fell short in comparison to the highly influential and deeply rooted Lin family. Establishing good relations with the Lin family was a source of great pleasure.

Lin Tiance paid no attention to the Gu family and headed directly towards Han Junqing, exclaiming joyfully, "My dear grandchild, I am your grandfather!"

Han Junqing showed no sign of surprise, but the Gu family was collectively in the dark. Is Han Junqing Lin Tiance's grandson? How could this be? Wasn't it said that Lin Tiance had no descendants? How could there be a grandson appearing now? Why is it Han Junqing?

So, did the daughter of the Gu family carry the offspring of the Lin family?

In other words, they were related by marriage to the Lin family?

In a matter of moments, the wise Gu realized the issue and saw the great benefits it held. Of course, this was just an unconscious thought, he still liked his grandson. But the additional gains made this moment all the more joyful.

"Haha, what a coincidence! Junqing is my daughter's and Mr. Lin's child. Imagine, a family not even realizing they are related. This is a big moment!" Grandpa Gu laughed joyfully. Despite Lin Tiance's previous ignorance, in the face of such surprise, Grandpa Gu unconsciously excused it, attributing it to Lin Tiance's overwhelming excitement at seeing his grandson.

Lin Tiance finally looked at them with a friendly smile, "No need to rush, let's see if my grandson is willing to acknowledge you all as family." Ignoring the awkward faces of the Gu family, Lin Tiance turned his face to Han Junqing with a flattering smile, "My dear grandson, what do you say?"

Han Junqing didn't realize that he was venting his anger on himself. However, upon looking at Lin Tiance who looked like an old child in front of him, he suddenly felt that acknowledging him as a grandfather may not be a bad thing after all.

Han Junqing calmly looked into Lin Tiance's eyes and stated, "I want my mother included in the Lin family lineage."

"No problem. I'll take care of it. Your mother will be recognized as the official third wife of the Lin family."

"I want to return to the Lin family openly."

"Of course! Grandpa has to tell the whole world that you are the sole heir of the Lin family."

"I want to continue acting."

"No problem. I can still live for thirty more years. I'll support the Lin family. You can do whatever you like."

Lin Tiance agreed to everything Han Junqing said, joking around. What could be more important than his grandson? And as for reputation, did the Lin family ever care about such things? The fact that Han Junqing was making demands was a clear indication that he was willing to accept him, and Lin Tiance was overjoyed. It seems that earlier, the Gu family must have hurt Han Junqing's feelings, otherwise he wouldn't have agreed to return to the Lin family so happily.

Han Junqing broke into a sudden laugh, feeling a weight lifted from his heart. He gazed at Lin Tiance and affectionately called out, "Grandpa."

"Ah!" Lin Tiance was overjoyed at finally hearing the word "grandpa." He hugged Han Junqing, tears streaming down his face, and patted his shoulder repeatedly, "Good! Good! Good!"

The scene of the grandfather and grandson meeting each other was too touching and warm, and the butler and others who accompanied Lin Tiance could not help but be happy for them. On the other hand, the members of the Gu family present couldn't even muster a smile, their expressions as stiff as a board, faces burning with embarrassment just like before. Now, their faces must hurt!

Weren't you unwilling to acknowledge the child's mother publicly? Now she's been recognized as the third wife of the Lin family. You don't have to hide or be afraid of people finding out about your illegitimate grandchild, do you? People are openly declaring him as the sole heir of the Lin family! Don't you feel remorse for your grandchild's mistreatment? Now, people can choose whether to acknowledge you or not!

It was painful. The faces were burning hot. But at that moment, they couldn't say anything. Han Junqing hadn't revealed his stance, and they didn't want to risk angering him and causing the separation of the child from them.

Wen Qing, who was watching attentively and eating melons within the system, was having a better time than if she were watching a comedy show on TV!

After watching, Wen Qing patted her butt and continued to do things. Can't you just make the Gu family suffer? When everyone hurts, that's what really hurts.

#Exclusive breaking news! Qing Ke is Han Junqing!#

#Breaking news! The lead actor in Darcy's new work is Han Junqing!#

Wen Qing leaked the news herself with evidence to support it, leaving no room for doubt.

The internet exploded.

"Wow! It's really him! At first I was a bit skeptical when I first heard his voice. I thought it wouldn't be possible for someone who got out of the entertainment industry to come back and sing."

"What a deceit! Pretending to be someone else and waiting for the chance to regain fame and wash away the past events... This is a complete cheat on fans!"

"I'm done with this! If I had known it was him, I would never have listened to his music!"

"Having such a mother indeed shows one's character!"

"Actually, I don't think he's as bad as everyone says. His background wasn't a choice of his, and looking at the content of his songs, he probably has a deep affection for his mother. I don't think a filial child can be that bad."

"How could Darcy choose such a person as the lead actor? It's ruining a good show!"

"If he's really the lead actor, I won't watch the show for sure!"

"Change the male lead! Change the male lead! Change the male lead! Say important things three times!"

"Is he coming out to clear his name and look for a new project? I bet there will be a statement soon about how hard his mother worked to raise him and how she had to become a maid, etc. Haha, it's all just a routine."

"Han Junqing get out of the entertainment industry! Han Junqing get out of the entertainment industry! Han Junqing get out of the entertainment industry!"

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