Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 162: The Dimensional Trader of the Cross-Dressing Expert [3]

Jiang Xiaoman held the guitar, nervously looking at the person in the mirror. With big cherry eyes and rosy lips, his face resembled peach blossoms. His fair skin, paired with twin blonde pigtails, a sailor uniform with an ultra-short skirt, and knee-high black stockings that revealed a portion of his slender, fair thigh... He looked as delicate as a doll.

He had never realized he could be so stunning. While his appearance in male attire could only be considered handsome, he never expected to become this beautiful when cross-dressing. It made him feel both embarrassed and fortunate. Embarrassed because it felt awkward for a straight guy to dress as a girl; fortunate because only when he was attractive enough would he gain fans' support and be able to earn money.

Money, he needed a lot of it.

His mother needed money for her illness, and he needed money for school. However, he had just graduated from high school and lacked any particular skills. He was still a few days away from turning eighteen, making it difficult to find a formal job. Doing odd jobs wouldn't earn him enough money for his mother's surgery. That's why, when he heard that live streaming could bring in quick and high income, he unhesitatingly jumped into this pit.

He had learned to play the guitar when he was young and had a decent singing voice. He was already much better than those streamers who only knew how to act cute and chat. He didn't aim to become extremely popular; all he wanted was to earn money for his mother's treatment. However, after live streaming for a few days, he realized that his handsome appearance alone wasn't outstanding among the crowd of handsome male streamers. Coupled with his phone's poor camera quality, his appearance dropped a few notches from a seventy out of a hundred, resulting in his stream having very little popularity.

On the other hand, those streamers with average features who could instantly transform into goddesses with makeup and beauty filters easily attracted many male fans by simply being cute and charming. After much contemplation, he finally made a decision: to cross-dress and stream!

He knew it was not right to do so, as there was the suspicion of deceiving his fans. But he had no choice; he really needed money. His mother's condition wouldn't hold up much longer without the surgery.

So, he bought women's clothing and a wig, as well as makeup. He watched beauty tutorial videos online and learned how to apply makeup to himself. Perhaps he had some natural talent, or maybe his hands were just dexterous, but his first attempt at makeup turned out quite well. He almost fell in love with his own reflection in the mirror.

Wearing women's clothing for the first time felt really awkward. He practiced in front of the mirror for a long time until he became slightly more comfortable. Finally, summoning up his courage, he opened his newly created streaming room.

He fixed his phone on the table, adjusted the camera to face himself, and sat on a high stool with the guitar in his arms. With his legs tightly pressed together, he took a deep breath and said to the camera, "Hello, everyone. I'm a new streamer, Xiao Nuan..."

His voice was clear and pure, without any deliberate embellishments. If he lowered it slightly, it could easily pass as either male or female. With no one in the streaming room, Jiang Xiaoman felt more relaxed and began playing the prelude of "Ningxia" on his guitar.

He wasn't as skilled as a professional guitarist, but he was still quite proficient. Paired with his clean vocals, it sounded very pleasant.

He slightly lowered his gaze, his long eyelashes resting on his eyelids, forming an attractive curve. Parting his rosy lips, he softly hummed and sang, creating a stunning scene that not even the poor pixel quality could diminish.

When he accidentally glanced up and saw that the number of viewers in the streaming room had reached 11, his hand trembled, causing him to play a wrong note. Nervous sweat formed in his palms as he worried that others would see through his disguise. He felt extremely uncomfortable exposing himself in front of others while cross-dressing.

Only when gifts began appearing on the screen did his nervousness subside slightly. What's the point of being so self-conscious when everything has already started? As long as he could earn money, he was willing to go all out, even while cross-dressing.

[I haven't seen someone make a sailor uniform look this seductive in a long time!]

[Damn! This appearance is totally my type!]

[So sweet and soft, even I, a girl, have fallen for it!]

[Legs enthusiast! I want to lick the streamer's legs!]

[This face is out of this world! A breath of fresh air among all the internet celebrities!]

[Facial features score a solid 90, just a bit lacking in the chest department.]

[The streamer is going all out with the revealing outfit, case closed!]

When Jiang Xiaoman saw this comment, his face immediately turned red. He had forgotten that girls were supposed to wear bras. But even if he hadn't forgotten, he wouldn't feel comfortable wearing one.

[Wow! The streamer is so adorable, blushing and all!]

[I bet the streamer is definitely not older than sixteen! So pure!]

[The streamer is so shy, their face screams nervousness. But why do I find it so cute? How do I deal with this?]

Within such a short time, the number of viewers in the streaming room had already reached twenty, and none of them had left since joining. Jiang Xiaoman felt both delighted and anxious. This was an achievement he couldn't reach even after several days of streaming while dressed as a man. He could only keep saying thank you repeatedly.

Polite, good-looking, with a pleasant voice, and even blushing and shy. Although Jiang Xiaoman didn't deliberately act cute, in the eyes of the audience, his every move exuded a soft and adorable charm, melting the hearts of young girls.

By the end of the stream, Jiang Xiaoman had earned a little over 80 yuan. Although it wasn't much, considering the platform's commission, he was already satisfied. As a newcomer, achieving this result without any promotion or recommendation was quite good.

He tidied up the streaming equipment and then changed his clothes to wash his face and remove his makeup. He still had to keep vigil at the hospital later, and he was afraid of leaving any traces that his mother might discover, so he washed very carefully.

Just then, he heard a cold mechanical voice say, "Fan value has reached twenty. Dimensional Trader activating."

Wen Qing flipped back to Jiang Xiaoman's stream and replayed it. The shy and bashful "girl" on the screen was indeed capable of arousing one's protective instincts. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, no one would have guessed that Jiang Xiaoman was a boy.

Unlike the usual male crossdressers who deliberately acted coy and affected, Jiang Xiaoman's movements and expressions were very natural. There was no hint of femininity or pretense, as if he were simply being himself. Being from a single-parent family, he naturally had a more sensitive personality than others, and combined with his poverty, he had a certain degree of self-doubt and introversion. Even without crossdressing for the stream, he was still a very shy boy in front of the camera.

Wen Qing contemplated for a moment and began searching for information about Doumao Live. In the original work, Gu Qingcheng acquired this company and unexpectedly discovered that Jiang Xiaoman was a boy. This time, she would take the initiative. Although the Su family was not as influential as the Gu family, they had more than enough resources to acquire this company.


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