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Chapter 166: The Dimensional Trader of the Cross-Dressing Expert [7]

Jiang Xiaoman successfully struck a deal with Z5079. He provided the other party with delicious food, and in return, he got some advanced technological information.

If Jiang Xiaoman were an ambitious person, he could have used these things to lead an era and dominate the world. However, he was not. He was just a well-behaved and innocent soon-to-be college student whose greatest wish was to earn some money and provide a better life for his mother. Therefore, when he obtained this information, he didn't have much of a reaction. He simply thought to himself, "So, the delicious food of Huaguo can indeed be exchanged for items from other dimensions."

He even thought that it was fortunate that Sister Wenqing reminded him; otherwise, he wouldn't have known how long it would have taken for him to figure it out.

The idea of investing and turning these advanced technologies into reality only lingered in his mind for a second before he dismissed it. The reason was simple—he didn't have money!

It was a very practical problem, and besides, he didn't have the ability to manage a company, nor could he explain to others where these things came from. He was not good at socializing or dealing with people. Moreover, he understood the principle of inviting disaster upon oneself. If someone coveted these things of his, he wouldn't have the ability to protect them. Losing the items alone wouldn't matter much, but he was afraid it would bring trouble to his family. So, after obtaining these things, he stored them in the system space, out of reach.

Wen Qing naturally knew all this. In the original story, Gu Qingcheng used this information to reach the pinnacle of life and became the world's richest person. Wen Qing didn't have much interest in this information since she had also lived in the future world, and if she wanted to, she could acquire even more advanced things.

However, what she didn't expect was that Jiang Xiaoman himself would give her these things.

"Sister Wenqing, these are for you. I believe they can be of greater value in your hands. However, I can't tell you where these things come from." Jiang Xiaoman believed that if it were Sister Wenqing, she wouldn't harm him or try to dig deep into the matter.

"These are for me? Are you sure?" Wen Qing casually flipped through them, and her expression gradually became solemn. She asked in a very serious tone.

Jiang Xiaoman nodded. The reason he changed his mind and brought out these things was because of the recent "XX Island" incident. He felt that his country was not strong enough, which is why they were being bullied. In his resentment, he thought of the information lying in the space. If he had never possessed it, he wouldn't have any thoughts about it. However, since he had something that could change the current situation of the country, he would feel guilty if he didn't bring it out. And so, this plan came about.

Note: "XX Island" used in the story is a placeholder, potentially referring indirectly to the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Dao in China and Diaoyutai Lieyu in Taiwan) dispute between China and Japan. However, it should be noted that this is purely speculative. Japan maintains administrative control over the islands and asserts them as part of its territory, while China claims historical and legal rights to the islands. Diplomatic efforts to resolve the dispute continue, but a definitive resolution has not been achieved.

Choosing Sister Wenqing was also because he already knew her identity. She was the only heir of the Su family and had moved out of her house to rent an apartment to experience life. Although he felt that he couldn't understand the world of rich people, Jiang Xiaoman didn't think much about it. After all, based on their time spent together, Sister Wenqing was truly a good person. She had resolved his urgent crisis and helped his mother find a kidney source. Moreover, when she moved in, she had nothing and had no motives worth suspecting.

Wen Qing contemplated for a moment and said, "The items are good, but one should receive rewards for their work. How about this: I'll invest money to establish a company, and you can contribute these technologies as your shares. We'll split the profits fifty-fifty."

Jiang Xiaoman hurriedly waved his hand and said, "No, no, Sister Wenqing, there's no need for that." Only he knew how easy it was to obtain these things, just a few dishes of delicious food, and he only thought of it because of Sister Wenqing's reminder. How could he take advantage of Sister Wenqing like this? Letting her work hard and earn money while he gets a share of the dividends without doing anything?

Wen Qing didn't allow him to refute and insisted on giving him a stake. Otherwise, she would rather not do it than take advantage of him. Jiang Xiaoman couldn't resist her, so he reluctantly agreed.

Soon, Wen Qing took the information and swiftly established a technology company. She temporarily halted other businesses of the Su family's factories and focused solely on producing the new concept phones that Jiang Xiaoman had presented. She modified them based on the technologies he provided because the technological level of her world couldn't match that of the Z5079 dimension, so some things were not applicable here.

Jiang Xiaoman, being a tech novice, couldn't discern the changes at all.

During this time, Jiang Xiaoman's live streaming career flourished. After signing a contract, the company provided him with a complete set of live streaming equipment, far surpassing the quality he achieved with his lousy pixelated phone. The company also wholeheartedly nurtured him, promoting and endorsing him. In a short period, Jiang Xiaoman rose rapidly, effortlessly surpassing one million followers.

Of course, all of this was thanks to Wen Qing's guidance.

When his fan value exceeded 100,000, Jiang Xiaoman drew a time-travel dimension and made a small profit by trading a few antiques. When he surpassed one million, he drew a cultivation dimension and obtained several mortal-grade body-strengthening pills. He ground one of them and secretly put it in his mother's meal, while he discreetly placed another one in Wen Qing's food.

Wen Qing pretended not to notice and cooperated with his poor acting skills as she ate it.

Gu Qingcheng had been extremely unlucky recently. First, the land he invested a huge sum of money in turned out to have an ancient tomb, and then one of his most trusted subordinates leaked business secrets, causing him a significant loss. Just as he made up for those losses, an important technology in his company was halted due to excessive environmental pollution...

He even suspected if someone had cursed him, otherwise, how could he be so unlucky? He even considered visiting a temple to pray and get rid of the bad luck on him.

Under great distress, Gu Qingcheng, with an agitated mind, actually went to a temple and sought out a highly respected master. The master told him that he should get married this year to counterbalance the misfortune. It would help resolve all the bad luck naturally.

In simple terms, it meant to seek joy and happiness.

Gu Qingcheng was a staunch materialist, and naturally, he didn't believe in this kind of thing. Seeking blessings from the Buddha was just to find peace of mind. However, one thing did occupy his thoughts—he indeed needed to get married.

Thinking of Ruan Meng, Gu Qingcheng suddenly felt a sense of relief. In these terrible days, only Ruan Meng's company could bring him a moment of peace. He had decided that this was the person he wanted to spend his life with.

Perhaps the master's suggestion of seeking joy was indeed effective. After he quietly married Ruan Meng, he started to have a smooth run again. He successfully secured several major projects, all of which he held high expectations for.

At this time, the Su family launched a new concept phone—a wristwatch-style device. When activated, it projected a virtual screen in front of the user. The screen content was not significantly different from traditional phones, but due to its futuristic design and unexpectedly affordable price, it possessed powerful performance that surpassed ordinary models in the market. As a result, once it was introduced, it quickly became popular worldwide.

Then, a renowned mobile phone company that Gu Qingcheng had put great effort into acquiring went bankrupt directly.

Having been in the business world for so many years, Gu Qingcheng had a keen eye for opportunities. Consequently, as soon as he saw Su family's new phone, he immediately halted his own company's phone project because he knew that, even if they worked hard for another thirty years, they wouldn't be able to surpass the technological advancements of Su family's phone.

He couldn't help but feel angry, but as the Su family was gaining momentum and threatening to surpass the Gu family, he couldn't afford to make trouble at this time. Therefore, he had to set aside that project and focus on the automotive industry under his umbrella.

Then, on the day of Gu family's new car launch, the Su family introduced a groundbreaking new model—a fully intelligent amphibious vehicle capable of operating on land, water, and air. Its performance surpassed all current cars by leaps and bounds, including those prestigious foreign brands. And, as always, the price was surprisingly affordable.

The sensation caused by this surpassed even the previous impact of the phone. The Su family not only surpassed the Gu family but also made a name for itself internationally.

Furthermore, the Su family took advantage of the situation and launched household robots, industrial robots, agricultural robots, and more. These were not the type of robots that required manual input to function but true intelligent machines.

Before long, the Su family also released the world's first holographic online game, officially announcing that humanity had entered the era of holography.

And this was just what was visible on the surface. Behind the scenes, the Su family, in collaboration with the government, was utilizing the technologies controlled by Wen Qing to research high-tech weapons such as mechas, warships, and particle beam cannons.

Gu Qingcheng was on the verge of going crazy. He felt that the Su family was specifically targeting him. Every project he undertook ended because of the Su family. Whatever he did, the Su family would do the same, as if they were directly opposing him! The consecutive misjudgments had earned him criticism from his grandfather, who questioned his abilities. In the past, he had been so outstanding that everyone was overshadowed by his brilliance. The position of the heir was a sure thing, and no one dared to challenge it. But now? Even his uncles and cousins from the second and third branches of the family openly coveted his position as the heir.

To be honest, these recent failures were not due to his decision-making. Who could have predicted that the Su family would possess such groundbreaking technology? But his grandfather didn't care about these circumstances. He even went as far as saying, "If the Su family can acquire that technology, why can't we?" Failing to see the situation and seize opportunities was definitely his own problem.

Gu Qingcheng had nothing to refute. At this moment, he vaguely regretted that he shouldn't have competed with the Su family for that piece of land. It had led to such a strained relationship, and now he couldn't shamelessly claim a share of the success. Even his mother started to regret. If he had married Su Wenqing back then, everything would belong to their Gu family now.

Furious, Gu Qingcheng stormed out, believing that he didn't need to rely on marrying a woman to advance his career. What difference would there be between him and a freeloader if he did that?!

Gu Qingcheng returned to his villa. He had moved out after getting married, mainly because he was worried that Ruan Meng's connection to him would be noticed by others.

When he arrived, Ruan Meng had just finished cooking, wearing an apron and welcoming him with a gentle smile. "You're back?"

Gu Qingcheng's heart instantly softened. He walked over and embraced him from behind, taking a deep breath of his scent, and gradually, his restless heart quieted down.

With his emotions calmed, Gu Qingcheng pulled out a chair and sat down, holding Ruan Meng's hand with interest. "What delicious meal did you prepare today?"

Ruan Meng served him a bowl of rice, his smile radiant. "It's all your favorite dishes."

Upon hearing this, warmth filled Gu Qingcheng's heart once again. Marrying Ruan Meng was the best decision he had ever made in his life.

Looking at the information Ruan Meng sent back, Wen Qing replied—

"It's done. I'm finished here. The money will be transferred to your account. The choice to stay or leave is up to you."


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