Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 128: The Protagonist Has A Black Bag Group [1]

The cold lake water exudes a biting chill, swallowing the last bit of body temperature. Wen Qing opened her eyes from the water and looked at the dark night sky through the lake, her gazes were cold.

She came at the time when the original owner committed suicide by throwing herself into the lake, Qiao Wenqing in the original work died tonight. But now that Wen Qing was here, there was no need to die.

But if Qiao Wenqing "does not die", her plan will not progress. Wen Qing's mind turned, and a puppet talisman appeared in the palm of her hand, and immediately took the appearance of the original owner and floated to the lake instead of her. She herself swam to the bottom of the lake, chose a hidden place without surveillance and climbed ashore, she cleaned up the traces left behind, and then disappeared.

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