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Chapter 93: The Return of the Online Game Goddess [6]

"Great Master Ximen is in the Wild Stone Forest, the Ghost Cave, come quickly!"

Once the news came out, the players of Smash the World all gathered in the Ghost Cave. Wen Qing's humiliation of Smash the World in the world channel was something that no one can tolerate. If they did not taught her a lesson, any Tom, Dick, and Harry* will be able to bully them in the future!

*t/n: Any ordinary person/whoever.

The siege has officially begun.

If Wen Qing wanted to hide her whereabouts, no one would be able to find her. However if someone did find her, it means she wanted to be found. Therefore, it is difficult to say who was the prey in this siege.

The entrance of the Ghost Cave was surrounded by water. More than 300 members of Smash the World were guarding the entrance of the cave. As soon as someone comes out of the dungeon, they immediately throw a wave of attacks. It doesn't matter if you kill other players by mistake.

The players who were killed by mistake cursed and wanted to argue with the other party. But once they saw so many people from Smash the World, they knew they could not afford it and had to admit their own bad luck.

God! Got shot even when lying down! Is it easy to level up? In just a matter of minutes, I was being knocked down a level! Are you crazy!

People from Smash the World were intelligent. Seeing that the situation was not right, they feared that they would arouse public anger from other players, and hurried to report the situation to Yu Gui. Yu Gui thought for a moment and said, "Tell them that anyone who has been accidentally injured should report their account to Smash the World for compensation!"

After the word got out, many people's grievances subsided a lot. However, more people felt they were being humiliated! For those who were able to buy the game pod when the game first came out and upgraded until more than level 40, were they short on money? They were playing games for the thrill of leveling up. They were knocked down one level for no apparent reason, and they still act like someone high giving out charity. What was this called? To give a slap, then offer a sweet date?* Who cares about your compensation?!

*t/n: To deal with someone harshly, then offer something as consolation.

Therefore, not only Yu Gui's move did not have an appeasing effect, but it added oil to the fire instead and stimulated the rebelliousness of these players. Although they swallowed their voices because of the great power of Smash the World now, there were some things that the more you suppress, the more powerful the backlash will be.

When Smash the World killed a few people by mistake, and the people who were in the dungeon heard the news, they did not dare to come out. They would rather be killed by monsters than go out and be killed by Smash the World. You won't lose a level if you were killed in the dungeon, but you would lose one if you were killed by others. Moreover, your equipment would be dropped. Therefore, despite people from Smash the World camped in the area for half a day, they still couldn't see even the shadow of a ghost.

When she saw that the time was almost up, Wen Qing put on the invisible cloak and walked out of the ghost cave. The invisible cloak was made by her after she paid Tailor Master Wuyi as her master. It only has one function, that is, to perfectly conceal her figure so other players could not see her.

The cave’s entrance was surrounded by layer upon layer of people from Smash the World outside. They didn't even hide, and just stood there with a big grin waiting for Wen Qing to throw herself into the net.

If the other party dared to come out, they would be able to crush her into a meat sauce. If she did not dare to come out, they would say on the World Channel that she was a shrinking turtle, a coward, a guilty thief, and then they would justify her crimes. It's a good idea, but it needs Wen Qing's cooperation to work.

Wen Qing walked out of the cave with one hand holding Phantom and the other releasing crowd control skills. Then the knife moved with an extremely fast speed, harvesting one life after another.

It was a killing feast. With only one protagonist in the show but no one could see it.

The people from Smash the World soon realized something was wrong, and the crowd was in an uproar, and screams could be heard from time to time. However, their members fell one by one without them even knowing where the enemy was! They can't even think of fighting back! They were simply pissed off!

The crowd control skill has a limitation, Wen Qing could only lock twenty people in place at a time, ten seconds every time. She also has a stun skill, also for around 20 people, with the same ten seconds as a time limit. The two skills were used alternatively and were extremely effective.

"Not good! It's Great Master Ximen! She’s hiding herself!"

"Everyone spread out! Don't flock together!"

"We can't, the people are crowding outside! They neither leave nor make away!"

"Oh no! They are locked in their position! Use the flying scrolls!"

"Flying scrolls are so expensive! Who would bring that thing for nothing important!"

"God! Stop squeezing! You are stepping on me!"


There were so many people from Smash the World, while Wen Qing was only one person. Originally, even if the opponent could not find the enemy, they could still escape in time, and not be exterminated as a group. But they formed a pile of corpses, blocking the cave’s entrance which was originally for blocking Wen Qing’s escape route, and made it convenient for Wen Qing now.

Wen Qing used a flying scroll to fly directly from the cave mouth to the outermost periphery. Killing from the outside in, which made it impossible for them to escape. Her move was swift and didn't let anyone have any chance. Except for Moonlight Flower who escaped with the flying scroll, everyone died in her hands!

The first confrontation ended with the destruction of Smash the World.

The crowd who came to see the excitement almost dropped their melons. One person killed 300? They were unable to believe what they saw!

"She must be cheating, right? How is that possible?"

"Is Smash the World filled with trash? More than 300 people were killed by one person?"

"Ahaha, I've stayed too long in the online world that my eyes are blurry!"

"Have the people from Smash the World been bribed by Great Master Ximen? Are they just rushing to give her some momentum?"

"There is only one truth. Great Master Ximen is the real leader of Smash the World! In order to make the leader famous, they are also rather desperate."

"I'm curious how did Great Master Ximen become invisible? Isn't she a mage? The thieves could only stay hidden for a few seconds, how did she hide for so long?"

"I suddenly felt a little pitiful for Smash the World. All their members surrounded the Great Master, as a result, their whole group was smashed by one person. Their faces must be so painful, right?

"Pitiful +1!"


Of course, there were also many people who questioned whether the Great Master Ximen had cheated. 1 vs 300, and she still won so beautifully. How could it be so similar to those RMB players* in the keyboard era?

*t/n: RMB players are players who rely on recharging money on games to win (such as buying equipment, in-game money, and such).

Although her weapons were against the sky and her methods were unpredictable, it was still a little mysterious. In a game, if a person was a small cut above the others, then they were a master. If they were a lot higher, then they were called great gods. If it was higher than that, there was no doubt that they must be cheating! But can you cheat in holographic games too?

At this time, Wen Qing posted an advertisement on the World Channel.

[World] Great Master Ximen: Invisibility cloak, guaranteed to be hidden. A must-have product for killing people! Sold for ten thousand gold.

Attached below was her wonderful video of destroying the group, with a commentary version to add.

"HD, uncensored! Teaching you in one minute how to defeat 300 people!"

"First, you must increase your agility to the highest level! In the martial arts world, only with speed will you be indestructible! When your speed reaches the pinnacle, you will be invincible!"

"Secondly, you need to upgrade your lock skill and stun skill to the maximum. These two skills are effective for ten seconds at max level, the cooldown is ten seconds. Use it alternatively and you will be impeccable."

"At this time, you also need an invisibility cloak. Friendly price, only 9999, and you could wrap the invisibility cloak home!"

"Finally, you also need a team of dumb pig-like opponents like Smash the World and put all of them together to get the best result!"

Awesome! It turns out that mage still could be played like this!

Some players have deduced that, if it was done according to what Wen Qing said, it could indeed be done. No one has done it before because absolutely no one has only added their agility point from the beginning and added nothing to the other stats. Even assassins dared not play like this. The reason why the Great Master Ximen played it this way was probably because she has no experience playing games and made mistakes right?

Moreover, to do what she said, you also need a weapon with a huge damage value. Otherwise, if you can't kill in one cut, the other party has the chance to make a casual move, and you’re dead. The players subconsciously regarded Wen Qing as a crispy skin*. All her points were put in agility, and they didn't even have to think to know that her defense was definitely not high.

*t/n: Refers to those players that have a thin HP bar.

Even Smash the World thought so too and made plans based on this weakness of the other party.

This group annihilation was too depressing! They obviously have the strength to oppress and beat her! The entire Smash the World has become the laughing stock in the entire game!

"Guild Leader, a few more people have quit the guild." In the meeting room, the deputy guild leader came and spoke with Yu Gui.

Although Smash the World has just been registered and established, it was purely because the guild can only be established at level 50. In fact, their guild was not being established in just a day or two. Before there were guilds, their group of people was able to gather together because of Yu Gui. Yu Gui took them to get a lot of benefits, and they were like-minded people, so they were always with her.

These people were all the veterans of the guilds and Yu Gui has wasted a lot of effort to build a good relationship with every one of them. Hearing them leave the guild made Yu Gui a little angry.

Humans were like this, they will follow you when there are benefits, and will immediately cut relationships when something goes wrong. Shouldn't she have been clear about it since long ago?

Lone City also rushed to the guild for the first time, but he did not comfort her.

"Yu Gui, I have no idea what you’re thinking about this time? You are too impulsive, it doesn't look like your style at all. We can't blame Great Master Ximen for snatching the monster. The monster bumped into her by itself. If we talk properly, she won't be unreasonable. But Moonlight Flower that firecracker just went up and started fighting, you can't blame her for being angry."

"Actually, I never understand why you are always protecting Moonlight Flower? To describe it in a good way, she has a straightforward personality, to be blunt she has no brain. Just because of her alone, how many people did Smash the World have offended? Everyone wants to have a good time playing games. Who wants to wipe her a** every time?"

He accused her once he came in, which made Yu Gui lose her temper, and the expression on her face became colder. "How did you know the monster bumped into her by itself?"

"There is a thread in the forum in which the video of that day was posted. I believe that it is not only me, but as long as other players have also seen it they will understand that Ximen did not steal your monster. If you make a bounty for her, you will certainly be criticized."

Yu Gui did not have the time to talk to him and quickly opened the forum. Sure enough, she saw the top hot post, "It is said that Great Master Ximen stole a monster, look here! Stone Hammer*!”

*t/n: Stone Hammer is how Chinese people say ‘solid evidence’.


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