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Chapter 95: The Return of the Online Game Goddess [8]

"Jie, you fought with someone? Why didn't you call me?"

It would be great if you won't cause trouble. Wen Qing stuffed a chicken leg into Phoenix's mouth, "This kind of small thing, what should I use you for? You are my trump card and must only be used at the critical moment."

Little Phoenix thought deeply before he agreed, "You're right. Then, Jie, you have to tell me next time."

"Okay, let's eat quickly. The game will be suspended for three days. I will go to the company, you stay at home and don't run around."


Just when the players eagerly looked forward to how Smash the World would fight back to kill Great Master Ximen back to zero, the game suddenly announced that the server would be suspended for three days. After the updates, there would be new experiences, new maps, and various competitive modes. What’s more, taking this opportunity, "Gods and Devils" would launch a game pod with nutrient solutions.

Game updates were a common occurrence. Although the players were cursing, they still went to the official website to place an order for the upgraded version of the game pod. When playing games, eating three meals a day feels like a waste of time, nutrient solution was naturally a good thing!

It's been two years since "Gods and Devils" appeared. People who were used to playing the game seemed to lose their souls within three days of not playing. They were extremely anxious waiting for the game to reopen. After three long days of waiting, the game finally reopened.

When the players went online, they encountered 001 again. This time, he asked whether they wanted to adjust the pain perception.

Pain perception experience was the major feature of "Gods and Devils" after the update. Although the previous game experience was realistic, it did not have any sensation at all. Being attacked or killed won't hurt. Hugging or shaking hands will not give a sense of touch. Eating food also would not give a sense of taste... So, there was less sense of immersion.

The upgraded "Gods and Devils" completely restored all five senses of the human body such as shape, sound, sight, taste, and touch. And this made the experience inside the game more realistic.

And after this update, the game was much more peaceful. There were less malicious PK*, fewer players making trouble, fewer players deliberately finding fault... "Gods and Devils" suddenly ushered in an unprecedented harmonious scene.

*t/n: PK stands for Player Kill, which refers to a situation when a player kills another player.

Some people were joyful, wasn't it great to play games happily? No need to fight and kill. Some people were upset, what kind of games could they play if they couldn't happily vent their grievances? But Wen Qing, the instigator was very satisfied. The reason for game violence was that the cost of evildoing was very low. There would be no punishment if you were killed anyway, so naturally, they would have no scruples.

But, when you would be punished if you pick fights and hurt yourself in real life, then your impulsive minds would be much clearer, and you would have some apprehension.

Yu Gui was a little stunned when she was adjusting the pain perception. In her last life, didn't "Gods and Devils" never had a breakthrough in this technology until she died? How could it have a breakthrough in two years?

As soon as she went online, she went to Moonlight Flower to inquire about some news. Moonlight Flower has shares in "God and Devils", she should know some inside information.

However, as soon as Moonlight flower saw her, she broke into tears and said, "Our family's shares have been acquired, and I can't even play games wilfully in the future! My dad also said that I would not be allowed to caused trouble in the game, otherwise he would not give me pocket money. Yu Gui, I'm definitely not his biological daughter..."

Yu Gui turned pale with fright, "How could it be? Who bought it?"

Moonlight Flower was taken aback by her reaction, "I don't know ah. I heard that the people from the technology bought some shares and finally collected some scattered shares like my family..."

Yu Gui was really confused this time, she clearly remembered that in the third year after "Gods and Devils" came out there was a large-scale financial raise. The reason why she befriended Moonlight Flower was to get inside information in advance and get a share of the pie. No matter how well you play in the game, it was not as good as to get it straight from the source. She planned a good scheme and was well-prepared, but she did not expect things to change.

At this moment, a message was released on the system announcement:

"Warmly congratulate Great Master Ximen for acquiring the Hurricane Company! In order to prevent players from feeling that the boss is cheating and breaking the game balance, from now on, the Great Master Ximen account will be changed from player to NPC! The first real NPC in the whole server, more realistic interaction, and more interesting experience! You're welcome to flirt~"

[World] Xiaobai is Not White: F*ck F*ck F*ck! Awesome! This is what you call the highest level of playing games. When you have a disagreement, just go straight to acquire it. Boss, please accept my knees!

[World] So Big: I'll be cheering for you, Boss! Cheering for you like crazy!

[World] Lifetime Monologue: Boss, did you still lack leg pendants? The kind that can warm the bed and act cute!

[World] Sleepless Flower: It turns out that Master is the real local tyrant! Now looking back at Moonlight Flower’s act of offering ten thousand gold, why does it look like a jumping clown?

[World] Jedi is Born: Will the task released by real NPC depends on personal preferences? For example, she won't send any to Smash the World that has a beef with her?

[World] Cheap Cute Chick: The favorability of NPC with everyone is not the same, ne! But Boss shouldn't do things like treating people unfairly, right? After all, it is her company, so she has to always pay attention to the impact.

[World] So Big: I really don’t understand the world of rich people. She could earn millions every minute, why still became an NPC? It is strenuous and unrewarding.

[World] Xiaobai is Not White: So, you are not rich people ah!

[ World] Simpleton: I used to like a game very much, but it was discontinued later. At that time, I especially hoped that I had the money to buy that game company. It was for nothing else but so I could enjoy playing it. I guess that Master is probably doing it because she especially likes "Gods and Devils" ba.

[World] A Sword from the West: The new feature was particularly awesome.

[World] Ah Huan: Worship the boss!

[World] Ah Huan: Boss, don't you think I am familiar? Begging for a hidden mission!

[World] Xiaobai is Not White: Boss, look at me! I was the one who asked for a knight's weapon before! If you find me familiar, please give me a task!


Wen Qing read it joyfully, maybe being an NPC was also a good experience.

There's no other way, her attributes were too high, it's not fun at all to play with ordinary people. It's better to play as an NPC, and it wouldn’t be bad to tease the players every day.

As for the faces of those from the Smash the World, there was no need to think that it must be a wonderful sight.

Indeed, in Smash the World guild, a group of people looked at each other. Their expression looked extraordinarily embarrassed. How was it that they kicked an iron plate? it was obviously a rigid titanium stone!

Yu Gui felt very restless inside, it has been smooth sailing since her rebirth, and all the trajectories were similar to those in her previous life. She did not expect that there would be such a big change now. Who was exactly Great Master Ximen? How could she take out such advanced technology? And so many funds? Could it be that she was reborn just like herself?

No, no, if she was also reborn, how could she allow herself take those opportunities instead than grab them? But if she was not reborn, why was there no such person in her last life?

Yu Gui's heart was in turmoil, she was completely unable to understand what was going on.

Wen Qing did not care what she thought. But sometimes, ignoring was more harmful than any behavior. Yu Gui regarded her as an opponent, but in her eyes, she was nothing.

Moonlight Flower, the culprit who killed the original owner has already been killed back to zero by her. She now has deleted her account and quit the game, so she would not pursue it anymore. However, even if she did not pursue it, Moonlight Flower's temper in reality was probably not good. Sooner or later, she would pay the price for her "righteousness".

After Moonlight Flower quit the game, several other players who were afraid of being retaliated by Wen Qing also quit the game. Actually, their worries were superfluous, Wen Qing was not at all interested in giving them any trouble. Moreover, she did not remember those unknown people at all.

It was also unknown when Yu Gui deleted her account. Because there were many people who followed and waited for her response, everyone knew about it once she quit. The players talked about it for a while, then threw it all to the back of their heads. The updated game was more fun, who has the time to pay attention to these little things every day?

Wen Qing was very leisurely after becoming an NPC. Every day, she looked at the scenery, went fishing, studied recipes, made some potions, and teased players when she was bored. It's really as easy as a vacation.

When Father Xi and Mother Xi knew that their daughter had a great career playing games, they were very happy. They were quite open-minded, unlike some parents who immediately disapproved when they heard their children playing games, and said that earning money from games was not a proper job.

Wen Qing had a sweet mouth and she coaxed them every day to smile. Later, when she was urged to marry, Wen Qing pulled Little Phoenix to make a cameo and finally blocked their mouth. Afterward, Wen Qing adopted two children. Father Xi and Mother Xi lived in a house full of their children and grandchildren, and enjoyed happy family life, they lived peacefully until the time of their death.


Back in the space, Little Phoenix still very much felt unsatisfied. The space was lonely, empty, and cold. How could it compare to the bustling of the human world before? He still wanted to play wildly and didn't want to come back at all.

After she violently suppressed Little Phoenix and threw him to a corner to practice, Wen Qing then woke Xi Wenqing up, "Are you still not satisfied?"

Xi Wenqing was in a daze for a moment before she came back to her senses, "If it was me, I may not be so filial to them. Because I am their daughter, I will enjoy everything they give for granted. When angry, I will speak without consideration. When I'm not happy, I will lose my temper at them. Obviously, they are my closest people, but I always inadvertently hurt them... Thanks a lot, for taking care of my parents in my stead, letting them live in peace in their old age."

"No need to thank me, it's good that you realized." In the end, Wen Qing added, "If you are sincere, you might have a chance to reunite with them in your next life."

Xi Wenqing's eyes lit up, "Really?"

Wen Qing nodded, and Xi Wenqing finally left with a smile.

People were sometimes quite contradictory. When together, you would think that your parents are too nagging, too controlling, and would hurt each other for a variety of trivial things... But when you really left, you can't help but miss them. Although they had a thousand bad points, but when you really had to part, you were reluctant...

Wen Qing put this Rebirth & Heartthrob into the vanity space, then waited for the next client to arrive.

"... What's wrong with being poor and loving wealth? What's wrong with admiring money? I've been poor enough since I was a child, and I thought that rich people hinder the life of others, so what?! Are you not allowed to break up after dating for a few years? Even a married person can still get a divorce, what crime did I commit by dumping him! Treating me to that extent?"

Wen Qing looked at the client, who was as flaring as a battle gun and had a headache. Which of the clients who came to her was not grief-stricken, this was the first time she met such an energetic person. Er, although her three views were not commendable.

But compared to her, the three views of the male lead of this world were more abnormal.

Woke up after getting drunk and got an X-ray vision? Haha, so evolved!

This beauty, I knew what color your panty oh!

Woah! I didn't see that she was pretty impressive!

The young and innocent school flower actually does not wear underwear?


After the loser otaku, Li Haotian* got supernatural power, all kinds of beauty flocked to him. Moreover, see how he used his ability to turn around the city!

*t/n: The original text wrote it as Tang Hao, but in the next chapter it was changed to Li Haotian (perhaps a mistake).


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